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Thread: The Many Simpsons Trading Cards

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    The Many Simpsons Trading Cards

    Any Simpsons trading card collectors in the house (forums)? If so, what sets do you have?

    After the DVDs, books and comics, the many trading card collections would have to be my favorite Simpsons collectables. Easy to find, affordable, they take up little space and they're full of great original art and the writing is hilarious (on most collections). I got into them in the early '90's with the brilliant Skybox series one cards. I then went back and bought the Topps collection and got into series 2 of the Skybox cards. From there I've collected a few more sets and recently picked up Downunder and Simpsons Mania.

    Here are the sets that I know of, if I missed any let me know.

    The Cards

    The Simpsons - Topps, 1990

    The Simpsons Series I - Skybox, 1993

    The Simpsons Series II - Skybox, 1994

    The Simpsons Downunder - Tempo, 1996

    The Simpsons Anniversary Celebration - Inkworks, 2000

    Simpsons Mania - Inkworks, 2002 (acts as a Series III to the Skybox cards)

    Simpsons Film Cards - Artbox, 2000/2003

    Simpsons Sticker Set - Artbox, 2000

    The Simpsons Trading Card Game - Wizards of the Coast, 2003
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Got the Bartman/Radioactive Man one that came with Bartman #3.

    That's it.

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    I have:

    Simpsons Series One and Two (with the canisters)
    Homer as and Seven Duffs from Simpsons Down Under

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    The Simpsons Anniversary Celebration set was a real letdown. Probably my least favorite set. All the art was recycled stock art, there was hardly anything to read, and what was written was pretty dry. Nothing funny or revealing. The great moments in Simpsons history cards featured tiny screengrabs and for some of the cards they didnt even have art from what the card was about. Like the "Do the Bartman" card had the same late 90's stock art of Bart used twice, it had nothing to do with the song or the music video.

    I think the card sets company knew this, because Simpsons Mania was released by them two years later and it was a huge improvement. In fact, I wasn't even aware of Simpsons Mania until yesterday. I was even more surprised to learn that it was essentially a third series of the Skybox cards.

    Only downside: Lenny has a character card, but Carl does not. Mr. Pinchy, Mojo and the SNPP duck got cards before Carl. :P


    I have:

    Topps set
    Skybox series 1 base set w/ Wiggle Cards 8 & 9 and the tattoo cards
    Skybox series 1 tin
    Skybox series 2 base set w/ complete Wiggle card set, complete Smell-O-Rama set, complete Disappearing Ink set
    Skybox series 1 promos: see below
    Skybox series 2 promos: see below
    Simpsons Downunder base set
    Simpsons Mania base set
    The Simpsons Anniversary Celebration base set + promo card, 2 x-ray cards, 1 cel card and three diecut cards
    The Simpsons Anniversary card binder
    Simpsons card game near complete set: missing Future Burns, Krusty and Hank Scorpio

    Here are my Skybox series 1 and 2 promos:
    P2 - I&S in Stare-e-o
    P3 - Bone Appetit
    P3 - Grampa scratch n sniff
    18 - Otto
    Overstreet promo
    B1/C1 - Family couch cel
    B1 - The Dupe
    B2 - RM comic cover
    B3 - Decoder screen
    B4 - Black Belch
    B5 - Spinner card
    B6 - RM painting

    I also have an oversized promo card for series 1 with P1-P4 cards (not pictured)
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    Im looking to finish my Simpsons Downunder set. Ive got most cards including redemption set, box/case cards, Bartarang Exchange Card (sample card).
    Im chasing the Binder Card, Bartarang with card, any sample cards, unpunched Whoo Hoo. If any1 has them cards and want to get rid of them for a fair price, let me know id love to buy them off ya.

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    I have every set but for "The Simpsons Downunder - Tempo, 1996", and I actually do need to get the rest of "The Simpsons Trading Card Game" I need the Lisa booster and the other cards.

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    I have some Simpsons Top Trumps somewhere, but that's it.

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    Hi guys, Im looking for Simpsons Cards from the Down under set and the Anniversary Celebration sets

    I have base sets of both,
    Down Under,
    I have the Homer As, and Springfields Finest sets so im after all the other chase/inserts

    Anniversary Celebration ,
    With this i need the following, N4,N5 from the neon glow cards, C5,C6,C7 Cut up cards, D3 Diorama cards the rest i am currently getting my hands on.

