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Thread: Rate & Review: Double, Double, Boy in Trouble (KABF14)

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    Rate & Review: Double, Double, Boy in Trouble (KABF14)

    Third episode of the S20, let's see how this delivers...

    Written by Bill Odenkirk

    "When Lenny wins the lottery and invites the Simpson family to a celebratory party at a posh hotel, Bart meets his doppelganger, Simon Woosterfield, who happens to be a member of the richest family in Springfield. Simon and Bart decide to switch places, and Bart arrives at the lavish Woosterfield mansion only to find football great Joe Montana hanging around the estate. As Simon adjusts to the simple life over at the Simpson household, Bart begins to notice his wealthy new siblings acting strangely toward him. With some frightening words of wisdom from Mr. Burns, Bart realizes his new siblings are plotting his demise so they can inherit the Woosterfield family fortune all for themselves. Lisa and Simon must reach Bart before he goes from riches to ditches."

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    A horrible episode.


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    Great couch gag, they are one of the only areas of the show that are consistantly good.

    First act
    It's Apu again. After not appearing for a while, it's good to see him in a few episodes.
    "Dennis level menace", nice line.
    I loved the bit with how Bart became a menace, having the music with "Aye carumba" was great.
    Having Lenny repeat "thank you for being a friend" got tiring very quickly.
    Great scene with the robotic vacuums. Loved the death of Moleman... And the line "malevolent sentience"
    Wait, so Bart marries a female version of Milhouse? Here come the idiots who are going to say Milhouse had a sex change operation and married Bart

    Overall, a decent act with some great moments. The scene where Marge drank alcohol while pregnant was the first time I've laughed out loud at the show this season. 3/5.

    Second act
    Bart saying things with "Mc" in it wasn't funny to begin with, then it got run into the ground.
    "Awesome, awesome, awesome. Meh."
    Joe Montana's appearance was okay, nothing great. At least it was brief.
    I thought Burns was supposed to be the richest man in town...
    Nice to see some good ol' fashioned Burns being mean to Smithers.

    Anyway, a pretty forgettable act. Some nice plot progression and showing how Simon and Bart adapt, but not a lot in the way of jokes. 2.5/5.

    Third act
    Marge's scrubbing song also went on too long. A lot of filler in this episode.
    Kind of a rushed conclusion, but I guess it worked.
    Nice ending though.

    Overall, an okay episode. Some great moments, but nothing spectacular. That is the problem with this season so far. There have been lots of great moments and three okay episodes, but nothing overly memorable.


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    I was surprised. It wasn't actually that bad. Maybe my feelings are clouded by my low expectations but I thought it was better than anything from seasons 13-18. Although I still think they are trying too hard with the plots.

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    yeah one of my least favorites...ever. Joe Mantana made me laugh. thats all.

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    Not great, not bad. 3/5

    So who else noticed that the "Daily Growl" joke was blatantly lifted from Futurama?

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    Happy Rocktober!

    anyways, it was an ok episode, nothing amazing, kinda funny, did kinda feel like a mix of a couple episodes, like the one when Bart has ADD and the one he gets a foreign exchange student and goes to another country. I liked how Mr.Burns played a goodish guy, but other then that I dunno, also that part when they hinted at Milhouse being gay, that's not cool, Milhouse is awesome, please don't ever do another gay joke with him! Over all, I dunno the last couple episodes have been pretty mediocre, I can really only give it a 3/5.

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    5/5 I LOVED IT!!!

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    Don't bad-mouth the head! Xt'Tapalatakettle's Avatar
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    It was about a B, same as last week's episode. Last week's was slightly funnier, this was slightly more coherent plot wise. The ending was really rushed and brought it down. The plot was formulaic on paper, but execution wise it didn't feel that way.

    Burns was used well, though Simon's brother and sister seemed pretty one dimensional. Simon wasn't too bad in himself. The Lenny winning the lottery set up was actually pretty good, and the Vacu-bots was classic Bart.

    Homer's line about future Bart was unexpected and funny, as was the 30 year old "Bart" himself. But the best joke in the episode was Marge swallowing the drop of beer. Come to think of it, the animation direction was quite good, too.

    As mentioned, I think the Aspen third act was somewhat unnecessary (did they really need to go to Colorado?) and a bit rushed, but I had a good feeling at the end of the episode. So, it was good, but could be improved. 4/5 B

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    canadian. likes the hockeys arii's Avatar
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    I'm weirded out because I actually really enjoyed it, at least for what it was.

