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    and now i have slapped a king Mike Scully's Avatar
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    Nov 2001

    Rate & Review "I Don't Wanna Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" (JABF19)

    "While waiting in line at the bank, Marge strikes up a conversation with a strange man named Dwight (Steve Buscemi) who later attempts to rob the bank. When the police show up, Marge convinces a cornered Dwight to turn himself in by promising to visit him in prison. As Dwight eagerly awaits Marge’s visit, Homer assures her that Dwight will not expect her to actually visit. But when Dwight receives a phone call and the caller (Ted Nugent) isn’t Marge, he escapes to find her. Watching the news report about Dwight’s jail break, she wishes she had kept her promise."

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    Junior Camper
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    Jul 2007

    I honestly believe that this was the best Simpsons Episode of the past... 3-4 seasons... it was great, and there was not one bad joke. All the characters were spot on... Steve Buscemi was a great guest star who actually had a decent role instead of just showing up and leaving, what can I say I gave it a 5/5, The Simpsons still got it!

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    Junior Camper chagopian's Avatar
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    3rd act was great, Homer and the first two acts were not.

    Props to that Kent Brockman joke, that was one of the best Kent Brockman jokes I've heard in a long time, and most of it was thanks to the way Shearer delivered the line. The montage was a little funny, but now even I'm getting annoyed with the predictability with these episodes nowadays. No more montages please.

    3/5, weaker than last weeks, on par with the first two weeks in terms of quality.

    Anyone notice how much more high pitched Homer was this week? And I had hoped with the way things went last week, Homer was back to speaking NORMAL.

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    The long and winding road.. Fugitive's Avatar
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    May 2007

    hmmm....I like Buscemi in this episode but I didn't laugh that much. I thought Wiggum was in good form and it was a pretty good characterization of Marge. Little better than average. B 4/5

    Edit: Oh what the hell, it was pretty damned good. Buscemi was good, Marge was good, nice Dog Day Afternoon bit. It kind of lacked on the humour department but I think I might be judging too harshly if I don't say this is a good episode, which it is.
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    Living Through This
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    Dec 2004

    I'm so glad I tuned in. This was for sure better then Pokey Mom and Snake's girlfriend Gloria came back! I also liked all the Wiggum material and Homer strangling his own brain.

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    Ruler of all mankind
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    Jan 2005

    I loved it. It really seems like they're trying harder this season. And the use of "screw the audience" jokes was fantastic.

    Top 10 Episodes (in no particular order, except #1):
    1. Cape Feare
    2. The Lemon of Troy
    3. Homer Bad Man
    4. The Front
    5. Homer's Triple Bypass
    6. Homer's Enemy
    7. Radioactive Man
    8. Homie the Clown
    9. The Springfield Connection
    10. The Itchy and Scratchy and Poochie Show

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    I actually really enjoyed this one. Maybe this season can pull it off if it keeps this up! I am pleasantly surprised! A B from me!
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    Junior Camper DuffMan72's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Montreal, QC

    I was extremely impressed with this episode, however, I'm too lazy to go in depth with this review. 4.5/5 rounded down to 4.

    Edit: Voice acting was way above average compared to the last few seasons, props to the actors and voice directors.

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    I'm baaaack! Patches O'houlihan's Avatar
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    Blog Entries

    Pretty good episode with a solid story, but it wasn't funny enough to raise it above a 3 outta 5.

    The funniest joke to me (out of a coincidence) is I just changed my ringtone to "Who can it be now?". Also, the jailbird in the movie had the same prison number as tonight's p-code: JABF19.

    Well, ya'know if you stay positive and forget about trivial things like "proper characterization," "Satire," and "emotional depth" watching new Simpsons episodes can be a seemingly enjoyable lie.

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    super karate monkey death car Jakebert's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Akron, Ohio

    A lot better than I expected. Marge's being nice to Dwight made much more sense then I thought it would, and Dwight was pretty funny. The only real complaint I had is that his crazy kind of came out of nowhere.

    Marge's voice and character felt a lot better than in recent episodes, with less annoying puns and Jean-era Marge behavior, even if she wasn't perfect.

    I thought most of the jokes were pretty funny, the only joke I can remember bombing was the lame DVD chapters joke.


