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Thread: Rate & Review KOTH "Uh-Oh Canada"

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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Aug 2001

    Rate & Review KOTH "Uh-Oh Canada"

    Review it here!

    As a Canadian, should I be offended by this episode? Objectively, I thought they painted an oddly cruel depiction of Canadians, while still adopting a bunch of tired stereotypes (Proots, eh, chesterfield, metric system, syrup, Coffee Crisp...which was round and flat for some reason, etc). Guelph was an odd choice of location. People from Guelph aren't specifically French or have accents like the couple who moved in. I just thought it was a weird depiction, and they didn't really deal with the issue of tolerance nearly as effectively as when Kahn moved in during season 1. The ending, where the Canadian guy isn't even grateful was also a bit malicious. Was this all for the sake of making a point about Americans acting like good and grateful neighbors, despite their greatness? I'm... a bit confused. And as a Canadian, I will say that backyard bar setup looked extremely appealing.

    Funny how we talked about Boomhauer's first name a bunch last week and debated whether "Jeff" was actually said on the show itself. Well, now it has.

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    Ironic that Canadian get to see it first right?

    While I'm sure they are way more offensive despiction of Canadian on television, being from Quebec I rolled my eyes hearing the girl who name and accent are way too France-French and when she ask him to make love to him the sentence is oblivously one written and spoke by one that never spoke french as the sentence all wrong (and her accent like a french trying to sound like a quebecer)

    And huh...yea...there is no aluminum mine

    Its pretty much the standard "Petty neighboor war" episode, for some reason it don't quite work for me, they both sound more dickish than anything

    The ending pretty bad


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    Pin Pal |Mr.Sparkle|'s Avatar
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    Feb 2008

    ehh it was an ok episode, I don't watch King of the Hill every week, but for some reason I choose to tonight. Anyways this episode wasn't that great, but it was enjoyable. 3/5

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    canadian. likes the hockeys arii's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Cowtown, Canada

    Yeah, I was kind of weirded out by the depictions of the Canadians as well, but I chalked at least a small part of that up to the fact that they chose a place in Ontario whereas I'm from the Canadian Texas. Like I barely know anyone here that measures their height with the metric system. And I haven't been further east than Toronto, but I've always figured it's more the Newfies that have a distinguishable accent.

    I think my opinion of this one was hurt because of the fact that they did use Canada and I felt a solid portion of what they did was completely inaccurate, but trying to play itself off as accurate, unlike what The Simpsons does when they parody a foreign nation. I mean, isn't it a common Canadian stereotype that we're all, like... such overly nice and thankful, grateful people that not having the guy at the end being thankful felt weird when placed alongside all of the other stereotypes they did. I mean, maybe if they were more portrayed as a separate Canadian family not representative of so many stereotypes (I mean, there was also all of that nitpicking and I'm not sure what to make of that) and made it a little clearer that it wasn't like they were saying all Canadians are basically like that or... I don't even know, man.

    That and it was kind of a generic formula that didn't really introduce anything new in the show. Got a few laughs out of it but mostly was just weirded out.

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    *RIP Marcia Wallace* TriforceBun's Avatar
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    Sep 2004

    Weird episode. I liked seeing Hank's new bar, and his camaraderie with his neighbors and buddies, but like Tomacco said, Westie Side Story handled this theme much better in season one. Boomhauer's subplot kinda went nowhere, although I enjoyed the beard and finally hearing his first name. The story itself was fairly interesting, but it seemed a little too unfair to the Canadians--not that I think the show should go soft on things like this, but it was just sort of a pointless conflict. Again, Westie Side Story did the same type of thing with a much funnier point and purpose.

    Not a bad episode, but I was hoping for more Boomhauer and less territorial conflict.

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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    Sep 2005

    It was important that we use an episode from the final season to clarify how Hank & Co. feel about Canada. I give this one a 5/5!

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    Come back, Zinc!! Sniper Squirrel's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    The Jerk Store

    so glad this wasn't the final episode
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    Amusingly enough in Quebec, Hank is clearly set as living in our province, so I can't wait to see that episode dub

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    Hired Goon box elder's Avatar
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    Nov 2005

    wait what? how in hell could this show make any sense making hank not an american (and specifically a texan)?

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    King of the Rock Bottom The Sovereign's Avatar
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    Aug 2005
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    eh, 3/5

    Hank and the Canadian guy DEFINITELY seemed to be too dickish to each other, and did anyone else think it was REALLY out of character for Hank to risk his mower in that lawn mower battle? (granted he was trying to save his lawn which probably has priority)

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    Quote Originally Posted by box elder View Post
    wait what? how in hell could this show make any sense making hank not an american (and specifically a texan)?
    Well its hard to make the list of all the change, but all their names are changed to make them sound from Quebec (his name Henry), thought due a very long hiatus it was hard for me to catch up with every episode so I can't tell you

    but sometime they ignore stuff like why anyone here would feel emotional attachement over Antonio López de Santa Anna's wooden leg

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    Pin Pal Nico32's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Rochester, New York

    I thought it was pretty funny and I always like the neighbor episodes a lot. The gags were pretty good enough they were hard on Canadians. Overall I thought it was entertaining so I gave it a high 3/5 up to a 4/5.
    Thanks for the awesome times King of the Hill!

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    That really was a pretty badass sounding motto.

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    where is everyone Cole's Avatar
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    Nov 2001
    huntsville, al

    this felt like the reverse of new cowboy on the block, only less believable. there were some funny moments (mostly involving boomhauer or hank's bar), but there were also some cringe worthy moments involving the lawnmower and the canadian dad. he was just too much of a dick.

    boomhauer's beard growth was a clever way of showing the passing of time. that's probably the only thing i'll remember about this episode.

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    the scrivener kuumuus's Avatar
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    Aug 2003
    kent, wa (near seattle)

    the canadian depictions were sort of jarring but i fucking loved this episode. the guys banding together for america, drinking beers, riding lawnmowers. that's what koth is all about, sons

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    So.. Chinese or Japanese? Swartzweldian's Avatar
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    Jul 2007

    Not the best of the season, not the worst. More laughs than last week though.
    Overall bland and boring, but interesting enough to keep me watching for 20 minutes.

    Hank was pretty mean towards the end (blasting the radio, not wanting to bail the guy out initially..) Then you had the Canadian being an over the top jackass for no apparent reason. At least when Kahn was first introduced you could tell him an Hank got off on the wrong foot and they both had valid reasons for being mad at each other.


    As far as Hank being depicted as a Canadian in Quebec.. I think thats hilarious.. I have no idea how they're going to dub this over there!

    What's funny is that Canadians and Texans / country folk tend to have a lot in common - being that Canada is so sparsely populated. Lots of rednecks there too!
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    Well you should have seen the episode where they go to Louisianna

    Nah one I really should see Dub would be the one with George W. Bush

    and oh well St-Irene (the name of the city in dub) is probably the only place in the world with a female catholic priest
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