    So a 4/5 from me - because for what it was, it was pretty great, but I think there could have been some better direction taken. For example, I didn't really like Simon being well aware that has siblings were set to murder him (and that he explained what was about to happen to the rest of the family - he knew all that right from the start? It just didn't seem to fit too well) and would have preferred, cliche as it is, for Simon to have been desperate to see what a normal life was like. Especially the way he was introduced, with him and Bart talking about how their families just don't get them.

    Also, it seemed like, in the first act, they were trying to go somewhere with Bart's bad behaviour and his whole "I don't know why I do the things I do!" but it was completely dropped in favour for this silly murder plot with these flat sibling characters... and I'm willing to take genuine character analysis over silly plot twists. 'cause the first act was pretty enjoyable as far as that was going. The third act was rushed and mostly stupid.

    Hell, seeing both Simon and Bart react to their new situations - mostly Simon, really - was well-done as well. Especially with Simon, just because it got some good stuff from the rest of the family. And his disgust was actually pretty funny and well-done.

    So... really, poor story idea, but wonderful execution. It was genuinely funny and some parts were very nicely shot - the bit at the beginning with the vaccuum robots, or Homer at the end with the whole "Take me with you!" sort of thing (kind of jerky as it was... Homer wasn't really the best here, he seemed just too... silly to me as well. Actually that was kind of a problem with the plot as a whole, instead of what it could've been - some lighter, more down-to-earth stuff with outsider perspectives, it was just this silly kind of mess). Marge was in top form however. It's really nice to see her being a good mother.

    Uum... Yeah. Solid 4/5 but this kind of plays into the rest of the season thus far - stories that have good potential to be down-to-earth, character-based, sweet realistic fodder, but end up disintegrating into - while still decently plotted enough - just pure silliness that, while occasionally humorous, kind of results in something a touch more painful.

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    pretty enjoyable, good, not great, I really liked Brns in this episode

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    Captain Crazy? Why wasn't it Captain Wacky?

    Anyway I was quite surprised. I actually enjoyed this one, the first act mainly. The end of the episode was extremely rushed though and a few things went on too long but overall pretty good. Favorite moments from this week were Future Bart, pregnant Marge drinking alcohol, Moleman's death, and good old fashioned evil Burns and Smithers.


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    *RIP Marcia Wallace* TriforceBun's Avatar
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    "Hey, why'd you get me a subscription to the Daily Growl? That's not a reputable journal of opinion."

    There were some surprisingly good laughs in this episode (I loved the Marge/alcohol flashback, as well as Moleman's death), and the storyline was paced well, but an unsatisfying finish brings it down. It was the typical third-act life-in-danger thing and didn't feel complete. I was hoping for Bart to outsmart/prank his way out of the situation, although having the family save him did reinforce the initial theme of family over wealth. Good use of Burns.

    But on that same token, I would've liked to see that theme explored in a more in-depth way instead of the pretty basic sitcom stuff we got here (complete with kinda cheesy lines like "I could get used to this" and "This is the life"). The episode's story, while focused well enough, was just too simple and sort of cliche. There needed to be some sort of big twist or something.

    Even so, good humor and some nice animation and sequences added to it.

    B-, 3.5/5. Voted 3

    EDIT: I agree with pretty much all of what iceiwynd posted.
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    Wow... talk about leaving a lot of things to be desired of
    This episode was kind of a dissapointment not because it stunk or anything but I just feel that the high potential I felt in the beginning was not really realized and it ended up kind of less appealing than the Simpsons Comic version of doppleganger story for me.
    First, I mean, we've got Simon there who really appreciated the concept of family value even in the lower-class house and there could've been a better reprisal for it in the end for... some kind of emotion or lasting appeal device that could've made the episode better in terms of character exploration that some of us have been loving from the earlier seasons; instead, he just feel like just another Jean-era one-time character that just 'passed by' the show. Simon's half brother and sister were pretty interesting characters also and their views could've been shown more for them possibly be such memorable antagonist characters... just my thought
    Plot had some promise from the get-go also. It started off real interesting and it felt like it could show a good ending, but the thing is that I really don't like how the story came to resolution with all the unrealistic and improbable actions came to save Bart without any much further trouble. (Is it just me, or is it that Futurama writers love having some action to throw into the plotline?) It was extremely rushed and for me, I would've loved to see the reaction from the antagonist in the end that somehow lead to their demise.... or something. It was a complete story, but felt incomplete
    On the presentations department... it was good, not really outstanding or horrible anything. No music montage will get some excited (though I don't really care if there was one) and some jokes were rather good with Europe Bart's picture with his wife being the funniest for me. The Mac-thing took kind of long, but nothing really wrong after that.
    Overall, this episode... reminds me of 'I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings' from S19 due to the fun that I had until the third act or climax of the episode fell apart. The episode could've been really good, but it kind of dissappointed me. 2.5/5 or or C

