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Thread: Perfect Episodes

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    Though I guess, even the best episodes have minor flaws, the episodes I'd call 'perfect' would be ones that would get 10/10 (four episodes in all). I have more than four A+ episodes, but I think that an episode can still be an A+ and have (larger) flaws. Cape Feare for example, I reckon is an A+ episode, but has a few issues (a number of jokes that drag on for too long, and a weak-ish ending). However, what it does right, certaintly makes up for the few things that it does wrong. 10/10 episodes are Home Sweet Home Diddly Dum-Doodily, Marge Be Not Proud, Homer Badman and The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show. Each of those has maybe a few minor flaws (minor though, which is why they still get a 10).

    The strange thing though, is that some episodes don't feel like they have anything wrong with them, but aren't really top 10 material, I find. Like I don't think that there's much wrong with Bart Sells His Soul at all, but I put it below lots of episodes that do have more visible flaws.
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    Life on the Fast Lane
    Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish
    Radio Bart
    Selma's Choice
    Boy-Scoutz 'n the Hood
    Lemon of Troy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handsome B. Wonderful View Post
    I can't even find it. Link?

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    Last Exit to Springfield
    Marge vs. the Monorail
    The PTA Disbands
    Lisa's Wedding
    22 Short Films About Springfield
    Bart Sells His Soul
    Mr. Plow
    The Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
    Top Five Episodes: The PTA Disbands, Last Exit to Springfield, Mr. Plow, Marge vs. the Monorail and Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind.

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