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    Stonecutter Jeff Vader's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Boston, MA

    Couch gag - quick and funny. How I like ‘em. 5/5

    Act 1: Surprisingly long feeling, but entertaining. I thoroughly enjoyed the Maggie Tie bit. The line that made me cringe during the commercial (“current wife”) worked in the context of the episode, with Marge’s bulletin board list. Buscemi did a great job. A couple of nice quick nods to Dog Day Afternoon made me laugh. The act break was a little odd. Overall 4.5/5

    Act 2: O.k. Mostly a plot based act. It was good, but didn’t really stick with me. Ralph with the balloons was a great gag. 3/5

    Act 3: I really enjoyed it. I had some great laughing moments. One of THE BEST Itchy and Scratchy’s ever. They got me with quite a few “screw the audience” jokes. The dressing room. Dwight in the back of the car. The shooting at the carnival. What was up with the latino squeaky voiced teen, lol. 5/5

    I’m feeling generous. 4.5/5 rounding up to 5/5. Might go down with subsequent viewings, but they made me laugh tonight.

    Buscemi partner’s character designs based on this, perhaps?
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    No wonder he won Minnesota. Sarcastic Guy II's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Bethlehem, PA

    I can't quite decide if Marge was out of character or not. The episode was great overall though, if not likely to go down in history as the most memorable.

    +The entire sequence with Homer going to Lisa's award ceremony
    +Ted Nugent
    +The Four Amigos

    I'll go with a slightly generous 4/5.
    I was saying "Boo-urns."

    Season 19 Ratings:
    He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs - A
    The Homer of Seville - C+
    Midnight Towboy - A+
    I Don't Wanna Know Why The Caged Bird Sings - A

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    What's the name of the man? Gorilla's Choice's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Flint, Michigan

    I liked it. The ninteenth season has been pretty good so far. 4/5

    And was it just me or did the guy sitting behind Homer at the award ceremony look a lot like Cecil Terwilliger?

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    Profound Sadness Kiyosuki's Avatar
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    Apr 2006

    Haven't seen it yet but I'm hearing on another board the wikipedians had to scramble to lock Snake's profile on wikipedia because of something in this episode.

    I have no idea why, I really want to see this now.

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    canadian. likes the hockeys arii's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Cowtown, Canada

    um what

    Thought this one kinda, uh... sucked. Yeah. It was really slow, very dull, and barely intriguing. Just about all of the jokes failed, especially when Krusty was involved. I did like the bits with Gloria/Snake and the one bit Moe had, but... I can't think of many redeeming qualities for this one. Marge's voice was annoying too annoying to listen to, and her freak out may have been handled... decently, but it just wasn't that good. It was boring, it wasn't funny, and honestly... I don't know what to say about it. Um, some of the direction was nice...

    I guess I'll wait for a rewatch, but right now I'm thinking a D+. Though I'd still rather watch Pokey Mom.

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    Junior Camper
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    Jul 2007


    I'll round up.

    I actually liked this episode, I thought it was fairly well-done, and Steve Buscemi's character was really refeshing and added to the dynamic. That guy's great. Good job overall. It ain't close to classic, and it's not great, but I was actually pretty satisfied with it. They did their job.

    Although, one small complaint: Homer strangling his own brain was just ... awkward.

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    Junior Camper
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    Feb 2006
    Halifax, NS

    Pretty good episode, nothing too wacky. I think i liked the third act the most, Moe spying at Costingtons, Eddie playing the duck game at the carnival and Dr Hibbert's joke about "Not fine like me and you, but fine none the less". (Something like that) Is it just me or does it seem like every episode lately they are talking on the cell phones, speaking of which "Big Blue" was great as homers ID for Marge.

    I think I'm going to give this a 4/5.

    Edit: Totally forgot how great Steve Buscemi's role was. Think he fit it well. His drawing from the fair when his mom left had me laughing.
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    Junior Camper DuffMan72's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Montreal, QC

    Did anyone notice how similar the cutaway to the jail was similar to the one from Cape Feare? I found that pretty cool.

