Okay, I've seen several threads lately devolve into two or three users bickering in the most banal, inane way possible--through single-sentence posts that tediously go on for pages.


It's highly obnoxious for anyone else reading the thread, clutters everything up with spammy nonsense, and just generally lowers the quality of the boards. This is not a chat room. If you truly feel the need to prattle back and forth with five-word posts that have absolutely no substance, please keep it to the PMs. Otherwise, stick to the topic at hand. I'm not a particularly strict mod by any stretch, but this recent trend of pointless, aimless posting is s(c)ullying up a great board for Simpsons discussion. Jake has the right idea clearing up the mess here, and I'll be doing the same if it continues.

Now back to the topic, please!