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Thread: Live action Simpsons movie????

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    Shocked Live action Simpsons movie????

    Hey guys this is my first post here. I found this video online, it looks really good, just wondering if this is legit? Or maybe just really good fake? I can't find anything else about it so I came here. I'm sure it's probably not real but I figured you guys would know.

    It's probably fake but still would be a cool idea for some small time guys to put together in their spare time. Would be funny as hell even if it was short like 20 minutes long. What do you guys think?

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    I think it is probably just a spoof. And a well done one at that.

    At least I sincerely hope it is just a spoof..

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    Hahaha I remember watching that.
    Its pretty cool.
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    I'm sure it will be in theaters soon, can't wait to see it

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    it was used as an advertisement for the show in britain and used as the opening of the episode "Homer Simpson, This is Your Wife" also everybody in the world has seen it already and there's not going to be a live-action movie and I'm closing this thread

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