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Thread: Rate/Review Family Guy: Ocean's Three and a Half

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    Rate/Review Family Guy: Ocean's Three and a Half

    Joe's wife Bonnie finally gives birth to her baby, a girl named Susie. However, Joe is unable to pay the $20,000 dollars he needs for her medical bills, so he, Peter, Quagmire, and Cleveland intend to steal from Carter. Meanwhile, Stewie falls in love with Susie.

    R&R here.

    my review:
    not a bad main plot, however, it could have been resolved much better. one of the worst and most pointless subplots in recent years. not a lotta good jokes tonight either, most fell flat or went on too long. christian bale gag and stewie's video come to mind. come to think of it, its still pretty cool they got that done that quick although it went too long and was largely unfunny.

    finally, bonnie's given birth. the joke that hartman played got me thinking: what if bonnie's daughter actually died, and the family guy writers actually handled it well? that would prove interesting for the show...i don't think they could pull it off though.

    edit: sorry, first poll i've done. for those who don't know, last season is #1, patriot games #2, most of season 1 #3, meet the quagmires #4, and brian wallows and peter's swallows #5. sorry about the mess up.

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    Oye! I give your 1st poll a "B-"

    which is better than what I give this episode 3/5
    Boring! Stewie and the dog always brighten my day but even they were ripe with the bore making they were! Yowza!
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    hate to admit laughing at this show but "you punch your mother with that mouth?" made me lol
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    One of the worst episodes ever. THREE jokes that went on way too long (Brian naming all the songs, Christian Bale - good lord, excruciatingly long, and Stewie's music video). The A and B stories were handled and developed so badly, they hardly could be recognized as stories. No jokes stood out to me either. Yuck.

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    Was there even a story? every time i looked up it was one long continuous unfunny joke...

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    A few parts into the ep I thought were pretty funny by Family Guy standards. "How do do you live?" Heh. It was off to a good start.

    But then it took a nosedive and reminded me why I barely watch this show. Jesus Christ, a spoof of the ENTIRE Christian Bale thing, and right after that...the whole damn song. The whole Two jokes that went on for longer than 2...maybe 3 minutes back to back. I don't care what their intention was that's just too much.

    What gets me is that obviously the thing with Christian Bale was put in at the last minute. Just a tape recording machine that probably took a night to animate. When you think about how they put the whole recording in...despite how recent the incident makes you wonder how much of an episode was there to begin with. Since these episodes take some time to make before it airs and so on...they couldn't have put that in more than a week ago. So they either just took a bunch of stuff out just for that, or patched it together with half an episode. I dunno.
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    It's been three months since the last Family Guy episode. They can't possibly be working hard on the newest installments anymore than scrambling for new ideas. All we had here were several extended gags, mostly in Act III, which strung together a very weak story.

    To me, having Bonnie give birth was a poor idea if it didn't involve furthering the Swanson family, whom are hardly explored outside Joe's obligatory appearances with Peter, Quag, and Cleveland. Kevin was nowhere to be seen, as he practically vanished after Season 3, and you notice that once the baby was born, they never finished either story involving the baby's addition?

    Just a total waste.


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    Hahah, I thought the Christian Bale thing was pretty clever. The rest was a bit "meh".

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    I heard the Christian Bale clip on a radio station the other day on my way to work. It was pretty funny as an isolated sound clip, actually. But in the context of the episode, as 2+ minutes of watching a tape deck play, it felt pretty underwhelming. I know the show wants to be as current as South Park, but this is a visual medium and if they didn't have some fun visuals ready for the gag, they should've just saved it for a later episode.

    That's actually something that I've always found problematic with Family Guy (particularly its long gags)--everything is shot the same way. A stationary side-view of two people standing still and having a long conversation. For long "conversation"-type gags, the view NEVER changes. It never goes from one guy back to the first (especially for a "blank stare" type of reaction gag, which a lot of these jokes could easily use), it never even considers anything remotely interesting, like an overhead shot or a dramatic closeup. Don't even think about alternate viewpoints or lenses, like a fish-eye view or something through a peephole. If that Bale scene was fully animated, it'd still be a single, stationary viewpoint with two characters that barely move. Does this show even HAVE directors?

