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Thread: Rate and Review: ''The Perfect Crime''

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    Rate and Review: ''The Perfect Crime''

    Original Airdate: December 13, 1987. Marge bakes a batch of delicious cookies and Bart attempts to steal them, when everyone except him and Maggie leave the kitchen. Homer and Marge come back to find the tray empty, but Maggie guides them along a trail of cookies running across the floor. The family catches Bart lying bloated on his back in his bedroom amidst a pile of cookie crumbs.

    Rate and Stuff. Will review later.


    Lisa does not appear in this short.

    ◾This short appeared in "The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular".
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    I still don't see what's to like about these. They're not that bad, but they're so dull. Especially this one.
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    I liked the shorter version from the episode spectacular better. It was more to the point. Still, this was decent 3.5/5.

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    I think these are cute. Obviously they're a little rough with the animation and whatnot but I like them anyway. 4/5

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    There's nothing to describe this but - horrible. All over the place - a mess. 1/5
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    I've never been a big fan of the shorts, so my review is a bit biased. I'm gonna say a 2.5/5. Not a ton of funny stuff, some weird cut-aways, but the ending was cute and Maggie's pantomimes were funny.

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    Act 1: Silly Rab-Er, Bart, Tricks are for Ki-er, tricksters? 5/5
    Act 2: And maggie wins the X-Games with that cookie catch! 5/5
    Act 3: All dialogue, and im watching withotu sound :/ N/A/5
    Act 4: Pretty funny, even though it's a BLATANT cookie commercial. 4.5/5

    Overall: 4.75/5 Rounded up to 5/5

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