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Thread: Rate and Review: "Watching TV"

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    Rate and Review: "Watching TV"

    This is another enjoyable short, not as good as Goodnight though. 3/5
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    This is a good one.I really love the short's premise.It reminded me how I used to fight with my sisters over what channel we should watch

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    I liked the ending, but the rest of it just seemed really pointless. It was mildly amusing when they told Maggie to turn back to the channel they were arguing over, but the rest was just CHANGE THE CHANNEL NO CHANGE THE CHANNEL NO and it was really grating. I guess a high 2/5, because it did have some good moments.

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    Couch gag avant la lettre.

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    A great short. I love the sibling rivalry moments in the shorts, which didn't really survive in the transition to series. They're funny and almost kind of cathartic. There's some great readings from the cast, and some cool animation moments like when Lisa's head gets really big (which reminds of when Japanese animes go into chibi mode). I also like that the TV screen is just this glowing, pulsating thing that's no doubt spewing cancerous radiation. I would love to see the alternate universe version of the show where Bart & Lisa continued to be really bratty & violent.

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    Don't you know I am serious!! Rembrandt Q. Einstein_1's Avatar
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    Quite good, although I agree about the repetition. And Homer was so different back then, almost a different character. The Homer we have now couldn't give a stuff about family bonding, sadly. Ah, well, at least he's still quite funny. Now excuse my digression. The short gets 2.5/5, rounded up to 3/5 for the poll.
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    Act 1: This act scared me...0/5

    Act 2: A hilarious take on 1980's America. 4/5

    Act 3: Uh...3/5

    Overall: 3/5, funny in some parts, average in others.

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    It's a pretty good short and I'm a little surprised by some of reception for this one. Sure it's repetitive, but I just thought the repetition was what made it funny. It's not as good as the Good Night short, but I still like it for what it is. 7/10
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