    That tangent aside, the episode was pretty poor. The cripple jokes are stupid and forced. 2/5

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    hated "let's put on your penis"...forgot to mention that. what a horrible gag.

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    Remember when Joe was introduced in season 1 and he was courageous, thoughtful, honest, law-abiding, supposedly sexually active, and most of all - self-sufficient (incredibly so, for a disabled person)? Uhh.... yeah, is this the same character?

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    the writers have screwed up their characters so bad it's not even funny.

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    I'll just sum this episode up quickly:

    Robbing Carter - Good
    Stewie's entire plot - Shit, but I did enjoy the music video
    Zune gag - Funny and true
    Bale rant - Funny but too long (Not to mention the gag loses even more of whatever luster it had due to the censors)
    How is Seamus alive? - Brilliant
    Diaper change - Disturbing
    Quagmire breaking the alarm with his penis - Probably my favorite joke in the episode
    Safety Dance - Niiiiiiiiiiice!
    Cleveland using Reese Witherspoon's chin - WTF?
    Cleveland doing Peter and Carter's voices - Funny and unexpected
    Keith - Huh?
    Two and a half men gag - Good
    The birth - Meh
    Megatron - Meh
    Droopy - Funny
    Loving Bryan Adam's - Really gay way for Stewie's plot to end
    Divorce lawyer - Really uncomfortable end to the episode
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    I liked it 4/5 from me

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    Quote Originally Posted by thardin View Post
    finally, bonnie's given birth. the joke that hartman played got me thinking: what if bonnie's daughter actually died, and the family guy writers actually handled it well? that would prove interesting for the show...i don't think they could pull it off though.
    Actually, I'm starting to feel like dead babies and miscarriages are, ahhhh...Becoming a cliche' of their own. I don't know, maybe I've just been in all the weirdest places, but if I see another "OMG WE HAD A PREGNANCY BUT SOMETHING BAD HAPPENED" (latest one: Battlestar Galactica) plot twist I'm going bored to death. Yes, we get it. You wanted to explore the idea of parenthood without having to actually have a child character. You're so dark and edgy.

    Anyway, my feelings on this episode are roughly how I feel about most Family Guy episodes these days. 2/5
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    Very ordinary to say the least; had its moments but got bogged down with the obligatory "Let's drag this out as long as we can because it'll be hilarious" jokes falling flat and neither story really going anywhere. With episodes like this, Seth and co really shouldn't make fun of other shows and celebrities (though to their credit they avoided it for the most part in this one). 2/5
    A little less Generic than before.

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    I loved the ostrich. I hope he gets his own spinoff.
    Zune gag
    Stewie writing the song (You got your D chord right here...)
    "I just stuck it in there and broke it"
    Christian Bale (went on a little long though)
    "How the hell are you alive?"
    Safety dance
    Stewie's music video (well animated but did we really have to listen to an entire Bryan Adams song?)
    Cripple jokes
    Why the hell is Joe bussing tables at the Clam? Cops don't get paid that badly..
    Cleveland cutting the vault with Reese Witherspoon's chin? Really?
    No plot resolution at all
    So Stewie's straight now? Or he has a crush on Bryan Adams? His whole subplot went nowhere
    Is Kevin dead or something? I always thought he was going to be a love interest for Meg.

    Bottom Line: 3/5. Okay, not great.
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    not really a great episode and one of my least favourite of the season. Story is forgettable, that wouldn't be so bad, but also the gags not always work and some fell forced and not funny.


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    A terrible episode. Pointless gags, horrible jokes, and over the top lengthy acts. The Christian Bale thing drew the line for me. It was easy right there to tell that FG was reduced to crap. They rely on nothing but "random" cutaways and dry gags to force laughter. Unfortuantely these cutaways and gags have just been horrible these days. The series started to slowly decline ever since it came back to air, and right now its at the worst its ever been.


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