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    Why do you care so much about what I say? A little telling about how you feel about being a racist hahahaha.
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    Yeah... "Recently".
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    Was wondering when someone was gonna say straw man hahahaha
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    Stop saying it ended when you're still accusing me of racism for thumbing a post and asking what was racist? why do you find so much pleasure in playing with the word racist? Does it make you feel powerful? Oh and sexism now, brilliant, so I'm racist, sexist, probably prejudiced against hungarian frogs as well knowing my bigoted ass. I have not defended kid moe or white once, only defended nitsy.

    And again, never complained that it was hard to be white, this has only come from you and ned you seem intent on continuing your straw man argument where anyone who dares question your posts is automatically bigoted. And btw, I have been respectful to both you and ned and not abused either of you. You have both abused me and honestly it's desperately telling that you still can't defend your stance yet resort to playground insults.

    It's a shame, because I thought you were one of the more rational posters on here, but you have let yourself down badly recently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old painty-can Ned
    Still a wiener because no lady will touch you???
    Hmm, let's see.
    I've had two girlfriends.
    I've kissed several times as well.
    I have still not given up on finding someone new.

    Yeah I'm a wiener, all right.
    Hope you have fun humping paint cans.
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    White people tremble in their crocs when someone says they might be racist hahahahahaha.
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    How am I backtracking? I think you're confused again. I'm not backtracking I'm just not that into treading ground that already has been gone over multiple times.

    Oh hey, it's that moral saint OSS! How's life man? Still a wiener because no lady will touch you???
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    okay u got me
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    Like literally do any reading on the subject at all. You're so stupid it's hard to fathom how you're able to access the Internet.
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    Oh goody, SVT gets overly defensive again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whatsgiving
    Why do you insist on saying "people of color"? That's much more racist than just saying "black".
    That's the correct term you racist
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    I'm not back tracking. I just don't need to argue about something THAT ALREADY ENDED and that was just going circular. I know you think you "won" because I'm not engaging with your dumb ass.

    I don't really care what sexist, racist white dudes on this board think. You can read most of his posts about politics and see that. You guys can complain about how hard it is to be white guys all you want.

    Not interested in seeing you on the board so welcome to my block list. Say hi to Nitsy!
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    Why do you insist on saying "people of color"? That's much more racist than just saying "black".
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    no ned, I never defended kid moe. This came up because turkey gobbler said me and snowpit thumbsed up "questionable posts". I still don't identify any, nitsy said nothing. No, calling someone a "shite white person" is abusive, it is an inpudent comment, designed to insult me as a white person. I don't think I have experienced racism, however you have used my race as a weapon against me, when I have not insulting you, or attacked anyone of "colour".

    And don't backtrack, because I am noticing it in you're last post, I think you're starting to realise you can't take the moral high ground anymore.

    and by the way nitsy does not feel like it is all behind him, he made that clear with the message he recently sent me. @Old painty-can Ned
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    You can't be racist against white people. Sorry OSS I know the chips are stacked against you as a straight white male
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    You didn't say anything but you thumbed multiple posts that did. You can look at the thread because I'm sure any example I bring up you'll just be like "but he didn't use hateful language so it can't be racist" and anyway Nitsy kinda explained himself better later in the thread and it should be over. But again you feel the need to defend kid moe against people saying he sucks. But I forgot calling someone shitty for being racist is the same as racism. I forgot white people get abused/assaulted and murdered for being racist. In case you didn't get it that last part was sarcasm since you seem to have trouble navigating nuance etc.
    Updated 11-19-2015 at 01:49 PM by Bart's treehouse
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old painty-can Ned
    Sorry white folks that need everything but you can't have racism too
    Hilariously enough this is the most racist thing you could possibly say.
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    what did I say that is negative towards people of "colour"? you need to come up with examples mate, otherwise it's not a debate. No, you have been abusing people not just in this blog but in the kid moe thread, you need to grow up and take responsibility for it instead of just throwing back empty accusations with no base.

    you're literally just downright lying right now, because nothing I said even mentioned "people of colour" as you so eloquently put it, although ironically that expression is often considered racist. @Old painty-can Ned
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    You can "hate racism" and still say things that are negative towards people of colour(the only people you can be racist against. Sorry white folks that need everything but you can't have racism too )

    I forgot saying someone is racist or saying they're saying racist sentiment is abusive not mature behaviour. The thing is when you say shitty things people are goin to call you out on it and that doesn't mean debate isn't happening but it's not the debate you want because you're forced to look in the mirror at your own shitty actions(not that you do this anyway but instead just lash out at any person who accused you of anything). byeeeee
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    "quit being a shit white person" literally don't deserve this at all. never claimed I was being attacked because I was white, this another unprovoked attack on someone on here because you disagree with them. It seems you have a recurring problem with constructing a mature comment. this is the exact opposite of being "progressive", just a load of abuse with no substance, and a load of straw man debates. I hate racism, and I don't love rape jokes.

    if anyone wants to defend their position on the original comments, instead of backtracking SVT, or just making abusive, racist posts @Old painty-can Ned, then feel free. Just a bit dissapointed that everyone wants to pick fights and buse others instead of coming together and being able to handle a mature debate.