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    Junior Camper
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    Mar 2007
    Cape Cod

    The last two acts were the best acts of this season. However the first act really fell flat. That's why I'm not going to complain about the lack of humor because when they tried in the first act much more often then not it failed. Also the Itchy and Scratchy was much better than the one from the premiere. 4/5.
    Season 19 Grades
    He loves to fly and he d'ohs-D, The Homer of Seville C+, Midnight Towboy B IDWKWTCBSB+

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    It's like swallowing Draino
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    Dec 2006

    Wow, what do you know? For once, a decent s19 episode.

    I can't say that I laughed at many jokes in this one, save Moe looking in on Marge in the dressing room, a couple bits with Wiggum, and that part with Kent Brockman. Marge was in good form, as far as I could see; I don't remember any particularly cheesy Jean-era Margeisms for once. Steve Buscemi's Dwight worked well as a character too, and it was a nice treat to see Snake's girlfriend Gloria pop up for a bit.

    Some of the jokes didn't work. In my opinion, the Ted Nugent sequence and the bit with Krusty rattling off the list of comedians he'd fallen behind went on far too long. I might as well count my blessings, though- unlike "Midnight Towboy", it was more a matter of being over-extended than over-explanation. The plot was actually coherent, an added bonus.


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    Aug 2006
    MA, USA

    Great Episode - 4/5

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    not right in the head
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    St. John's, Newfoundland.

    Quote Originally Posted by Oldsimpsonsfan
    I actually really enjoyed this one. Maybe this season can pull it off if it keeps this up! I am pleasantly surprised! A B from me!

    I'm going to agree here. I thought the last 3 episodes were insanely unfunny. In fact I thought most of season 18 was unfunny, but this was actually pretty funny and an entertaining watch.
    season 20 is dumb and for jerks.

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    Pin Pal
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    May 2007

    this was a great season 19 episode i liked the moments and it had some good humor 4.5/5

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    Some kind of crazy person McClure's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    The Comfy Chair

    What is it with listing random things? There were two instances where a character started listing things, and neither of them were really that funny.

    Not a bad episode, 3/5. Steve Buscemi was pretty good, but the character could have been better.

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    Don't bad-mouth the head! Xt'Tapalatakettle's Avatar
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    Jun 2006

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.Colossus
    The Simpsons still got it!
    This was written by Dana Gould, probably his last episode he'll do with the Simpsons. He went out with a bang. Unfortunately, it makes me think this won't last.

    This was about on par with last week's, which is to say pretty damn good. First act was amazing and actually kept me interested. The bank robbery spin is something that was never done before in that detail and it actually made the show seem fresh. It didn't try to force in family members when not needed (though Hibbert & Krusty felt a little forced). The second act slowed it up a bit and I wasn't as fond of it as I was the other two acts.

    Dwight was engaging and a very memorable character and Buscemi did a great job with him. Julia Louis Dreyfus seemed a bit much, but I'll take it. Ted Nugent was pretty funny in his one line.

    I also want to comment how they are actually ending episodes on very heartfelt moments the past two weeks. This is a BIG PLUS. Maybe Jean has gotten the message from the movie that not only us internet nerds like it, but the general public does too.

    By the way, the subtle jokes helped elevate this episode a lot. The first being Moe saying "I thought this was the voting booth," a nod to Nugent's phone message about voting pro-crossbows. The second was in the film Marge was watching, the priest was the one who pulled the switch on the electric chair.

    I'd give this a B+/A-. I'm going to vote 4/5, because I voted 5/5 for Midnight Towboy and feel that was slightly better at the moment. But so far it's a push between the two for best of season.
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    Season 5: Cape Feare, The Last Temptation of Homer, Sweet Seymour Skinner's Badasssss Song
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    Season 18: The Haw-Hawed Couple, 24 Minutes, Little Big Girl
    Season 19: The Debarted, Midnight Towboy, Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind
    Season 20: Gone Maggie Gone, Take My Life Please, Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words

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    At the bank, as soon as Gil walked in, I knew there was trouble. I mean, something bad always happens to Gil. He's a bad-luck character; that's just what happens. He lived in a hot air balloon, Cookie Kwan threatened him, Bart made his back ache, things get thrown at him, he was eaten alive on Halloween, and he's been rendered homeless, destitute or a combination of the two several times. As a real estate agent, a farmer, a salesman for shoes, Coleco, Amway, automobiles and "Rick James Bibles", a discount lawyer or just desperately wanting to be Bart's jazz manager, his roles more or less work when it's in small spurts.

