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    Sit Down, Shut Up

    Does anyone remember what this show was about?

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    Being lame... I dunno.. it was about a wacky faculty at a crazy school.

    Seriously, I just remember not enjoying it very much... I think I liked the flood episode... that's all I remember liking.

    P.S. I like your top five picks.

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    It was an eventually funny, yet constantly flawed show by Mitch Hurwitz... an somewhat animated revival of Arrested Development based off some live-action Aussie series. It was about teachers at a Florida high school and they're pretty much the worst faculty ever. The smartest guy in the school was a gym teacher, the science teacher is a hot religious kook, the English teacher was pretty much Gob Bluth, Kenan Thompson voiced a fat female principal and Will Forte was the vice who tried so hard to steal the show. Oh and some gay/Jewish stereotypes.

    It's funny, because it sounds really terrible and the first episodes were indeed awful, but the last half of its run picked up considerably... of course it was long cancelled by then. I don't really miss it, but it was cute for what it was.

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    I remember it was also very Seinfeld-y in its plot construction, with several different individual plot elements crashing into each other in the 3rd act. Like Ryan said, it picked up a bit toward the end, but the first couple episodes were pretty bad.

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    it got good towards the end but I still shudder thinking about that scene in the first episode where they throw a bunch of characters at you at once with their catchphrases

    wasn't comedy central or something supposed to pick up the reruns? or did that happen and I just didn't notice?

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    I didn't like or hate this show, I never really sat down long enough to have an opinion about it. The first episode I saw from beginning to end was on Comedy Central and was called "High School Musical Musical" (I had to look the title up) I thought that episode was good, if it was given a chance it probably would have shown some good potential. If Wikipedia is accurate that was the series finale. Also I thought it was interesting that the first full episode I would see of this show was written by Mr. Weinstein himself.
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    I utterly loved this show. Recently had a rewatch; it was essentially this decade's Clone High. Will Forte was delightful, and I'm a fan of meta humour, so I obviously enjoyed this.
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    I never seen it when it was on, but might have a little look-see online.
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    I watched a couple of episodes at the beginning. I cringed so hard and for so long I'm surprised I didn't get stuck that way.

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    Back then, I gave unfair ratings and only watched the pilot episode at its premiere. I thought the show was a dumb idea, and I never liked it until I rediscovered it this year. I watched the rest, and I thought it got very good, but only after the first two episodes. FOX really didn't give this show the chance that it deserved, and I believe that it should have lasted a bit longer than it did. My favorite episode is "Mr. Hofftard Goes to Washington", one of their many episodes to have plots revolving on all characters, not just A and B plots like most episodes.

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    ou can tell it's a forgetableshow since the first 2 posts are about not remembering anything about it, comedy central reruns it very rarely, usually early morning or late night, and yeah the show was pretty awful
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    Sorry to bump, but I just wanted to express my opinion.

    I watched it and loved it at the time, but then I watched the original Australian sitcom this was based off of. The original version was better than this cartoon by miles and it kinda spoiled the cartoon for me.

    Do yourself a favor - if you liked the cartoon, don't watch the original Sit Down, Shut Up. It might ruin it for you.
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    I think the show's biggest flaw was that it tried to hard. If the show were less about being irreverent and just allowed the material to speak for itself, it would have been a lot better off. Instead, it would present a parody and spend a hunk of extra time overtly stating its parody status or finding away to explain the parody. There was one episode that was a send-up of Breakfast Club in which the staff were locked in the library to solve a budget problem or something. Each character takes on the role of one of the Breakfast Club kids, which is clever in itself, but they just hammer it down your throats. The "will they, won't they" between the gym teacher (Mr.... uh, Littlejunk) and Miracle, another teacher on staff, also felt forced.

    The saving graces of that show would be Keenan Thompson, who gives a competent performance as the school's principal, and Henry Winkler, who plays the delightfully pathetic German teacher, Mr. Deutschbog. I found a few episodes online, but the show's really hard to come by.

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