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  1. something that made me laugh

    open two tabs in youtube, one to play the video (muted ) of slipknot - duality
    the other to listen to meat puppets - swimming ground

    watch the slipknot video to the blissful jangle poppy carefree tunes of the puppets

    ok this might not be funny to you but i had a good time
  2. Posts that don't get enough attention

    Quote Originally Posted by OldSchoolerSimpsons View Post, more like ilovebender.cum.

    You are a rat in a rat maze.
    sick sick burn oss.

    5 stars
  3. the euros

  4. LA Noire

    just started new game. first case done. the guy faked his own death. didn't remember it from last time.

    will keep you updated
  5. Almost threw up last night

    only had four ciders, two of which were at 8.4%. yeah i'm a bit of a lightweight i guess. anyway, i felt ok until i decided to go to bed, and of course if the room start to spin when you're lying down, that is an indication that you will either throw up soon.

    so i got up, watched telly for a bit and it slowly eased off, although i did feel shitty for a good 30 minutes after. my lesson is don't be so arrogant with strong ciders.