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Thread: Rate/Review Family Guy: "Peter's Progress"

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    Rate/Review Family Guy: "Peter's Progress"

    Season finale!
    Lucky there's a Family Guy...
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    Wow The Season Finale, I can't believe no one has posted a review on this. The few minutes I did see were not very good, Peter and his daughter in bed, Nerds rip/homage with electricity in what ever time (1700's, 1800's) they were supposed to be in and then Peter's shot gun divorce. Oh yeah & Brian cursing.....
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    This episode was f***ing terrible! They should've ended the season with "3 Kings".

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    Usual nonsensical FG awful lot of "we've gotta explain the joke to you ourselves" parts too, but even though it's a hate on Meg scene...which are pretty overdone... the "divorce" was a good quick laugh for me.

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    Pretty blah, like a Simpsons trilogy ep except stretched out. I did quite like the Fox promo running gag, although the first one was the best ("Shoving Buddies," "Yeah, they're messin' around but everyone knows they're still buddies"). I also really enjoyed the comment that Stewie looks really weird in profile. Does anyone have a picture of that? Now that they've mentioned it, I'm very curious as to what that looks like.

    Everything else was pretty lame though. The story was boring and barely even made sense (why was Stewie interested in Lois early on but apparently gay later?). The gags were mostly uninteresting and forgettable. In its favor, there were hardly any cutaways, which is good because the first one with the message machine was more than enough for me. Meh.
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    the whole thing was a cutaway in a sense though wasn't it?

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    I hate myself for laughing at the Fox promos gag, but it was a funny joke! Otherwise, it was a crappy finale to a crappy season. If someone says Family Guy is better than the Simpsons laugh and say, "What, like the Family Guy Season 7 was better than the Simpsons Season 7?" Seriously, the simpsons started losing steam during the 10-11 season and that is even better than this! I said it about Shrek and i'll say it about Family Guy, the secret to success is knowing when to stop.

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    Heh since everybody talking about the promo joke, i'll say my two cent saying that it has been done before, it would have been unoriginal if they had kept it to just the 24 ones but making fictional show made it better

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    better than most of this season's episodes, liked the pomo jokes and the Blazing saddles reference, but the rest kind of fell flat
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    The incest stuff was kind of uncomfortable.

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    I have this feeling that was the whole reason for this episodes' existence.

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    no poll? I thought it was a decent episode, but not season finale worthy. The plot was good and there were some decent gags, but pretty much just another average episode. 3/5
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    Wheres the Poll? I wanna Poll!

    I give this a 3/5
    Actually better than I thought it would be, which aint saying much.

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    'Slowly Rotating Black Man" got a HUGE laugh out of me.

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    I agree that last week's episode should have been the season finale, but this was pretty good, too. I think Family Guy does these type of episodes right by not taking them seriously at all. This was pretty funny overall, funnier than both the night's Simpsons episode (by far) and American Dad.

    The promo joke was overdone, but still had some great moments, like Lois asking if its a real show, followed by Brian grudgingly explaining it... because if they hadn't done that themselves, that exact exchange would have happened between many of the show's viewers and someone who doesn't really watch the show often or "get" it's humor.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ZQFMGB View Post
    'Slowly Rotating Black Man" got a HUGE laugh out of me.
    Me too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiyosuki View Post
    I have this feeling that was the whole reason for this episodes' existence.
    If thats the case, they did a darn good job than
    Cuz I agree those Lois/Stewie stuff and Meg/Peter was just so wrong on so many levels LOL.
    Um other than that I did enjoy the Revenge of the nerds refernce along with Stewie's quote after that, twas funny. It wasn't the best of the season that's for sure, that title for me any ways goes to that Road to Road episode, I just love Stewie/Brian episodes there funny together and have great adventures.

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    There was some funny moments such as the fortune teller cousins pronounciation of "Quahog", Stewie as the King and Peter's role as the town founder.

    Some bits were vile such as Peter and Meg being married, and Meg being shot dead - I mean please - the hate of Meg is getting beyond a joke and it's the second episode in a row she has been dead. I also found Stewie and Lois being married very cringeworthy and Carter demanding to touch Lois' breasts very sickening. Do we need these incestous lines? Another thing is how Joe lost his legs again - He's disabled get over it! The bit with the fake promos was so tiresome. Do they even care?

    A very disappointing finale and if this is a sign of things to come, I can see this being the last ever series coming up.
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