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Thread: Rate and Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXI"

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    Rate and Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXI"

    Treehouse of Horror XXI:

    "War and Pieces" - when Marge suggests playing board games instead of violent video games, Bart and Milhouse have to escape a lifesize board game

    "Tweenlight" - Lisa falls for a new student (voiced by Daniel Radcliffe) who happens to be a vampire

    "Master and Cadaver" - in a Dead Calm spoof, Homer and Marge rescue a man at sea (voiced by Hugh Laurie) while on their second honeymoon, but they become convinced that, rather than surviving an attempted poisoning, he's the killer, and Homer and Marge are next on his list

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    The opening was okay. The Office parody would have been a lot more memorable if it had used regular characters rather than random monsters. As is, its just another random parody.

    The opening segment was awful. It was pretty much a bunch of random board game jokes. There wasn't much of a plot. The structure was basically: Introduction, a dozen or so one-off gags, ending. It was just like watching Family Guy. It wouldn't have been bad if the jokes were funny, but they really weren't. I know some people prefer that style, and call me old fashioned, but I prefer the old style of segments where there was an actual plot, as opposed to a segment just being a bunch of random jokes that fit in as many characters as possible. 1/5.

    Second segment wasn't great either. They had the possiblity of making it scary and suspenseful (if they had followed the film closer) but instead went the silly route and Homer randomly killing people isn't all that funny. The ending with Maggie impersonating Alex from Clockwork Orange was the only saving grace. 2/5.

    Third segment was okay. The highlights were Yogi Bear walking by with a rangers head in his picnic basket and Ned Flanders on the table with an apple in his mouth was an awesome sight gag, but it would have been funnier if they had ended there. 2.5/5.

    Overall, not great. The first two segments were bad and the third was just okay. After last year's excellent THOH episode, this was a disappointment. 2/5.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first time they've used the Wilhelm Scream.
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    Not bad. All three segments came and went with a few good laughs each. Tweenlight was a lot better than I expected it to be.

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    Well, it wasn't shit terrible, but it wasn't the best nearly every THoH these days. Unfortunetly, they ran a lot of gags into the ground, like the Edmund saving Lisa from the vehicles over and over and over and....However, it had 2 of the funniest sight gags in a while: Clockwork Maggie and Milhouse the WerePoodle.


    BTW, I hate to sound like an egomaniac, but my Twilight parody was better.

    Well, ya'know if you stay positive and forget about trivial things like "proper characterization," "Satire," and "emotional depth" watching new Simpsons episodes can be a seemingly enjoyable lie.

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    i hated it. the opening was the only thing even somewhat funny. "War and Pieces", like was already said, was nothing more than lame board game jokes. Master and Cadaver was really dumb i thought, the only thing that was even somewhat good was the end with maggie. i was really bored throughout the first two and when "Tweenlight" started I could barely watch anymore. overall i was really bored and can't remember laughing once. one of my least favorite THOHs ever. 1/5

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    Just absolutely awful. I can't stress this enough—they need new writers and staff ASAP. Give the show a decent final few years, please.

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    nobody makes fun of dead calm enough... I'd say an overall 2.5/5

    War and Pieces - 2/5

    Master and Cadaver - 2/5

    Tweenlight - 3/5

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    It was okay. I have a feeling it really won't stand up to much in terms of replay value, as the stories are interesting enough the first time around but just don't have the laughs. I did like how they weren't afraid to go gruesome when it called for it.

    Office Parody opening - Very brief, which means we essentially get some nice relief from the four act structure. A couple of sight gags worth noticing, but nothing memorable here.

    First segment was almost dependent on the pretty colours. Also, I was expecting more of a Jumanji parody. While it's fine that they took it a different direction, it almost made the game they came up with unnecessary as they roll once and then it's all about dealing with the other board games. Hardly any story to speak of from there on in as it's pretty much the writers just putting characters in various board game situation. Also unfortunately another list gag with lame puns. Meh.

    Second segment also had some problems with focus, and that's started to stand out as something that really doesn't sit well with me regarding the show currently. Some okay ideas but ultimately too many twists to handle in one segment. I must mention the ending with Maggie though which the best thing I've seen on the show in a while.

