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Thread: Rate/Review South Park "Margaritaville"

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    Rate/Review South Park "Margaritaville"

    New SP tonight! Randy's solving the financial crisis, here's hoping they continue their good streak!

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    Two and a Half Men is no more an "adult show" than "Rocket Power."

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    so he was economic jesus

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    HAHAHA! That episode was great!

    Better than "The Coon" IMO. Just, the entire episode was clever, from beginning to end. Cartman was great in the episode, as was Kyle, and even Randy at times. The 'Margaritaville' aspect of the episode was freaking hilarious, the most I've laughed at the season so far has been the chicken joke. "Bailout!"

    The whole 'meme' thing homer5000 was talking about in the main thread kinda came to me in this ep. The 'yeah, no, yeah' thing struck me like that.

    The Jesus comparison was fantastic and well-written as well. Cartman being the one who denys Kyle was great. Although I don't like current events episodes, this episode had much more originality than I expected in it. Only thing was that the first act was kinda unfunny IMO. And the ending was awesome.

    But other than that, heck, 5/5.

    (oh, btw, Important Things with Demetri Martin was fantastic as well, for those who watch that show).

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    (When is Important Things not fantastic?)

    Hahaha, this one was great. I was expecting it to suck, since current events/Randy episodes have a habit of sucking. But this was hilarious, both plots and both endings. It did start off a little slow but really picked up when Kyle came into the picture.

    I think I laughed the hardest at the chicken joke, for sure - that was hysterical. (Also, were the economists' designs based on anyone? 'cause I thought one of them kind of looked like Orszag.) I loved Stan running around all over the place (which in itself is hilarious that he was willing to go through all that and spend more money than the Margaritaville was worth) and his reactions to everyone about how absolutely none of this made no sense and it was so much more convulted than it should have been.

    And they were right-on with the message as well, whcih was great to see. Really, the economy/Christianity parallels were all freaking fantastic, what with Kyle being a Jew and Cartman (although I felt that Last Supper setting was laying it on a little too heavily there, but fuck it, still funny), and Maxi dismissing it as retarded. Really great stuff.

    ... It ended on such a high, strong and really hilarious note and I really did love it. Lots.

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    Consdering I had such low hopes for the episode, this is probably the biggest out-performance of my expectations South Park has ever delivered. Bravo.

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    So stupid I could barely pay attention to it

    Quote Originally Posted by nate View Post
    hahaha sometimes i really love you elena. you are a magnificent hater

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    where is everyone Cole's Avatar
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    haha, i actually liked it. by some coincidence (or miracle), i watched the last temptation of christ last night. following something so serious i really liked this parody.

    the first scene was hysterical.

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    Pretty funny, and way better than I thought it was going to be, but it wasn't a total winner. I laughed pretty hard at the final scenes, especially the bailout chicken chart and the savior being Obama in the eyes of the media.

    And Randy wasn't at all over-the-top. Just goes to show that South Park actually might not be in that decline everyone was fearing. 4/5...

    EDIT: I also have the feeling Nintendo is already sending Matt and Trey two copies of GTA 4...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cole View Post
    the first scene was hysterical.
    agreed. first thing ive laughed at this season

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    Really weird episode that sorta felt like "Over Logging". That's an episode I totally trashed in spite of it being received decently by others. I'm actually feeling similar here, as while parts of the episode were clever, I never really got into it.

    Cartman and Randy were both pretty funny, and the chicken bit with "The Chart" was no doubt the biggest laugh of the episode. The other big laugh was the Channel 9 news icon covering up Butters' face, but it was light otherwise. As for the Kyle story? Like I said, while it was clever and not overly preachy, it felt...really, really weird. Stan's plot, though to ultimately make a point, dragged at times. Kyle paying off everybody's debts was kind of a lukewarm resolution, although it made for a funny ending.

    I'm hesitant to say I disliked this episode. I just found it quite bizarre.
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    4/5, really good episode

    this by far was the highlight:

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    the original Sex Pistol
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    Really good, many good jokes and a really good story. "aaaand it's gone." B+/A- or 5/5.

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    it was good, and definitely one of the best this season for me, still it could be better


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    Funny, clever episode.


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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    A garden fresh headline story with plenty of style! I liked it! 4/5

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    A really boring episode. I didn't care about Stan's plot at all. The "aaand its gone" "imposibleh" and "yeah, no, yeah" guys really pissed me off. The Kyle/Jesus parody was interesting, but apart from Father Maxi, it wasn't funny.


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    Hah, very clever and well thought-out, although a couple moments were a little dry. Stan going through tons of governmental red tape had a good point but was largely light on laughs until the creative headless chicken ending. Randy and Kyle's biblical story was all-around well-done, and very end of the show was the biggest laugh I've gotten out of the season so far. Also liked "may he huck the first squirrel."

    A clever look at a current issue tackled in only the way South Park can. One of their better current event episodes for sure. B+ 4/5
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    Clever, inspired, and very well thought out. The show simply isn't as funny on a primal level as it used to be, but it's still capable of brilliant satire. The first truly great episode of the season.

    4.5/5, rounded up.

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    Yeah, no see [insert rest of sentence], yeah no...
    3.5 / 5.

    Worst of the Season so far, imo. The Jesus Parody was pretty clever, some of the jokes were clever, but this episode didn't do the same for me as the previous 2. They are still at a pretty stable beginning though. Every episode surpassed most of Season 12.

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    6 out of 5 if I could.
    Great episode!!!! 100% nailed the economic crisis the way only Matt & Trey can.
    May not have had the most laughs but they boiled down all the reasons why we are in such a slump now, banks, securitization, people not spending prolonging & making the crisis worse and then having the children end up paying for it all.
    Also the way the govt figured out what they would do by killing a chicken like voodoo priests. Rates Up there with Hate Crimes as social satire.
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    Thundercougerfalconbird Dave Shutton's Avatar
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    Eh...i found it kinda boring
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    I liked pretty much every scene Randy wasn't in.
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    For me, it was one of those episodes where you can appreciate the cleverness but is a bit too light on the humour. I can appreciate the parallels it drew and Cartman as Judas was a no-brainer but also predictable as his anti-Semitism (and his racism in general) has kind of been done to death to the point. It's probably just me, but I feel it's lost its impact in terms of humour and adding edginess/controversy to his character in general. Randy's become a pretty hit-and-miss character for me too so in the end I wasn't too fond of the episode, even though I didn't it was a bad one. 3/5
    A little less Generic than before.

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    5/5 Really cleverly done. You have no about economics to fully get this one. I'm glad it won the Emmy because it deserved it. The Jesus and Judas parody was done well. Cartman was funny, as usual.
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