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Thread: Which of these would make the best full episode guest star?

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    Which of these would make the best full episode guest star?

    By full ep I mean
    1. Play themselfs or Themselfs playing somone else in a movie
    2. Whole Episode like Tony Hawk or Mel Gibson or Ron Howard or Alec Baldwin ect.

    Would it be:
    1. Dustin Fletcher
    2. The Doc Emmet Brown
    3. The Guy in 'Speed'
    4. McFly
    5. Barry Hall and Brent Staker doing their thing...
    6. Dr. Phil
    7. Julia Gillard (My Ears! The earplugs do nothing!)
    8. Kath and Kim (the good austrailan one)
    9. The empror of China
    10. Jo Frost to make Bart and Lisa happy again
    11. Judge Judy (not not constance harm, the real one)
    Season 26 Episode Ratings

    1. Clown In The Dumps 0/10
    2. Wreck of the Relationship 6/10
    3. Super Franchise Me 6/10
    4. Treehouse of Horror XVV 7/10
    5. Opposites-a-Frack 3/10
    6. Simpsorama 9/10
    7. Blazed and Confused 7/10
    8. Covercraft 7/10

    9. I Won't Be Home For Christmas ??/10

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    Considering the current writing staff don't produce material that I enjoy?

    Thom Yorke... the outtakes would be funnier than the episode

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    The emperor of China.

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