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Thread: Rate and Review KOTH: Earthy Girls Are Easy

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    Rate and Review KOTH: Earthy Girls Are Easy

    When a local paper plans to run a story about Strickland Propane illegally dumping old propane tanks into the river, Hank suggests the company go green. Once the ladies of Arlen hear of the eco-efforts made by the company, Dale decides to make to help out Strickland with their carbon off-sets to garner the attention of the girls. To impress the ladies, Dale organizes an earth benefit concert that goes wrong.

    It wasnt as funny as it coulda been but i did enjoy it. Nothin much to really say, typical episode. good, but typical. 3.5/5

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    Come back, Zinc!! Sniper Squirrel's Avatar
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    gave it a 4/5, I love Buck Strickland "How can you be our biggest asset and biggrst liability?"
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    It was a little slower-paced and predictable than I would've liked. I felt that the story was well-plotted and had its moments (and Buck, Bobby and Joseph were all in good form), but this sort of "Hank has to fix other people's problems" story has been done a hundred times before on the show. And the "lie then cover it up then have to come clean" plot has been done a MILLION times in visual media in general.

    Also, is it just me, or has Hank gotten pretty soft in the past few years? I kind of miss when he had an impulsive anger to him at times.

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    MOAR Semaj's Avatar
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    Another green episode.

    This one was pretty strong for the first half. The second half could've been better. Though they had to include another brainless liberal stab, it somewhat balanced out the reckless conservatives that were the focus of this episode.

    Whenever they use Bobby and/or Joseph, they really need to make them more than just prop characters. Since they've done environmental projects before, they could try molding that into their personalities (without going overboard like FG, of course).


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    Hot, melting face. BatofZion's Avatar
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    S'right. Felt very middle-of-the-road, even for KOTH. I know it takes conservative stances on many things, so it's good to take a just plain sensible approach to that carbon offset nonsense.

    Still, it felt like many of the funniest characters had very few lines, and the rest didn't have funny enough lines to suit them. But it was okay as a passing fancy.

    And of course, it does make me think about bagging some vaguely hippie chicks for a love-in. Great job!

    [especially with showing the nudist girls from "Sug Night" again]

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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    pretty good KOTH fair, still better than FG

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    King of the Rock Bottom The Sovereign's Avatar
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    pretty good

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    canadian. likes the hockeys arii's Avatar
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    Out of curiosity, how many environmentally themed episodes has KotH had so far, anyway?

    It was okay. Message was good, story was fine but not terribly engaging, it wasn't too funny but the jokes did tend to hit their marks, Bobby definitely should've been better utilized considering his own green stance on past episodes and it'd be nice to see a little more of Joseph rather than just sticking him in. At least Buck was in perfect form.

    Solid enough episode, but a little weaker. 3/5, but still perfectly enjoyable enough - mostly for that message, really.

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    the scrivener kuumuus's Avatar
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    "oh my god, this is so random... i buy offsets too."

    these guys consistently nail the way dumb people talk. love it.

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    The Hammer is my penis Capt Hammer's Avatar
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    2/5 rather boring half hour
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    Dial M for Moe Moe Nopoly's Avatar
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    a really good episode for me.
    I think the topic with saving the environment is done in an entertaining and funny way.


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    So.. Chinese or Japanese? Swartzweldian's Avatar
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    I thought it was a step up from last week. I like how they nailed the whole carbon offset BS.

    Bobby(and Joseph) was fairly boring (I swear..he hasnt had a single funny line in probably 3-5 years)

    Basically a set up for the new Goode Family show. Which will probably be much better since Judge should have a greater role with it.
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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    I voted 4/5 although re-thinking the episode, I think a 3/5 is more fair. These earth-friendly episodes tend to be an iffy line between preachy and after-school-special-y, and hilarious. The "Raising the Steaks" episode last year was solid, spending more time dealing with Hank's resistance to being paired with hippies, and then his embracing it.

    This time around his stance was a bit over the line and extreme. I thought they were mixing messages way too much. Seems like they were insulting donating money to environmental endeavors, using Dale and Buck as villainous examples of what happens when you try to throw money at the problem. They also made it seem like the alternative was being uncomfortably hot at work and home to do your part. At one point, Hank does mention that most of the things on his list are easy no-brainers, which is correct, but they didn't focus on it enough. If you ask me, they should be advocating donating money to earth-friendly programs and organizations, AS WELL as taking steps at home to reduce your carbon levels, instead of labelling donations as pure laziness. Maybe I just took it the wrong way though, but in the tone of the KOTH universe, it seems like it's important which characters represent which ideas. Hank & Bobby = hard work to reduce wastefulness is the only way to help, and giving money towards the solution is wrong and lazy; Dale & Buck = paying money is the way to go, and you don't have to do the work.

    Staying focused on the idea of "donating money is nice, but you also need to do some part in helping directly" would have been more to my liking. I'd like to hear other people's opinions on this too, maybe I just read the episode wrong (since I was tired when I watched it).

    Also, I agree that Bobby was pretty boring here. He's been hit or miss in recent years, and basically when he's just trying to be a good boy, he becomes pretty lame. This and "I Never Promised You an Organic Garden" are good examples.

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    Irreverent Humor Throughout Blake's Avatar
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    Pretty good episode, I thought the pacing could've improved but overall it was funny.


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