    Third segment I didn't like on principle, and while it wasn't horrible, it suffers from the same problems as earlier in that I struggle to grasp exactly what they're going for. I don't know it was something with the station, but the ending appeared very anti-climactic, especially for a final story. The second story would have been a much more satisfactory close.

    I'll give it a generous C- (3/5).
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    I thought 'Master and Cadaver' was probably the best of the three. But, like so many other Al Jean THOH shows, it just reduces itself to mindless killing jokes. The animation of the killing jokes was kinda nice, though. Otto stole the show in 'Tweenlight'. "Why is there a steering wheel in my bedroom?" was particularly funny.
    All in all, not so great, but I'll give it a generous un-biased 3/5.

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    Intro: I thought it was a funny way to start out the show. The Homer/Bart fight was funny and I liked the Frink and office gags. 4/5

    1st Segment: This is one of my favorite THOH segments. I love how they incorporated many of the board games and I thought their use of them was creative beyond belief. The gags involving all of them were great. There was a plot as well. Bart and Milhouse had to complete the game that they started in order to return everything back to normal. I thought that the plot was a good way to tie together the gags. If there was anything I didn't like, it was the "Lisa to the rescue" climax as we've had many of those before, but that problem is so insignificant that I won't even deduct for it. The ending with hangman was funny also. 5/5

    2nd Segment: Another great segment! I usually love Homer/Marge plots and not only was the story interesting, but the humor was great as well. I didn't predict the twist and the shark not dieing was not taking the easy way out. Homer's cell phone and the ending with Maggie were some of the funniest gags of the night. I am still waiting for someone to use that last shot as their avatar. 5/5

    3rd Segment: Yeah, I didn't like it. I hate Twilight (thought I never read/saw it, I know based on what I heard about it) and this contained everything bad about what I heard from the actual series. Not only that, but the writing was pretty crappy, even for a THOH episode. The plot was all over the place and it seemed to move too fast. I am also glad that it didn't focus on Lisa too much as from what we saw of her, she was pretty annoying. The only things that made me SMILE (key word) were Milhouse turning into a Poodle, the Flanders meal, and Homer turning into a bat at the end and trying to fly. And yes, Jake's version was better. 2/5

    Overall, the first two segments and opening were enough to save the episode. 3.5/5 (rounded to a 4/5)

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    I have decided to get in the habit to review each new episode immeadiately after it airs since this should be my duty as a member.

    The opening introduction was the best part of the episode. The Office parody especially with the opening credits was perfect. But the reference to Glee and So You Think You Can Dance being fast forwarded was unnecessary advertising.

    War and Pieces was quite good. It was a big gag fest that you could really laugh out loud at. There is so much going on that you can't catch your breath. I sepecially thought it was funny that they parody the names of the games which boosts the interest.

    Master and Cadaver was quite dull. I only got laughs at the times where it was suggesting a nudity joke but it was instead a cell phone or a radio. No Bart and Lisa in this one sinks this. The twist at the end and the reference to A Clockwork Orange was the best part. {Speaking of that, they should do a spoof of that in a future Treehouse of Horror episode.}

    Tweenlight was only average. It seemed to have a routine plot. Daniel Radcliffe was not the best for the role in my opinion. The scene with many vampires was to me the best part of this story. It seemed just plain weird for Lisa to want to be bitten and Milhouse turning into a poodle went nowhere.

    Overall, this gets 3/5

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    OT: In twighlight, was Edmund's (or his real character) father dracula?

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    This is my first post on here, so I'm a bit nervous...but here goes.

    I honestly liked this years THOH.

    The introduction was nice with Frink, a good change of pace to use him. The TiVO/DVR joke was good, I thought it was funny. Although I agree with what was previously stated about the Glee and SYTYCD being useless advertising, and that The Office parody would have been more memorable if it had actual characters and not monsters.

    War and Pieces was good for name gags, like with all the board games. And I loved the chutes & ladders thing with Homer, and how badly mouse trap sucks! I've never completed that game. (: All of the boardgame gags were cute, but I felt it could have been more of a Jumanji parody.

    Master and Cadaver I really liked! The cellphone gags got me everytime, haha. This one had a good plot and story going on, I thought, and the twist at the end with Maggie was one of the best parts of the episode!

