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Thread: The NHC Top 50 post-classic episodes [RESULTS]

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    I went over the post-classic R&R threads to compare their average scores to what has the most love. Eps I found with 83+ averages (83 cuz on Metacritic that's a B+), and luckily there have been 0 after this thread started:

    4.48 Trilogy of Error 12 #1
    4.44 24 Minutes 18 #11
    4.38 Moe Baby Blues 14 #2
    4.37 Eternal Moonshine 19 #4
    4.35 Tis the 15th Season 15 #24
    4.32 Lisa Gets an A 10 #5
    4.28 Treehouse IX 10.2 #7
    Poppa’s Got a Brand New Badge 13 #15
    4.22 Half-Decent Proposal 13.2 #25
    4.20 Holidays of Future Passed 23 #3
    Father, Son, and Holy Guest Star 16 N/A (19 pts)
    4.19 Seemingly Never-Ending Story 17 #8
    4.18 Little Girl in the Big Ten 13.3 #23
    4.16 Girls Just Want to Have Sums 17.2 #49
    4.15 Springfield Up 18.2 N/A (31 pts)
    4.14 Haw-Hawed Couple 18.3 #39

    Holy Guest Star not having much excitement is interesting since more than half of R&R voters gave it a 5 and almost another 30% gave it a 4.
    T10: Summer of 4 Feat 2, Marge vs. the Monorail, Last Exit to Springfield, Rosebud, Treehouse of Horror V, Lisa's Wedding, You Only Move Twice, Who Shot Mr. Burns Pt I, Homer's Phobia, Bart's Girlfriend (5x Mirkin, 3x Oakley/Weinstein, 2x Jean/Reiss)

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    I'm surprised by all the hate for Behind the Laughter. That has always been one of my all-time favorites and it's in my Top 20 best of the series. But I guess not everyone likes the "meta" episodes.

    I like seeing love for Lisa Gets an A.

    HOMR is a bizarre premise, but it is a good satire on the way intelligence is treated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zach View Post
    (A+) great episode, nothing not to like.
    Okay, I agree with everything you said except for this.
    I mean, what the HELL.
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    The Engagement: 4/10 | Borderwall: 5.5/10 | MegaChurch: 6.5/10 | High School Football: 6/10 | Groundhog Day: 4/10 | J.C. Strikes: 7.5/10 | Drug Lord: 5.7/10 | Santa Ana Winds: 6.3/10 | Heart Attack: 7.5/10 | Wildfire: 6/10

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    it's got good singing wraparounds and excellent past songs. seriously, what isn't there to like?
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    the singing wraparounds are decent, and most of the past songs are pretty good, but y'know...we've seen them before.

    it gets a pass exclusively because of 'paint your wagon'
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    Well this was an odd bump. But it's my thread, so sure, why not?

    Anyway, All Singing, All Dancing is a very good clip show. Pretty much all the clips are very memorable songs, and I like the wraparounds with Snake as well. It's got some pretty funny stuff in it, including the aforementioned "Paint Your Wagon," and I like the reference to it being a "cheesy clip show" at the end.
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    All Singing, All Dancing is easily the best clip show and a very entertaining watch. The wraparounds are catchy and flow into the clips well (sometimes they have dialogue between the wraparound and the song, though, like the "mule" stuff before the Monorail Song, which irks me), the songs are as great as ever (and to be fair, it is pretty much the cleanest compilation of Simpsons songs you can find, compared to stuff on YouTube or even the animation-less album), and what little original material there is isn't too bad either.

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    All this love for All Singing All Dancing is kind of weird, but I like it too. I prefer 138th Episode Spectacular, but it's otherwise the best clip show. The clips that tend to work the best out of context are songs, IMO (unless maybe the clips only focused on memorable gags, which has never been the case). It's easily the most entertaining compilation of clips that went into a clip show, for that reason.

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    I know humanity is doomed when All Singing, All Dancing being overrated is even possible.

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    where's all this like for All Singing, All Dancing coming from?

    anyway it's easily my favorite clip-show and honestly probably top 5 from s9(though I haven't watched s9 in a while).

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    All Singing, All Dancing is fine, it doesn't stand out but it does have some really funny moments, the original content is original and with the number of almost offensively awful episodes in the later years it really can't be considered one of the worst ever.

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