    Gil enthusiastically enters the bank, about to start his job as a security gard, right after Dwight pulled out a gun. I didn't want to say it to myself, but what would happen? Gil would get shot.

    So, then, Gil Gunderson got twenty bullets in the chest and collapsed. I never necessarily liked Gil, but that was just absolutely brutal. Beside that, Jasper Beardley was also shot.

    A few oddly interesting points here and there, though, I suppose. The "Father-Daughter Dance", while awkward, was actually a recurring element from the episode previous. Besides, y'know, Who Shot Mr. Burns, I don't think there has ever been an event like that, one that was mentioned in one episode and portrayed the next.

    To jog your memory, remember when Homer said something about the Daddy-Daughter thing in last week's show, "The Homer of Seville"? Odd, huh?

    I was looking forward to watching a Marge-centric episode, and it worked on that level. The acting was incredibly good (as it has been post-movie, I've noticed). Marge had no trouble, though, visiting prison before; hell, she's been an inmate. She worked with Jack Crowley and tried to help him out, she was jailed for shoplifting, but Dwight was definitely much more threatening to Marge than Jack.

    Dwight seemed to work; the character was quirky and the emotion was there, but I don't believe Steve Buscemi's voice really added much to the character. Gloria appearing out of nowhere was nice, showing some sort of consistency with Snake (however odd or morbid the jokes may be).

    Too much Wiggum, Lou and Eddie. Ten seconds can do it for me. I like the animation, though, with the Viking ship. Did that darker-skinned Pimply-Faced Teen work for you? For me, not really.

    In the grand scheme of things, I'd rank this one pretty low except for the swinging Viking ride, Homer's amigos, Ralph flying away and the chalkboard gag. With most of these taking up less than five seconds, that's not the best.

    I'll just be crossing my fingers for next month's eps. Jack Black, Glenn Close and particularly Beverly D'Angelo sound like interesting bets.

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    Up an atom. Ramier Wolfcastle's Avatar
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    Boxborough, MA

    The best of the season -- there wasn't a single point in the episode where I thought it was boring. I am initially giving this a 5/5!

    WAY, WAY better than Pokey Mom. Marge was well-characterized, there was a lot of emotion, and the ending was sweet -- for two weeks in a row!

    So Gil is apparently back in Springfield, after Kill Gil. And apparently Dwight "killed Gil," as well. Also did anyone notice Snake's girlfriend Gloria from "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love"? Also, the "Father-Daughter Dance" mentioned in Homer of Seville was referenced in this episode? Keep in mind that this is episode JABF19, and Homer of Seville was JABF18. Lisa said the dance was "next week" in Homer of Seville, so this episode should have aired last week to maintain continuity. It also explains why Homer of Seville was bumped up in the schedule.

    Anyways, this episode was near perfect, I'm looking forward to Treehouse of Horror XVIII. Only a 3-week baseball break instead of a ridiculous 6 weeks the last two years! Season 19 is starting to take shape!
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    Junior Camper
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    Jul 2007

    Pretty good just like last weeks! 4/5 from me. Ralph with the balloons was awesome!

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    Stonecutter coltonwiggum's Avatar
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    Where Stephen Harper precepts.

    The pacing on one joke in particular was perfect. That would be Jasper getting shot. I was laughing pretty hard there. Unlike many of these kind of jokes, I did not see that coming. And him adding that he was a diabetic and got confused was hilarious.

    Overall this season has been good, and consistent. Many good jokes.
    A generous 4/5. The last act was a disappointment. I was very excited after the second act that we'd get somewhat of an action/suspence ending. Marge sitting in front of the television in the night could have been continued and I would have been more satisfied.

    EDIT; All these people who vote 1/5 one week, 4/5 the next week, and 2/5 the following week confuse me. The show doesn't vary this much, at least not to me. It's as if these voters base their grades on little [almost insignificant] elements.
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    she merely looked at the book

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    in a way its the saddest post ive ever read

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    Scary Beast
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    pretty good i liked the Moe joke and Chief Wiggum really stole the show in this one. Steve Buscemi didnt feel tacked on at all and for once in a very long while the guest star was central to the plot. oh and uh RIP Gil


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