    Tweenlight was about what I expected, except for Lisa wanted to be bitten. The Otto joke(s) and the cars almost hitting Lisa were probably the funniest, and the Yogi Bear sight gag was great as well. It did move pretty fast, and I was hoping for more with Milhouse as a werepoodle!

    All in all I think it was a good THOH, but not one of the best 4/5. (:

    EDIT: Also, Hank Azaria's Halloween name! (:
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    Quote Originally Posted by biffwestwood View Post
    No Bart and Lisa in this one sinks this.
    I actually like that. They didn't unnecessarily use them (which I don't like) and it was a nice break from them and it gives the feeling of isolation as it's just Homer and Marge, out in the middle of nowhere (not including the ending, of course).

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    The Clockwork Orange parody was one of those rare moments where you think "holy shit, this is The Simpsons". Too bad they're so rare

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    It was good, although a bit lacking on laugh-out-loud moments (or maybe I was still sulking too much over the Chiefs loss to be able to truly enjoy it ). The first segment (not counting the opening, which was good) was the weakest of the three, but I actually liked a couple of the puns (Ravenous, Ravenous Rhinos, for example), but the list was unnecessary. Second segment was my favorite, the boner noise actually being Homer's phone and Homer going apeshit and killing everyone both made me laugh, and the ending was fantastic. Third segment...well, I hate Twilight, but I still enjoyed it. The Flanders meal provided the biggest laugh of the night for me. 13/15
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    Maybe not the worst THOH, but it's definitely down there. The opening seemed pretty routine. One character introduces the show to the audience. It wasn't particularly funny, but it was by no means terrible. However, it should have ended after Frink died. The Office parody was tacky and pointless. There's obviously no satire or message behind it to drive any humor other than it's something to look at and go "I know that show" and ah I get it, The Simpsons have replaced the characters with monsters.
    The first segment was one of those where the plot is kept simple to allow a gagfest. It's basically a showcase for various familiar board games with puns attached. None of the gags were really that funny, and I didn't care for the chutes and ladders thing with Homer. Everything just seemed so lazily written.
    The second segment wasn't bad, but it just barely held my interest. I found everything very predictable and some gags went on longer than they should have like Homer's walk around the boat. I didn't really care for the nipple/radio joke. I miss it when Marge had that warm, innocent, motherly type of character, who at the same time shared a sexual relationship with her husband. It was so subtle and believable back then, and I know that this is just a THOH, but these sex gags and romance is handled in such a raunchy, unnecessarily forced manner. Overall though this tale was pretty average, but the ending to it was good.
    The twighlight segment was better than expected but still pretty average. I didn't mind the multiple incoming vehicle gag, because I find that concept ridiculous to begin with, and the fact that so many random cars/bikes were being stopped, it kind of mirrored that ridiculousness. While there was nothing to laugh at here, there were still a couple of gags I respected. Other than that, it was just another average spoof.
    Overall I'd give this year's THOH a 2/5. Last year's was alot more impressive.

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    It was OK. Generally a few chuckles throughout except for maybe the second one. The twilight one wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be. I didn't like the Office intro.

    The funniest part in the first one was Mouse Trap not working and that was really only mildly funny to me. The Twilight one only made me laugh a little when Milhouse turned into a goofy looking poodle and at the "The Room" reference (though they should have made him say the line to Lisa to make it more accurate).

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    Said I wasn't going to watch it but ended up watching the intro & final 2 acts. Intro was cool, and seeing Milhouse as a poodle was funny, among other things but other then that, nothing too great.


    The reality is that both your post and his should be bannable offenses. Pure ignorance about the show's current-day content is just as offensive as wearing blinders to mediocrity and openly praising everything.
    - Brad Lascelle,
    even if I don't agree on a post like mine in which I did not watch a new episode of OFF and still give it a negative rating should result in banning

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    It was okay. Reeked of underdevelopment though.

    Office parody opening... was alright. Really, really brief and nothing to it, but then again, there wasn't really anything that was supposed to be, so... no real problem there.

