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Thread: Rate/Review American Dad: Family Affair

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    Rate/Review American Dad: Family Affair

    at least i tried to get this poll right after the horrifying family guy thread i posted.

    Roger has been making excuses about prior commitments, prompting the Smiths to realize that he has been "cheating" on them with other families. The Smiths take action to teach Roger a lesson about monogamy until Roger discovers for himself why he isn't a one-family kind of guy.

    R&R here!

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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    It was a good outing. They know that Rodger is their strongest card and they played it.
    Just like Homer & Bender, the character with the most vices will be the most liked. 4/5

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    It was typically mindless but it was still proof to me that AD is way better than FG now.

    Not much to say, but Roger-centric episodes are usually pretty amusing.

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    Almost a perfect episode until that God-awful Koala thing at the end.

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    Their best outing with Roger so far was "The One That Got Away". Too bad they didn't go that far in this episode, despite the plausible premise.

    With Roger going with nine families at once, you'd think at some point, he'd burn himself out on day-to-day role playing.


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    Quote Originally Posted by WeaselStomper View Post

    Almost a perfect episode until that God-awful Koala thing at the end.

    i loved the Koala but not his back story

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