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    ooooooooooooooooooh leprechaun_dan's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Inblackestnight View Post
    You're not telling me something I don't already understand leprechaun_dan, I'm simply stating a personal preference. This ep was spoofing I Shouldn't Be Alive the entire time, which isn't an animated comedy, so I felt using actors that looked a little more like the boys, still acting incredibly exaggerated, would have the same effect, and be even funnier to me. If they really wanted to over-exaggerate then why not throw in someone from a different race, or even a woman during the live action spoof? The differences were too subtle, so IMO actors closer to the characters would've sufficed. I don't think it was the worst ep of SP, it's just nowhere near the best in my book.
    I understand what you're saying a lot clearer now and agree with you actually
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    Six episodes in and still no Randy episode. They've had at least 2 per season within the last five years so I definitely predict him getting some attention in the mid-season finale, if not his own plot. Which can go either way. Hoping next week isn't very topical since the two finales per season tend to focus more on less timely stories.

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    Food-Crazed Maniac Oh, that's raspberry!'s Avatar
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    Don't jinx it! We need a little time away from Randy imo. I was actually hopeful Uncle Jimbo would get a speaking line or two in the last episode, I remember back when he was still a relevant character....memories....

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    They have such a slew of characters they established and then neglected. I feel like, if given the choice, Matt and Trey would just erase the first seven seasons or so from the show's history to make it all consistent with the current style.

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    ooooooooooooooooooh leprechaun_dan's Avatar
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    Randy was funny in Reverse Cowgirl. The whole seatbelt scene was hilarious. Which is probably the best we've gotten from Randy so far this season

    I'd really like to see a Randy episode where he joins a group of troubled fathers who want to return to their adolescence, embarrassing Stan who feels he's more mature than his father is

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    Comic Book Me Shaunbadia's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by leprechaun_dan View Post
    Kenny's hair is blonde, not brown.
    I really tried my best not to let that bug me...but it did.

    Quote Originally Posted by leprechaun_dan View Post
    Mr Hankey's cameo was alright, but I would've preferred it had it been Russell Crowe and tugger.
    You've just reminded me of how much I loved that bit when I was and an old friend used to watch that clip all the time because we just laughed so hard at the arms coming out as Tugger screamed when he was trying to get away
    How to remaster

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    ooooooooooooooooooh leprechaun_dan's Avatar
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    Tugger shooting himself was the highlight of that episode for me

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    The Chosen One Walid's Avatar
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    what i liked:

    -the live-action scenes

    -cartman yelling to the gang how boring ziplining was

    -the shuttle

    -"to make a long story short"...

    -"I should have never got on a goddamn boat"

    -stan 'jackin' it' in san diego. again.

    -cartman making fun of kenny for having herpes.


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    Does anyone knows this episode sound track? Thank you!!!

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    you can cram it with walnuts akuronin's Avatar
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    i have see, this on southparkstudios, and i find it to be the best episode in the entire season up to now.

    it has this wonderfull parrody on national geographic shows about disasters that happened, and others like that, and imitates the entire style.
    where a model would show you what is going on inside the body or outside of that same body.
    and the naration referencing the fact that it is all just sensation tv.

    the only thing i absolutely hate in that episode is the severely misplaced, uneccesary and just repulsive live action scene.
    the actors fail, everything fails at that point.

    still i give this episode a 5/5
    my all time favorite episodes :
    El viaje misterioso de nuestro Homero, the springfield files, the old man and the lisa, how they saved lisa's brain, realty bites, whacking day, Homer the Great, Mayored to the Mob, Hurricane Neddy, Monty Can't Buy Me Love, You Only Move Twice, King-Size Homer, Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming, Two Bad Neighbors, Homer the Smithers, Kidney Trouble.
    the old treehouse of horror episodes.

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    Zombies Rise from the Sea

    I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

    After a middling affair that has been Season 16; we finally come across an episode which sounds promising. The kids going ziplining, thinking it'll be exciting, what could go wrong? Best part is, it actually lives up to it's promises; this is by far the best episode of Season 16 yet.

