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Thread: Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers - Food Truckin'

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    Rate and Review: Bob's Burgers - Food Truckin'

    Kind of boring, but I still thought it was good by the standards of what I think an entertaining comedy should be. I liked the return of the Sacred Cow Guy (wonder if he'll become a recurring character?) as well as the "Dina" subplot. 4/5 (B)
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    I really wanted to give it a 4/5 tonight... but the final act fell flat for me.. it was quite good until the final minutes.. it just got kinda boring.

    An 3.3/5 overall rounded out to a 3 for the polls.
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    Peeing in a jug, getting rest-stop tugs

    The 'Eastbound and down' song parody was great. I'm surprised about how racey they were with this epsiode in terms of taste.

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    "That gives me an idea..."


    Although Bob and Sacred Cow guy arguing about why they're even arguing was a pretty painful moment. Not enough to bring it down, though.

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    Wow....5 great episodes in a row from the start of the season? Guess I didn't jinx it....but having said that now I've probably jinxed the next one....someone throw a bowling ball at my gut to shut me up!

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    This is why Bob's Burgers is better than the other animated shows. Genuinely interesting characters to work with (Dina) and a setting that lends itself well to premises such as this.
    While I wouldn't say it's an example of the show's best, it's still great and consistently superior to its "peers".

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Flimpsons View Post
    "That gives me an idea..."


    Although Bob and Sacred Cow guy arguing about why they're even arguing was a pretty painful moment. Not enough to bring it down, though.
    This, pretty much.
    Class episode, reminded me sourly of what The Simpsons would have had to do for laughs if it had started this decade. (Don't deny it.)
    I really enjoyed this and am so glad the show's still going strong - recommending to more people this week.

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