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Thread: Rate and Review ''House of Cards''

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    Rate and Review ''House of Cards''

    Original Airdate: October 25, 1987. Bart tries to make a house of cards, but Lisa and Maggie make noises that cause the house to fall every time.

    Pretty funny I guess. Not much point to it, but it has some moments in it and kind of likeable. 4/5


    *Homer and Marge do not appear in this episode.

    * Bart says a line reminiscent of this famous astronaut's Moon speech.

    P.S. Can someone please archive some of the newest short threads. There not linked on the page and it would help.
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    Decent short. Was funny at times.

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    Yeah, quite funny. Felt sorry for Bart in a way, despite the inane task he was doing. Also, there's not much point to any of the shorts. But without them, the show would never exist. 4/5
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    Very good. Among the best of them.

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