    First of all, it's cool that they manage to do this in a concept form rather than in a normal form; while I was initially wary of this, I grew to like it and come to think of it as by far a very essential part of the episode, sure it's parodying the various nature reality shows that are out there right now but it allows for a sense of creativity that has been unseen this season. They make it seem like it's over-the-top and dangerous, fitting in with a sort of extravagance theme they have going on. What they make it out to be and how they make it out to be is well represented by the various zoom-ins, effects, abrupt cuts to trouble scenes that are as pin-point as the reality show it's parodying from; you can almost sense that this is representing both what the characters are going through and how flashy they make it out to be; the narration is seemingly perfect making it look like an actual survival documentary rather then what it is and you can't forget about the 3D computer generated renderings which really go into so much unneeded and unnecessary detail; they consist of the few fart jokes that South Park is known for except this time, it's super original; while there are some elements I disliked such as the naming of real menu items off of California Pizza Kitchen, these renderings really puts a spin on things. When you see that stream of fart come out of Cartman's butt and into Kyle's mouth, you can almost imagine yourself smiling, laughing even; it makes you believe that Matt & Trey have redefined the art of lowbrow humor once again. Fart jokes have been in a boring and unoriginal rut and it's nice to see that they've put a new twist on it that fits within the concept.

    It's amazing as to how they manage to incorporate a common story into such a tightly framed concept episode; this feels like something that could easily stand alone on it's own yet the concept makes it more, shall we say; substantial. It's fun to see the kids bored out of their minds as they experience what they'd think would be an experience of a lifetime only to come up short and that's almost contradictory of itself; it's like a hell for them, the way they go crazy dealing with all of the obstacles they have to face such as annoying tour groups, unneeded history and even ziplining itself... they're slowly going crazy, acting as if they're stranded going into the woods calling out for help and while the kids themselves may not be fans of extravagance (as shown in various episodes), they too fall into the trap of extravagance that the concept ever so portrays and this is what makes it fun. A plus is that they're not sorely the mouthpieces for the opinions of Matt & Trey, with no political or sociological agenda to hinder them; they're free to be what they are, kids; kids who constantly complain about the experience they're going through (and they do it pretty well, managing to seem like both annoyed kids in the process and reality show participants) and they nail it down pretty well. The odd uncanny enthusiasm that the tour group provides, the almost cheesy behavior of the tour guides and the few people who request information on everything and force the kids to take pictures; these are all things you might see in real life and I wouldn't be surprised if Matt & Trey managed to bump into a couple of them that they manage to combine some form of sensibility with the extravagance they're known for (for example, there are guys who always manage to talk to Stan and the life story they tell is surprisingly complacent, if not a bit excessive) and it manages to work pretty well; showing a contrast and adding to that hell-like feeling they're going through.

    The running jokes that they have are pretty great too. I'm excited to see that Cartman has that special ability back though some of his personality traits from recent episodes still remain; for instance... Cartman starts the whole Kenny having herpes thing and Poop leading to beavers thing and guess what, they both come true. It's funny because of the fact that these small quips become essential things when you least expect it. Both things are examples of classic South Park; with every mention of Kenny's herpes, you can't help to feel a sense of playfulness that seems to be the norm around here. There's also a bit involving Diet Double Dew which I thought was pretty clever and there's the whole as slow as possible thing that really makes the episode, it's almost absurd to see things go at near impeccable speeds and the more extravagant the things become, the better it gets and no matter how many times they play up the expectations and the results, it never gets old; in fact that very joke leads to what could be considered the most risque thing the episode has ever done, the live action segment. While there are a few odd choices here and there, the people they brought in are absolutely perfect (they look both somewhat and almost nothing like their animated counterparts); they manage to take the shtick and turn it into an overly-serious dramatic representation that seems more like a teen drama then a serious reality show and what's best is that they still manage to retain the South Park feeling; Kenny dieing of boredom, the usual phrases they say when they die, even Mr. Hankey makes an appearance with a voice that is totally awesome). It may seem like they could turn this into shit at any time but they manage to succeed and make it especially entertaining,. Of course, I could do without Stan jacking it in San Diego but who cares about when most of the other jokes are good?