    First segment. Ah... No plot. Didn't make any sense. Just a series of random board game gags that were thrown together, and really, board games? Hilarious. I guess. Except, you know, not. Pretty uninspired. It would've been way more cool if the Satan's Path game had sucked Bart and Milhouse into it and left the other ones out of it, and have Bart and Milhouse try to venture to its end through some sort of hellscape using board game cliches. An element of scariness to it, and the board game parody you want. This was... pretty lame.

    Second segment. Definitely a missed opportunity, agree with whoever said it could've used some actual suspense instead of degenerating into a mindless Homer skilling spree. That's not clever and it's not particularly funny. Something more Cape Feare-esque would've been better, but with an added element of mystery to it... and maybe just end it with Homer and Marge killing the guy, and then a reveal that the guy actually was innocent. I mean, that would've been plenty dark. Agreed on the nice bit with Maggie though, that should've been the final shot of the episode. The drinking milk was just the icing on the cake.

    Third segment somehow appeared to be the most developed. Probably because it had the closest thing resembling a plot, and even that was just a rushed parody highlighting events overblown by TV spots. Cute twist with Homer's awful blood killing the vampires at the end, but that was about it. Well, that and Lisa's backing off once she realized there would be extreme consequences to such an impulsive decision for the sake of ~romance~. So the parody went on a better route with that idea... but other than that it was mostly silly jokes that had nothing to do with anything and weren't particularly funny.

    I mean, it was entertaining enough as it was, but with pretty much no rewatch value. Interesting concepts, except for the Twilight parody, but not much execution, delivery, or payoff. Good for a cheap twenty-two minutes... and not really a whole lot else. It won't go down as a classic, or anything like that, but it wasn't completely boring the first time through; it was interesting to see how things would play out initially. But... yeah... that's really about it.

    Of course, part of the problem was the lack of proper atmosphere due to Halloween being a week ago, but that isn't the episode's fault. A really strong one could overcome it, but I don't think you can really fault an average episode for a network's faults.

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    What the fuck was that?

    2/5, and that's only because of the second segment barely, and that it's done a lot worse. Man last years' was pretty damn good, what happened?

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    Quick review:

    As someone who really enjoys board games, I enjoyed the first segment, even if there was no real plot to it. The Twilight spoof wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The second segment seemed to drag a lot and I'm not sure if I really understood the plot. But I think as others mentioned, this one just felt very hollow as a whole... especially after last year's. I'm giving it a C-, or 2.5/5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Jake View Post
    OT: In twighlight, was Edmund's (or his real character) father dracula?
    His father is a vampire, but not Dracula (his name is Carlisle).

    And before y'all start judging, I teach junior high. I know WAY MORE about Twilight than I want to.

    As far as THoH, I thought the slinky crushing the car and Milhouse the were-poodle were the best. Otherwise, meh. 3/5.
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    After last year's very good Halloween episode, this one was a big step down (doesn't help that I watched the rerun of last year's just before this one). First off, the opener had promise at first, having another good old-fashioned gag about the content of tonight's episode, and I liked a number of the visuals of seeing Homer and Bart fighting. Honestly, the whole opening should have been just those two fighting in Tivo fast-motion. Instead however, they dragged in that labored Office parody that just killed the opening.

    The first story was definitely the worst one. It seemed like it was going to be a clever or frightful story about an evil board game making gruesome and devilish things happen, but instead it devolved into an excuse to just cram as many dumb jokes about board games as they could into the episode. I had a bad feeling when they devoted so much time to Bart and Millhouse just naming off the different games. I'm really tired of these niche stories where there's no real plot, but just a lot of dress-up gags regarding the characters or the setting, from the Transformers parody, to the Island of Dr. Hibbert story, to everyone's Halloween costume coming true, they have no substance beyond lame jokes. There was a laugh here or there, like the Mouse Trap game not working, but it just comes in, delivers its punchlines, and ends. A thin story at best.

    The second story wasn't much better. It had a better premise to be certain, but there just wasn't enough urgency, threat, or dread to the situation. This could have been scary or at least tense if they had tried putting more mystery around the cast away. We don't even get a chance to truly be afraid of him or wonder if he really is telling the truth, it all happens so fast. I think it might have been better to have a conflict where Homer thinks he's a murderer, but Marge doesn't and thinks Homer is just jealous. Instead they are seemingly both in agreement with what they have to do, and the whole second half just comes across like a really bad and long epilogue. Heck, they could have even just made it a story about the guilt of what they've done, or even they start doubting whether or not the other will tell anyone about this. It moves too quickly and lightly, robbing any kind of fright from the situation. I have to admit though, Maggie at the end was pretty funny.