    Slightly watchable than season premiere, but not as good as 'Lost Verizon' at all...
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    He Wears Short Shorts tom cody's Avatar
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    3/5, worst episode of the season so far.
    Kids, let me tell you about another so-called ``wicked'' guy. He had long hair and some wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right. And that man's name was...
    I forget. But the point is... I forget that, too. Marge, you know what I'm talking about. He used to drive that blue car?

    -- Homer's parable of the guy in the blue car, ``Homer the Heretic''

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    I got some good laughs, though Lenny was rather annoying. Am I the only one who thinks his voice was REALLY off in this episode? Didn't sound like him at all.

    Loved the Vacu-Bots gag and Moleman's death.
    "Boy... make... bot... bad..."

    The flashback to Marge's 'sip of alcohol' was fantastic! Great use of Bart's old catchphrase.

    Overall, a 4/5 (3.5 rounded up, the ending really brought it down)

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    It's Just A Flesh Wound ppoi307's Avatar
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    Inbetween A Rock & A Hard Place

    1/5 one of my 5 least favorite episodes ever. I loved the comic book that was so much like this episode. The episode it self just sucked. The only funny part was the poision potato. Its a shame, you think Mr. Odenkirk could do better

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    MOAR Semaj's Avatar
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    Nothing very special about this one, though very enjoyable.


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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    Ahhh, This is the Life! a new episode full of good stuff. and a great episode it was,The animation was rich & full, The story took a cool spin on a timeless classic. Burns, Smithers, Lenny, ..could've used a dash of Willey,.. but I'm not complaining.

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    Schweeet cakes!
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    I thought it was just an okay episode. 30-yr-old Bart made me laugh with the pic of his Milhouse-like wife (and Bart's reaction when he's asked if he wants to see their kids...LOL) & the flashback with Marge and the alcohol was really funny, especially when Bart grows his hair spikes all of a sudden and the "Aye Caramba" music playing. I thought the 3rd act went by too fast...I felt the story was rushed to the fastest and easiest conclusion possible. Did the whole family have to go to Aspen?

    I thought Lenny's voice was a little off...anyone else think that??
    "You mean it's not Maggaggie's birthday?" -Homer

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    *RIP Marcia Wallace* TriforceBun's Avatar
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    Lenny is a heck of a nice guy, apparently. He's giving Flanders a run for his money.

    The more I think about this one, the more I wish it would've done something character-driven for the last act instead of the far-too-quick trick to Aspen and over-the-top snowball sequence. With a better last act, this could've been a great episode.

    Still pretty good, though, mainly for the humor.

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    Dinner at 80 mph lionelhutz123's Avatar
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    For such a cliche "switch lives" type of episode, it still had some really great gags. Barney's reaction to Lenny's party was gold and that Apu line with that comic book reminded me of him laughing in Bart and Milhouse's sugar high. Some parts were eh, but I still enjoyed it. 4/5

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    Thought the reaction to this episode would be a little better. I liked it! It had a few problems (the last few minutes of the episode felt rushed, the Daily Growl joke far too similar to Futurama's, and a bit too reminiscent of "Burns Heir" at times) and a few flat-falling jokes (Bart's endless "Mc___" bit, Marge's overlong scrubbing song, Milhouse's heavy-handed "beautiful boy" line). Overall though I thought the story, despite being a bit of a cliched idea, was interesting, focused and entertaining enough to be enjoyable. Apu and Burns were both great, Bart's vacuum prank was funny and made for good sight gags, and Marge's drop of champagne were all great moments.

    4/5 for me. Not as good as "Lost Verizon" but better than "Sex, Pies, and Idiot Scrapes".

