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  1. Dobbie's Avatar
    Don't worry we noticed it but not for how great it is
  2. goodfella's Avatar
  3. Swoony's Avatar
    This blog post is probably not getting as much attention as you'd like either.
  4. Gatorgod's Avatar
    He talks big in Edinburgh,.. Would he be so loud with those words in downtown Reykjaik?
  5. goodfella's Avatar
    missing butterfly pendent case. the husband did it. how interesting.

    getting a slog now
  6. comeau's Avatar
    have fun slogging through the game, it gets old and repetitive really fast

    don't believe i ever actually finished the game
  7. goodfella's Avatar
    third case, no idea what happened. big shoot-out. been promoted.
  8. goodfella's Avatar
    second case, wife tricked her boyfriend into murder of her husband. i let the driver go by accident. i shot the boyfriend. case closed
  9. skully the poltergeist's Avatar
    Not much of a gamer but loved this
  10. Evil Monkey's Avatar
    great, now i can't enjoy the story of the game. thanks for ruining it.
  11. Two Guys, a Girl, and a kat's Avatar
    agh spoiler alert
  12. goodfella's Avatar
    nahh i meant watched tv!!!

    oh shit i've been rumbled
  13. pilcrow's Avatar
    watched telly
  14. goodfella's Avatar
    well i was ok until i went to bed. damn that bed
  15. Sam's Avatar
    lol u are a lightweight wow. when i was a rebellious teen that kinda stuff was almost nothing 2 me
  16. Grifty McGrift's Avatar
    I don't drink the alcohols
  17. goodfella's Avatar
    yeah i'm a fucking idiot.
  18. skully the poltergeist's Avatar
    K cider? That stuff is brutal
  19. BloodySimpsonChibi's Avatar
    That's not a Lisa emoji! This is!
  20. pilcrow's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by BloodySimpsonChibi
    Unless one of those emojis is Lisa Simpson I don't give a shit.