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  • I can fee-eeel the music! (5/5)

    71 27.52%
  • 10 times more addictive than marijuana! (4/5)

    79 30.62%
  • Toad-lickin good! (3/3)

    59 22.87%
  • My shoes are talking. (2/5)

    34 13.18%
  • My God, it's nothing but carrots and peyote (1/5)

    15 5.81%
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Thread: How Would You Rate: "Weekend at Burnsie's" (DABF11)?

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    all the stoned scenes were wonderful, i missed a few small pieces as my dinner was beign eaten. mmmmmmm dinnner. i missed a few key parts thouhg, basically the whoel thign of burns dying. um, whats up witt that? ill watch it again after x-fiels. over all i liekd it, all the jokes i did see i liked alot. best line: "WOAH, WE HAVE A KITCHEN?!?!"
    great great jokes abotu beign stones, brings back alot of memories that i never knew i had. the prescription bongs was great. also great to see hans moleman again. ill post mopre later once i re watch the 3rd act. good to see homer at work again. but when are the kids gonna get back to school?
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    "trying is the first step towards failure" ~Homer J Simpson

    now thats good clean dildo fun!!

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