    The third segment was definitely the best, but it was still nothing great. I get the sense that the writers really had no idea how to do a Twilight parody, so they just turned the whole thing into a vampire story with just a nod here or there. Maybe they were trying to make it accessible to those who aren't familiar with the stories, and granted, I haven't read the books or seen the movies, but even I would have liked a few more jokes about the needless angst or round-about romance the series is known for. In fact, the story becomes so obsessed with just making fun of vampires in general that by the end it feels like more of a story about Homer and the father. While it's structure needed work, I have to admit it was easily the funniest of the three, with the drive down the vampire block being my favorite gag. Millhouse trying to turn into a werewolf was also pretty funny, and I liked the final scene in the clock tower. Still, with the peculiar use of the parody theme, and an awkward ending, there just wasn't enough to call this great.

    It's a shame, the Grand Pumpkin story from a couple years ago was hilarious, and last year's Treehouse of Horror was great. Then we get this bland, lazy effort this year. This may not be the worst one, but it's down there. 2/5
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    Did somebody say "box kites"? No? Good, because all I have are Halloween Credits...

    Executive Producer I'LL AXE BONES, MAN
    Executive Producer SCARY HAT SELMAN
    Executive Producer NOSFERINKTU
    Co-Executive Producer DJ DEATHLY TOWERS
    Co-Executive Producer J. DISCO STU MR. BURNS
    Co-Executive Producer THE LAST CHAIRBENDER
    Co-Executive Producer BLOODHAMMER ODENKIRK
    Co-Executive Producer I'M HACKIN' UP, HACKIN' UP!
    Co-Executive Producer JOEL COHEN WILL DIE IN 187 SECONDS
    Co-Executive Producer RON "AVATARD" HAUGE
    Co-Executive Producer RAW BLOODSHEDNIK
    Co-Executive Producer RT @MCWarburton #boo!
    Co-Executive Producer BRIAN KILLED ME
    Supervising Producer MACHETE LJA
    Consulting Producer SPINE-TINGLING TIM LONG
    Consulting Producer PLAN OMINE FROM OUTER SPACE
    Consulting Producer DISINTERRED DON PAYNE
    Consulting Producer DAN CRYPT-ELLANETA
    Producer MICE REEK
    Consulting Producer DAVID THRILLER MAN
    Supervising Director MIKE "OBLONG" ANDERSON
    Produced by BONNIE STORY XXI IN 2D

    Executive Producer AL JAZEENA
    Executive Producers JAMES "I'M SCARED IN REAL LIFE" BROOKS;
    "Eh, let's go with yank me area again."
    Special Guest Voice HUGH "STRUCK BY A" LORRY
    Special Guest Voice DANIEL RATFINK
    Animation Producers TOMB KLEIN; ANDREA BONE MARROW
    Animation Post Producer RICK "SNOOKI" POLIZZI
    Film Roman Executive Producer BARON VON FUKUTO
    Executive Story Editor MY BLOODY VALENTINA
    Post Production Co-Producer OL' DIRTY DOMI
    Animation Co-Producer THE 'LOS BOY
    Theme by DAN OF THE DEAD
    Music Disposed of by CLAW-SON'S HASTE MANAGEMENT
    Original Casting by EAT PREY KILL
    (if you can't read the character before the semicolon, that's capital
    O umlaut)
    Assistant Production Coordinator JESSE "MANNYWOOD" MILLER
    Post Production Assistant JOE SLAUGHTERS
    Dialogue Sound Editors BOBBY "THE SCARY MOOK" MACKSTON;
    Rhapsody Ruination by I SHRED CAMELS
    Creative Consultant BAT GROENING
    Executive Creative Consultant JAMES "I'M SCARED IN REAL LIFE" BROOKS

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    wow, harry shearer actually participated in the spooky name this year

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    Oh my... this episode was a disaster.
    I've been forgiving of The Simpsons since the launch of the HD era but this season has been forgettable at best and downright insulting at worst.
    And that's coming from someone who typically enjoys Lisa-centric episodes.