    Sidenote: I had never heard the term "McMansion" before tonight, and it happened to appear in both The Simpsons and King of the Hill. Strange coincidence.

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    Homer Mad Homer Smash
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    My rating: 4/5.

    I liked this one -- it wasn't anything special, but it had it's moments.

    Things I liked:
    The chalkboard gag was cute.
    The couch gag was clever -- a spoof of the Wizard of Oz.
    The bit when Homer is trying to get Bart down from the shelves.
    When Apu lures Homer into wanting the last lottery ticket.
    Mr. Burns kissing up to Bart.
    Bart's older counterpart and his Milhouse-like wife.

    Some things I wasn't crazy about/thought they weren't in keeping with the standard Simpson's Lore:
    Lenny spending all his money on a party -- wouldn't he want to retire?
    Although it was funny when Marge accidentally swallowed the champaign, is that really how Bart became bad? I thought it was alluded to in previous episodes much of his behavior comes from Homer?
    A female version of Milhouse -- seemed out of place and just done to carry the gag.
    The ending was way too rushed -- and the murder plot was also rushed.

    Overal, not bad, 4/5.

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    Junior Camper
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    i enjoyed this episode! i'd give it a solid 4/5.

    it would have been amazing if it wasn't for the few run-on jokes (lenny thanking his friends, mcmansions, homer and bart falling down the hill). and the ending was a bit weird/rushed.

    some good references to older episodes, such as homer missing out on winning some money, nelson making fun of people (on a bike following homer's car, nonetheless...!), bart's pranks, and homer finding new ways to injure himself.

    favorite scene: drop of alcohol. and it was fun to see simon reacting to his new environment. less so for bart, since he's kind of been there already (Burns' Heir)

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    It wasn't bad. Bart was quite the asshole this time around but it all worked out well. Very oldschool styled ending that didn't try to throw in a last minute joke or quick attempt to make the situation sardonic. I think the comic's version of this episode was a little better still but it didn't do anything really wrong, and it was all amusing.

    My one gripe is that I wish it were even a few more minutes longer. Liked Burns' little tiny part in this.

    And yes, Lenny is an awesome guy but I always knew that. Only awesome people get diamonds in their teeth.

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    doggone dead Ryan's Avatar
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    After the wonderfully focused and hilarious first act, I said to myself at commercial, "It's gonna derail in the third act, isn't it?" And of course, the Simpsons go to Aspen in act three. Of course.

    Though for the first two acts, man, even a super-cliche plot like this works better for both humor and story when it's not all over the place. But the aforementioned rushed third act dragged it down terribly. Marge's scrubbing song sealed it.

    I was going to give it a 3.5/5, but then I remembered the Milhouse line insinuating that he's gay and...3/5...(I'm speaking about the "your siblings are beautiful" line, not the hysterical adult Bart gag)...

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    What's the big deal with them going to Aspen? Not even my sentimental, tl;dr ass gets that gripe completely.

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    I liked Bill Odenkirk better when he was a Futurama writer.

    This wasn't a terrible episode for an overdone sitcom stock plot. But because the device was so generic, this episode itself was also. First act was the best. Lenny is a mysterious character who, for some reason or another, amuses me greatly. In fact, everything up to the point where Bart met Simon, save for a missed gag or two, was pretty solid. The vacuum prank was a good ol' classic Bart prank.

    The introduction of Simon is where the episode started sinking. Aside from seeing Burns in a good role, the second and third acts were highly forgettable, with the third act featuring one of the more ridiculous "life-in-peril" climaxes as of late. Lots of really awkward gags, from adult Bart to the turkey "inflating" inside SLH to Smithers pouring ice in his pants to MILHOUSE. For all the filler material in the episode, the ending also seemed a bit rushed. And Joe Montana? least his appearance was brief.

    So the episode was a cliche in and of itself and a bit over-the-top. All three episodes this season seem to have had the problem of seemingly-fun plots becoming overly ridiculous by the end. I'm tempted to award this episode a C+ for a decent build-up and the lack of a music montage, but I really felt the one-time characters in this were incredibly shallow. That and I've seen this same plot done better in other shows.

    Solid, middle-of-the-road, totally average C.

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    Humanizing Vacuums TheGingerDeadMan's Avatar
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    Fucking horrible. 2/5

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