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    Mona Simpson

    Since they were going to kill her off in her next episode anyway, why didn't they just do it at the end of My Mother the Carjacker? I've always hated that ending, but I figured they didn't want to kill her to respect her character or something, but then when Mona Leaves-a aired, I safely concluded that they didn't want to go that route. It would've made My Mother the Carjacker way more emotional and memorable, rather then the obvious "It turns out she survived the crash!" cliche (which they already did better in Bart the Fink).

    Anyway, what do you think of this character? Is it just me, or has she had no personality whatsoever after My Mother? She just says really bland, non-jokey lines in a monotone voice. Lol what's the point?

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    Mother Simpson should have been the only major appearance by her.

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    ^^^No arguments there.

    Well, ya'know if you stay positive and forget about trivial things like "proper characterization," "Satire," and "emotional depth" watching new Simpsons episodes can be a seemingly enjoyable lie.

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    Zombies Rise from the Sea

    Mother Simpson is the first and best appearance of Mona Simpson, all the others just don't seem to match up.

    I do agree that they should of killed her after "My Mother the Carjacker", I mean what's the point of bringing her back for her to die if the plot's going to be a shitty "James Bond" type episode with barely any emotion whatsoever?

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    Here's a different argument: They killed Mona's character so she wouldn't come back as my understanding, so why did she recently just guest star in "Wet your Mother"?
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    They probably didn't know she'd die in her next appearance seeing as it was four years later anyway. Regardless it made for a horrible episode...

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    mother simpson is obviously the best mona episode, but my mother the carjacker was pretty decent from what i remember.

    mona leaves-a, the least said about that, the better

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