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Thread: Rate and Review: "The Falcon and the D'ohman" (NABF16)

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    Rewatched this episode and it certainly was a lot better than I remember, the ending gets a little crazy but it is a very enjoyable episode. 7/10

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    A- (8,5\10)
    This episode- is the best season premiere since, maybe, season 10 (THOH isn't good season start).
    - Amazing plot
    - Homer's song and Kim Jong Il
    - Moe's egg
    - Nedna
    - Little Ukraine (Hot Trotzky was really funny)
    - DMV in final
    -Excessive cruelty (it's not Family Guy)

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    Amazing episode, I liked it, better than I remembered! I encourage you to give it a 5/5!
    Sorry for my english, i use the translator

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    "The Falcon and the D'ohman"
    A new season premiere, so let's see.

    + Walking on the moon' parody (not funny but it felt nice)
    + The taiwanese animation dramatization
    + The auto-tune video (I couldn't stop to laugh. "you're a angel now")

    - Tom Colicchio's scene
    - The end wasn't satisfactory

    * The flashbacks are weird but the last one when the Ukrainian gangster' wife died was good, actually made me feel sorry.
    * A couple of good jokes here and here
    * A kinda boring first act

    Well, good. This was good. Not excelent, just good

    GRADE: B
    you are going to kill me because I am not sure how write in english
    The Simpsons - Season 28: Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus: C+ | Friends and Family: B+ | The Town: B+ | Treehouse of Horror XXVII: B- | Trust but Clarify: B- | There Will Be Buds: B+ | Havana Wild Weekend: B- | Dad Behavior: B | The Last Traction Hero: B |The Nightmare After Krustmas: B+ | Pork and Burns: B+ | The Great Phatsby: A- | Fatzcarraldo: B- | The Cad and the Hat: B | Kamp Krustier: B | 22 for 30: B+ | A Father's Watch: A- | Caper Chase: B- | Looking for Mr. Goodbart: A- | Moho House: C+ |
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    American Dad Season 12: Father's Daze: B | Fight and Flight: B | The Enlightenment of Ragi-Baba: B- | Bahama Mama: B | Roger's Baby: B- | Ninety North, Zero West: B | Whole Slotta Love: B- | The Witches of Langley: C+ | A Nice Night for a Drive: B+ | Casino Normale: A-

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    Jack Bauer talking random CTU babble in his sleep was the hardest I laughed recently for an ep. Beginning was a bit slow & ending a bit odd but not bad at all. 4/5 or B+

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    A solid episode. Grade: B

    * The jokes: There were hits and misses, but more hits than misses: it was funny most of the time.
    * Characterization: No obvious problems here.
    * The plot: It kind of reminded me of Homer's Enemy in the beginning, but it was different enough. Nice 24 parody and good enough story, but it suffered a bit because everything was about Kiefer's character and, except for some nice Homer moments, the Simpsons were guest stars in their own show.

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    100 votes now, nice!

    It wasn't awful but it was pretty boring and most of the jokes didn't work for me. Sutherland's character had absolutely zero personality and the celebrity parodies became annoying. 2/5

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    I liked a lot about this episode, but it is brought down by typical late Jean-era ridiculousness (by which I mean things that would never happen in real life, such as Homer being held captive under the ice). I mean, there is a lot I'm willing to overlook when it is done right, but it just comes off as awkward more often than not in this era. On the positive side, I liked Wayne and thought he was one of the more interesting recent one-time characters (most of this episode's strength comes from him), and the plot, while not the best, was okay (I think more time should have been spent on the Ukrainians, though). I also liked the flashbacks. 5/10
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    I completely lost it when Homer said there are no Google Earth photos of Springfield because they couldn't find a picture of the town without one containing Homer naked or urinating.

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    Boring episode, the one-time character was pretty another forgettable Jean-era one-time character and the marioity of the jokes werent funny. 2/5

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    Very average, bland and partially episode. I liked the premise of Homer befriending the new power plant security guard Wayne (a former government agent who has PTSD) and attracting the attention of some Ukrainian gangsters who wants revenge, but it wasn't very interesting and the pacing was pretty slow, not to mention pretty much all the jokes fell flat (but I really liked the shoddy Taiwanese CGI recreation of Wayne taking down Snake at Moe's). I also thought it was a bit jarring with the fairly non-humorous violence (such as the Ukrainian Fat Tony's wife getting killed by a stray bullet & the gangster himself getting killed with a sharp piece of ice to the throat) & the Nedna hints were unnecessary (as was the final bit with the North Korean musical).

    So yeah, I didn't find this a great episode at all but not an awful one either as it clearly had it's moments (and I liked Kiefer Sutherlands performance as the otherwise kinda bland and flat Wayne) & could have been pretty good but nope, perhaps not the best season opener.


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    This episode was okay. The first act is a bit slow but besides that the story was okay. However, some scenes were either dragged out or unnecessary such as the Kim Jong Il musical. Wayne was a decent one-off character by modern Simpsons standards. He actually has some implied background and isn't completely forgrettabl and one-dimensional. However, he's probably not going to be very memorable and he still lacked any real personality. The humor was kinda hit or miss, although there were some more hits. The biggest problem with the misses was that they dragged on for way too long or they have not aged very well(Ex.: the YT auto tune joke). Besides that, there were some pretty decent jokes like the parody of Taiwanese news CGI recreations.

    Overall, it's pretty average. I give this a 3/5(B-).

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