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Thread: R/R South Park Episode 501: "It Hits the Fan"

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    R/R South Park Episode 501: "It Hits the Fan"

    I noticed the archives only go back to Season 6 (and some of those older threads have been archived where we can't post in them anymore), so I thought I'd go back and start filling in the gaps

    A rather notorious episode due to the fact that the word "shit" is uttered 162 times, but the episode works. The whole plot of the curse knights is a bit strange, but it ends up making sense in the end. The network execs are funny, and the hooplah surrounding all the ways they say "shit" on Cop Drama is the type of satire the show does well

    Unfortunately, I watched this episode two months ago, and still have "Hey, there, shitty shitty fag fag" stuck in my head

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    A pretty fun episode with an interesting gimmick. It loses a bit of humor in the second half but the first half is all a lot of fun, blunt satire handled in the way only South Park does it. It's pretty cool seeing how up in arms everyone is about someone saying a curse word on TV, and the grammatical debate in class is a lot of fun too.

    4/5 B+
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    It's nice and funny.

    Quote Originally Posted by Animal View Post
    but then again they could say the plot was about lisa taking a shit on skinner's face and i'd probably hold out some hope for it

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