    The best ep has been Loan-A-Lisa and I only gave that a 3/5 as it was still somewhat of a disappointment given the wasted potential of the premise. Enough with the puns already! They're not funny, they're not witty and you should NEVER cook up several extended gag sequences which consist of nothing BUT puns. The classic 'Panaphonic', 'Sorny' and 'Magnetbox' gag from "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" wouldn't even work in this Simpsonsverse. Why? Because EVERYTHING is a knockoff. Including this show.

    Please fire the following writers immediately:
    - Tim Long
    - Joel H. Cohen
    - Kevin Curran
    - Don Payne

    They spend millions of dollars per episode for the voice talent. They could at least invest some money in giving them something worthwhile to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Lascelle View Post
    They spend millions of dollars per episode for the voice talent. They could at least invest some money in giving them something worthwhile to say.
    Maybe this is why they can't afford to keep good writers

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    Zombies Rise from the Sea

    Treehouse of Horror XXI

    First off, if they're using the excuse that "Three Seth McFarlane shows" are on their air then it must be the laziest excuse ever. The first half of the opening is good and I liked Frink making himself older with the remote but The Office parody felt like the opening of The Office but in a Halloween style, the only thing that makes it remotely a parody is the replacing of "The Office" with "The Simpsons" and it's associated creators.

    War & Pieces

    It starts off with Bart and Milhouse playing a violent video game. I liked the reference to using weapons with weapons like that Bart did. Anyways, Marge comes in and she becomes the concerning mother telling her that violent video games cause violence and as always, Bart reinforces the obvious things that makes Marge worry more. (this is further re-enforced by Bart accidentally knocking Milhouse out, though Marge does not learn at all.) Anyways, they take out a game which looks like it's about to start the story, and it's a hell based game...

    Anyways, they roll a two and the board games come to life. I was expecting a parody where they get sucked into this jumangi world but the board games come to life. No worries, it still looks good. But then it devolves into just, characters experiencing various gags. It was just like Family Guy except it felt like gag after gag after gag of humorless laughter, this makes the Family Guy of South Park look good, and that's just a satire of Family Guy. Anyway, after seeing Clancy get killed by a king, Patty & Selma going through dream dates (in which is the most horrible Kang and Kuddos cameo ever) and Homer sliding down Chutes and Ladders while obviously stating the joke because the audience consists of deadbeats who aren't smart.

    We finally get Lisa telling them what they should do, finish the game. And they do it within the span of a few minutes, all while going through a battleboat reference and the temporary death of Milhouse (a reference to Titanic, though other people will not notice it as much and that makes us smart somehow?), which featured an obvious scrabble reference (I don't get why they can't use the names of the actual board games since they've been reference before.) Also forgot to mention the lame list gag in the beginning, man those list gags are lame. We finally get to the part where Bart makes everything better, it looks like it's going to be epic but it goes downhill from here. We see the "death" of Rodd & Todd in cliched fashion and Bart just kills the cards in a very Family Guy like way, then we get to the Mouse Trap like game, which feels like a time waster to me. Finally, everything is back to normal and they go to play Hangman which just felt alright. It felt disappointing to me, the first segment and I wanted to like it but I just couldn't, this segment was totally lazy, it could of been epic and full of laughs but as always, the writers mucked it up and just failed to live up to expectations, especially mine.


    Master and Cavadar

    This one had a promising start but then there's another gag with Homer coming out of a shark and trying to snuggle with his wife. Future reference, there are some running gags such as a cellphone ringtone being a whistle and it plays when something sexual is about to happen. It's a very lame running gag and one that plays on the obvious (especially since you've seen it before.)

    Anyways, their constant attempts to snuggle are always distracted by something, but more importantly it's distracted by Hugh Laurie, who Homer carries up with a hook. The hook gag was meh but Hugh Lauries voice acting during this scene makes it alright. The gag times continue with a walking gag straight outta Family Guy and even more overt sexual refrences such as a radio gag being blocked by the sunglasses, how original! The puns are lame and the plot feels very disjointed. The arguing felt lame if only for some cheap laughter.

