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    Posting one more time, so I can blog this post.
    This is a blog post.
  2. There was a kid who dressed up as Luigi for Halloween

    Saw a family doing Trick or Treating tonight, where the parents had a baby in a stroller dressed up as Toad from Super Mario Bros., one kid was dressed up as Luigi, and the other kid... Was dressed up as Iron Man.

    Made me wonder why the kid dressed up as Luigi and not Mario.

    Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with Luigi... But he's the #2 guy, the Second Banana. I could see a scenario where his older brother wanted to dress up like Mario, so he went with Luigi. ...
  3. Don't talk about Futurama in public...

    ...Because it will just disappoint you.

    (Hey, look, a blog that I may or may not use in future!)

    I went out to get pizza with a couple co-workers last week, one of which I didn't know very well. The other co-worker knew both of us well, and he introduced the topic of Futurama. He knew that both me and the other guy watch the show.

    ME: "Yeah, Futurama is such an amazing show."
    HIM: "God, I just loved that iPhone episode. That Susan ...