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Thread: Homer³ on the IMAX screens

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    Homer³ on the IMAX screens

    I found out a while ago that the Homer³ segment from Treehouse of Horror VI was released to IMAX theaters in 2000 as part of a 3D animation showcase film entitled 'Cyberspace'. I haven't found any threads or comments related to this film, so this is just a call-up for any Simpsons fans who remember seeing the segment in 3D!

    I never saw it myself, but a museum in Australia (where I live) has some signs related to their IMAX theater, and the CGI Bart was on it.

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    You don't need to see it, just buy a 3-D TV and use a 3D video converter. Or, just break into Melbourne Muesusm and steal the film!
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    i saw 'cyberspace' with the homer³ segment years ago on a family vacation. it wasn't a 3-d glasses affair, it was based primarily around the art of cgi animation. the screen was huge and spherical, and the inclusion of the simpsons short was a bit strange because the other segments involved a lot of motion - they were basically like a simulated theme park ride (think the simpsons ride at universal studios), while homer³ is obviously very stationary. the crowd just ate it up, though. i remember an unprecedented surge of laughter at the kids hiding in the closet, and and nearly every line of dialogue that followed. i think they also cut out the 'erotic cakes' bit because it was a 'family' experience.

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    I saw it years ago in 3D, cheesy stuff-flying-at-you 3D but good fun regardless. I don't think I'd seen that segment before then (The BBC's treatment of The Simpsons wasn't great) so the whole thing was rather enjoyable. I recall the rest of the showcase not having much to recommend itself other than the novelty value, but it was a long time ago.

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    I remember seeing it with my older brother eons ago.

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    I most certainly made a point of seeing it - went to an IMAX showing in Rockland, NY the day it opened. It consisted of a series of various 3D animation type movies with the Simpsons being one clip in it, with a "wrapper" film to tie them all together. Other than the THX trailer of Grampa yelling "turn it up!" (Hmmm.. was that before this?) this was the first time Simpsons had been on the big screen. It was nice, but when you consider it was something I had already seen (albeit in 2D) a dozen times before it wasn't something I could highly recommend. The Simpson scenes immediately prior were non-3D, of course, and given these pre-3D scenes consisted of blowing up a non-HD cartoon to an IMAX sized screen (they didn't use the whole screen) it made it appear... crude. Worse still, the other 3D non-Simpson clips in general weren't very good - and I've seen lot's of avant-garde animation. Lastly the "wrapper" was bad... like most wrappers of this type are. Bottom line? Still glad I got to see it!


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    Here's the website to the Cyberworld production, if anyone's interested:

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    i saw it. was awesome.

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    It'd be nice to see that segment get 3D treatment in broadcast, if only for the novelty value.

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    Oh yeah...I remember seeing Cyberworld years ago. I wanted to go solely for the Simpsons bit (I seen this image in numerous Simpson comics)

    If I remember correctly they removed the whole ending of the segment. Basically after Homer tries to jump and fails miserably the camera goes past Homer and further down the hole. We then see the 3D museum tour guide being sucked in from the other end. I was sorta hoping for Homer to come flying out into the museum...but alas that didn't happen.

    It was still a pretty fun movie though.
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