    This episode shines out like a beacon in the fog. Though it contains some flaws and initial rocky beginnings, It contains Matt & Trey at their most creative of this season or even possibly this era with a concept they use effectively, characters that are true to themselves, a parody that hits all the right marks an entertainment factor that cannot be denied. Every portion of scenes have just the right amount of substance and just when you least expect it, they throw at you the most risque moment that ends up paying off. I don't know if any episode in Season 16 will be as good as this but it gives me hope for the future and more importantly, it gives fans hope for the future as well...


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    Kenny McCormick has died of boredom

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    WOW, that was great. The live-action scene did feel a tiny bit out of place, but it was hilarious. This episode was just the boys being boys.
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    The Blue Files OldSchoolerSimpsons's Avatar
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    One of my favorite episodes and CRIMINALLY underrated. 5/5

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    I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining

    Communication: The underlying message that group activities are often more mundane than the premise suggests is absolutely true. It supports the philosophy of challenging everything and actually reading the terms of service because questioning things can keep you ahead of the curve. Up until the boys left the ziplining tour, every unexpected turn was believable. However, in real life a group of children would never have been allowed to leave the event by the organisers. The plot actually exacerbated this problem by having Stan obtain the information about the horse-riding service from one of the organisers, which built up the feeling that they did not care about the children’s happiness but completely overlooked the safety and protection aspect. There was nothing revolutionary in their satire of reality shows but the overly-dramatic nature of every development along with the meandering cutaways were accurate targets. They also led to the boys’ emotional breakdown on the boat which caused them to get herpes, by neglecting that Kenny had already drank out of the bottle, a significant detail which accurately displayed how emotions such as fear and panic can distract us from the real world. 4/8

    Insight: The explanation for why they chose ziplining, leaving the culprit of the suggestion unknown, was just about plausible. Without knowing that Stan in fact suggested it, it seemed that the idea just came into their heads simultaneously. The opening montage was an effective hook that presented the outcome of their trip in such a direct, dark but seemingly implausible way that leaves the audience wondering how and why this all came about. The problems involving using glittering generalities as your reasoning behind a decision are shown from the start, as Cartman’s claim that ziplining could be really cool and Kyle’s addition that they have never done it before was all the motivation they needed. Once there, Kyle realised in one of his cutaways that it was actually pretty dangerous. The long story short joke was amusing at first but was dragged out so long that it became painful by the end, unlike the blissful cheeriness of the other zipliners’ facial expressions which never lost its value. Later on, it seemed like a bizarre choice to have live actors during scenes that almost entirely consisted of gross-out humour. There was some enjoyable interplay in their emotional breakdown, but watching the diarrhea, vomiting and herpes live was extremely unpleasant. The plot twist that Stan chose ziplining so he could get a free iPod Nano does not completely contradict the previous theory simply because everyone forgot that Stan suggested it, but was unnecessary because the previous theory was a more fitting explanation for nave, impressionable children. It seemed like an excuse to mock modern technology, which fell flat. The ending of Mr. Hankey coming to rescue them also seemed like a cop-out. 3/4

    Technique: The detail that the boys had spent all of their break watching TV and playing Xbox seemed fitting of their characters. Cartman using food or drink products for gratifying purposes was also seen in Red Hot Catholic Love. The boys’ tendency to fantasise about elaborate and adventurous activities was also seen in Good Times With Weapons. Considering their history, it was surprising that Cartman never referred to Kyle’s Jewish heritage during their bickering, while Mr Hankey only usually appears in Christmas episodes. I cannot remember any of these, but am genuinely not sure what humour can come from a talking piece of feces. Kenny had his customary death with a reason fitting of the episode’s theme, but he should have had the blonde hair seen in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. 1/2

    Consistency: This episode only had one plot which facilitated the focus and development of the emotions of every vested party throughout. It also focused clearly on the boys individually, through the narration and cutaways. While this is not the most sophisticated way of drawing out their emotions, as they are stated and explained rather than shown and this comes to the detriment of the episode’s pacing, it was still effective and they were developed with each scene. The lack of a resolution at the end was disappointing though. 1/1

    Total: 9/15 or 3/5

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    Junior Camper kid_gruesome's Avatar
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    It's alright. Not one of my favorites, but it was pretty funny.

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    Wow 2012? I haven't been truly tickled by SP in four years? Sounds right actually. 6/5

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