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    Simpson Transformation List

    I could've sent this to The Simpons Archive, but the site was inactive for a long time. Notice that most of the things in the list came from Treehouse of Horror episodes and comics

    7F04-Treehouse of Horror
    -Bart is a raven in the third part of the episode (hence the name, The Raven)

    8F02-Treehouse of Horror II
    The Bart Zone
    -Homer gets turned into a Jack-in-a-box by Bart in the "The Bart Zone" story
    -Jasper is turned to a doglike creature
    -Snowball II is turned to a fire breathing umbrella tailed creature
    If I Only Had a Brain
    -Homer's brain gets put in a robot, which is in some sorts a kind of a transformation

    9F04-Treehouse of Horror III
    King Homer
    -Homer is King Kong in the story
    Dial Z for Zombie
    -Various Springfieldians turn into zombies
    -One of Bart's spells accidentally change Lisa into a snail, but he uses the correct spell to change her back

    1F04-Treehouse of Horror IV
    The Devil and Homer
    -Homer's head turns to a giant donut
    -Flanders is the devil
    Bart Simpson's Dracula
    -The Simpsons Family (except Lisa) and Mr. Burns are vampires

    2F03-Treehouse of Horror V
    Nightmare Cafeteria
    -The family is turned inside out

    2F08-Fear of Flying
    -Marge imagines herself and the family in Lost In Space, with Lisa as a robot

    3F04-Treehouse of Horror VI
    Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace
    -Groundskeeper Willie becomes a monster

    3F07-Marge Not Be Proud
    -Homer imagines himself as a giant golden giant ("Fourteen Karat Gold! MUHAHAHA!!!")
    4F02-Treehouse of Horror VII
    Citizen Kang
    -Kang and Kodos turn into human politicians (reverse transformation)

    4F020-The Simpsons Spin-off Showcase
    The Love-Matic Grampa
    -Grampa's soul is trapped in a Love-Tester machine
    The Simpson Family Smile Time Variety Hour
    -The Simpsons family are in a skit playing as beavers
    -It is revealed that in the future of the show, Homer will turn Lisa into a frog with magical powers

    5F02-Treehouse of Horror VIII
    The Homega Man
    -Several Springfieldians turn into mutants
    Fly vs. Fly
    -Bart and a housefly switch their heads and minds
    Easy Bake Coven
    -Marge, Patty and Selm are witches

    AABF01-Treehouse of Horror IX
    Terror of Tiny Toon
    -Bart has a body of a skeleton after emerging from the TV
    -Maggie is turned into the species of Kang and Kodos

    BABF01-Treehouse of Horror X
    I Know What you Diddly-Iddly Did
    -Ned Flanders turns into a werewolf
    Desperately Xeeking Xena
    -Bart and Lisa become Stretch Dude and Clobbergirl

    BABF21-Treehouse of Horror XI
    -The family is shown as The Munsters
    Scary Tales Can Come True
    -Homer gets turned into half animals by a witch

    CABF17-Simpsons Tall Tales
    Paul Bunyan
    -Homer is shown as a giant

    CABF19-Treehouse of Horror XII
    Hex and the City
    -A curse put on Homer causes Lisa to turn to a centaur, Maggie to a ladybug, Marge into a fur creature, and causes Bart's neck to stretch
    Wiz Kids
    -A magic class turns frogs into princes (Bart changes his frog to a mutant man/frog creature)
    -Lisa causes Bart's head to get shaped like a zeppelin and he floats
    -In this story, Smithers is half man, half snake
    -Lord Montymort (Mr. Burns) can change into a dragon

    DABF08-Tales From the Public Domain
    D'oh, Brother Where Art Thou
    -Homer/Odysseus's crew is turned to pigs by Circe

    DABF12-Gump Roast
    -During the ending song, it's revealed that in the show's future, Marge will turn into a robot

    DABF19-Treehouse of Horror XIII
    The Island of Dr. Hibbert
    -Everyone from Springfield and The Simpsons is turned into animals by Dr. Hibbert (Homer to walrus, Bart to spider, Marge to blue puma, Lisa to owl, Maggie to anteater)

    EABF21-Treehouse of Horror XIV
    Stop the World, I Want to Goof Off
    -When Lisa clicks a red button on a special stopwatch, The Simpsons go through bizzare changes, including turning into Bobble Heads and Giant Magazines

    GABF16-The Girl Who Slept Too Little
    -During a nightmare, Lisa is captured by Bart, now a giant spider, and she is married with Milhouse, a giant slug

    HABF17-Treehouse of Horror XVII
    Married to the Blob
    -Homer becomes a giant blob after ingesting a alien slime

    JABF16-Treehouse of Horror XVIII
    Heck House
    -The Seven Deadly Sins. 'nuff said

    * * * * * *

    Bart Simpsons Treehouse of Horror

    Bart People
    -Bart turns to a black panther. Lisa nearly transforms but suppresses it and is cured.
    Sideshow Blob
    -Sideshow Bob turns to a giant blob, similar to THOH XVII.
    The Exorsister
    -Lisa gets possesed by Madonna. scary.
    Metamorph Simpson
    -Homer turns to a giant bug. When it is revealed to be just a dream, he finds out that the rest of the family has turned to spiders
    Young Frinkinstine
    -Bart switches brains with a teenager


    Video Games:

    Virtual Bart
    -In the levels, Bart is shown to be a dinosaur, a baby, and a pig

    Night of the Living Treehouse of Horror
    -Maggie is a fly in one of her levels
    -On Homer's levels, he is a robot and King Homer (see Treehouse of Horror III)

    The Simpsons Hit and Run
    -One of Homer's costumes is 'Donut Homer' from THOH IV

    The Simpsons Game
    -Throughout the game, the enemies you fight are transformed simpsons characters
    -Homer's super powers include turning to a giant ball, 'Helium Homer', and 'Gummi Homer'

    Discalmer: The author of this list is self declared not a experienced humorist and not a TF (transformation) addict and does not have a TF fetish. Any person who disputes this fact will be liable to a $50 fine, two years in a detention center, and a bashing from the authors grandmother.
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