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  1. What Would You Do If You Were The Last Person on Earth?

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    if i were the last man on earth and technology were available, life would be exactly the same
  2. beat it mercilessly

  3. Skinner shows the aurora-borealis

  4. R & R this pic of winona ryder on the set of beetlejuice

  5. R & R - The KFC Zinger Box Meal

    Ok, so I tried this for lunch on tuesday, and it deserves a brief R & R

    first up-

    Zinger Burger - Well the zinger burger is a mighty fine creation, the chicken has a really nice, crusty coating. Not too thin, not too thick, and it stays on the chicken very well. Relatively spicy, not too much but just enough to give it that signature zing. lettuce was good, crunchy, cut into relatively ...