    So if u anyone can help me out here with a price or a place to get them hook me up at, im cool with overseas stuff, n going thru ebay or paypal. Cheers

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    Captain Squid started this wonderful thread with a list of the card details on The Simpsons Archive. Just wanted to mention that....
    1) We completely redid the Topps 1990 list to add far more information than it previously had
    1) We added a new page for The Simpsons Diamond Stickers and Sticker Activity Album

    Goal is to add a page for every set not documented (Anxious to do Topps 2002 but working on Panini 1991 right now) , upgrade other card pages and create a master index to all the card sets. Anything anyone anywhere would like to see?


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    I have a couple of Simpsons top trumps. I think i have some other Simpsons cards hidden somewhere, but my top trumps are the first thing that come to mind.

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    Hi all,

    This is my first post so forgive me if its not right.

    I am Ash from Aus. :-)

    I'm also chasing some cards from the downunder set.
    I'm after the homer as and duff bottle cards.

    If anyone can help me out that would be great.
    Not too sure if any other country had the pickers
    That came out here in 2002 the tazo's with Velcro on the back.
    I just completed my set of those and have some spares if anyone is

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    One day when I go back to my parents house I'll take a ton of photos of my stash, so expect this
    thread to be bumped one day. But I had;

    I had the simpsons Simpsons Magic Motion tazos as a kid. Not
    sure if you Americans had them (most likely). But they was pretty popular back in the 90s.

    I got a bunch of my Step brothers Glo Caps,

    These are pretty old stuff.

    I had these cards; I loved this one.

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    my collection's pretty small. I'm getting some more when I'm going on holiday in England in a few days
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    a local record shop has recently come across some NOS of the 1990 Topps trading cards so my partner and i have been indulging on a few with every visit. we've decided that we would love to complete the giant image puzzle on the back of some cards, but the problem is (as many of you may know) only some of the cards in the pack contain parts of the large image, and we end up with a lot of doubles (sometimes only doubles come out of a pack!). at $7 bucks a pop i don't want to keep playing the blind box game for too long.
    Are there any other fans here who are in a similar situation? would anyone be interested in swapping?
    maybe if there is enough interest we can set something up

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    I have 2 of the Bo Knows - the baseball one and the surfing one. I also have the Michael Jordan and Bart one with Bart saying "it's the shoes man".

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    Hello all,

    I've got some Simpsons trading cards for sale if anyone is interested.

    SkyBox series II factory sealed box of Simpsons trading cards. 36 packs, 8 cards/pack

    SkyBox series II Simpsons trading cards, misc. open cards, all VG cond.

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    I'm happy to say I've completed by set of 1993 Simpsons Skybox Series 1 cards!

    Took a while to track down the one missing cel card of scratchy's head on the barbershop floor.
    • All 80 base set cards (characters, itchy and scratchy cards, radioactive man cards)
    • 6 cel cards (springfielders on simpsons couch, itchy and scratchy barbershop cards)
    • 4 glow in the dark cards
    • 10 tattoos
    • 9 wiggle cards
    • Promo Cards: Otto, Bowling Homer, Simpsons Family Cel Cards Promo, Itchy and Scratchy Bon Appetite Promo
    • Full Page 4 card sheet (non perforated)

    So I guess I'm technically missing the tin, 2 other promo page variants and the "lucky" and "Art DeBart Cards".

    I'll keep my eye out for the one page variants. Don't want the tin. An Art DeBart card recently went on sale on ebay, but considering the starting bid was $1400, that and the Lucky Card are unfortunately out of my budget.


    I also have the complete set of 1990 topps cards, but those are dime a dozen and practically worthless.
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    Does anyone know where I might locate a Series 1 SkyBox "Lucky Day" card? I will pay $3k to acquire one and a $500 finders fee to whomever connects me with the seller. Have been looking for years and have taken to the Simpsons message boards for your help! Please let me know. Thanks so much - Michael

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    I bought all the starter sets for "The Simpsons Trading Card Game".. they were discounted very cheap.. I guess nobody took to gaming with the seriously? but i havent even opened the random card packs.. just preserving them for later

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    I have whole set of The Simpson Downunder 1993 Collection, 113 cards in total have been stored in binders for 20years wanting to get rid of at a reasonable price if anyone is interested.. cheers

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