    Anyways, after they kill Hugh Laurie. They head over to the ship and discover that Hugh Laurie is not a killer and that the people haven't really been poisoned... Homer just goes into an unfunny killing spree and that's where the story gets good. Marge poisons herself because she cannot live with the truth and it just creates this emotional moment that's rare in The Simpsons, then it cuts back to show that the whole thing was just in Maggie's mind, a nice reference to A Clockwork Orange. The ending however is totally Family Guy. The second act is good if not only for the ending scenes, the rest of it was just full of gags and dull humor, I feel like they can do better with this.



    This is the Twilight parody they've been talking so much about and as expected, it sucked. We get a walking gag that just goes on for so long, and it's not even Twilight specific. We finally get to the main story where everybody is smitten by a guy who just looks awful, I don't see how any girl could be smitten over him, not unless they were forced to by a guy who's poisoned all of the actors and are offering them the antidote if they act the part. Then comes the first gag, where Edmund stops a bus using his hands. As always Otto steals the show but then I got to see the rest of the gag, multiple cars coming at him, he stops them using his hands, now that's a parody of twilight! and by parody I mean do it over and over again until it's considered funny. Then Lisa finds out she's a vampire and they jump to the scene where they jump like bats and where Milhouse turns into a poodle in one of the most unappealing scenes ever.

    Then they jump to the dinner table scene. Homer is being so obviously racist (he even says that it's racist.) listing things that vampires don't do. It's not the fact that it's racist, it's the fact that they treat us like dumb and themselves as smart. You don't need to explain everything Simpsons writers, we get it! And then we get to meet Dracula, who seems like a lamer version of Patch's Dracula from the script "Suck!" (which I recommend you read). Anyways, here comes the only parody that involves Parent issues, though it's done in a very obvious and unfunny way. Ned Flanders as the meal is predictable (to both causes) and Homer with his stupid questions is monotous and then it goes to a Family Guy like gag where Dracula plays the violin or the saxophone and everybody dances along. Lisa's life is still horrible as hell and Marge does not care whether Lisa gets kidnapped or lost or worse (when she gets "kidnapped" by Edmund) If child services were there, they would take Lisa away and Marge would never get her back, not unless the writers come up with a confusing ending that resolves everything while not making sense. And what's worse is that Marge is suddenly there, like magic.

    The gag with the red lights becoming green at night isn't entirely realistic and isn't entirely funny. It would of been funny if they suddenly had to stop at a red light at night but the joke is that Vampires drive at night because all the lights turn green... Funny... Anyway, we finally get to Draculalalalala-land and they experience the count, who gets satired the same way in Family Guy. No seriously, the show who sent letters to South Park for doing "the work of god" is ripping off Family Guy... Which has done it before 1 or 2 times before, WTF Al Jean, WTF! Anyways, when Homer rides Dracula, it felt boring and felt like it was playing on his heavy weight. When he finally gets up to the top, Lisa and Edmund are already smitten with each other and Homer just have to save them and then Dracula agrees after Lisa and lets Edmund bite her. However, her reason for not being bitten is entirely stupid, I mean surely she can use regular scissors, it just seams so illogical for Lisa to care about those things, I mean can't she save issues in the future if the timeline ever stopped floating? (and yes, I get the obvious meta joke/reference) Anyways Homer realizes that a father should care for their kid and so he lets the vampires suck them. This was the only good Homer gag in the episode, really old school. Anyways, Homer becomes a vampire and he turns into this fat bat and gets eaten by the poodle, really a weak way to end an episode. Some additional things, Bart having his stomach stick out didn't stick for me and what's with the meta jokes. Meta humor is dead people! Stop beating the dead horse. Anyway, despite a good lesson at the end, this is a horrible Twilight parody. They just included this so they could parody what's recent in Hollywood while still trying to seem smart. One fact is this, Suck! is way better then this.


    In closing. This is the laziest THOH episode ever, it didn't make me laugh, it didn't make me scarred, it didn't even feel scary. This felt like generic, stale, made for the masses Simpsons with no regards for us fans. XX before this was better then this, why weren't they able to top it? The world may never know.

    3.0/10 (average)
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    The following were the funniest parts:

    - Maggie as Alex

    Did I miss anything?

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