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  1. Groundskeeper Willie's Lip and Other Bearded Characters

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    Understanding Simpsons Beard Theory
    The Principles:

    Here we see a highly simplified animation of Groundskeeper Willie's Mouth. Here, the flesh folds from the outside to the inside, like a regular human. Most of the inside of the mouth is dark and cannot be seen, but some of it is exposed to the light, this can be seen on pratically every character on the Simpsons, as they all have an inside lip. Beard theory suggests that the beard attached to the outside area of skin folds itself
  2. @Shadow The Hedgehog

    slow down fella
  3. Oldschooliusius 6:23:

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    i thought you said vines were a cancer and now here you are making a giant shitpost with one
    Let me quote Oldschooliusius 6:23:
    Even with shit, you can on rare occasions find a clean sewer.
  4. KKK general discussion

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    The KKK are weirdly pretty cool people sometimes when they're not trying to lynch blacks.
  5. Bill Cosby's rape allegations

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    yes raping people does make him a pretty shitty guy
    Never said he wasn't. However shitty of a guy he is, I think there is still merit in what he's done in the entertainment industry, and I don't want for the world to remember him as only this horrible rapist when in fact he's done some good work in comedy.
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