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Thread: Rate/Review Treehouse of Horror XVII

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    Rate/Review Treehouse of Horror XVII

    Written by Peter Gaffney (all three segments), Directed by David Silverman & Matthew C. Faughnan

    Married To The Blob - A meteor falls to Earth and reveals a green goo that Homer mistakes for a marshmallow. After Homer eats the goo, he turns into a rampaging blob with a never-ending appetite that even guest voice Dr. Phil McGraw can't stop.
    You Gotta Know When To Golem - Bart brings Golem, guest voice Richard Lewis as a legendary monster from Jewish folklore, to life and forces him to carry out his ghastly bidding. But when the creature is finally freed of his evil-doing, Marge, Bart and Lisa create a female monster (guest voice Fran Drescher) that captures Golem's heart.
    The Day The Earth Looked Stupid - A spoof of "War of the Worlds." Set in 1938, the citizens of Springfield - once fooled by the Orson Welles radio broadcast - react with nonchalance to a real invasion by slobbering cyclopses Kang and Kodos.

    Leaked episode reviews and discussion can be found starting here. Still, this thread will open as always once the episode is done airing on the East Coast.

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    Stonecutter coltonwiggum's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
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    This episode had a lot of good and a bit of crap. Which obviously isn't perfect, but still (I think) deserves a 3/5. The intro was awesome. The first segment had a good beggining, bad middle, and meh ending. 2/5. The second segment had a fabulous beggining, a good middle, and a meh ending. 3/5. The final segmentwas very good throughout, with lots of funny jokes. 5/5. And according to my calculations, two plus three plus five divided by three equals 3.3. BTW, I loved the Arby's joke. And I thought the detail of showing that owl on the chimney was cool.
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    *RIP Marcia Wallace* TriforceBun's Avatar
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    Sep 2004

    They took out the line!!

    MARRIED TO THE BLOB: Not bad. I really liked the animation of Homer absorbing the goo back into his mouth, even if it did go on too long. And the musical montage actually worked well this time, with fairly clever lyrics coupled with above-average sight gags and animation. Some parts fell a little flat, but overall, it was a rather inoffensive little segment with a funny last line (though why wasn't Homer green at the end?). B-

    YOU GOTTA KNOW WHEN TO GOLEM: Probably my favorite of the three, this one had a couple good laughs, like HDTV, and Homer's "Hi, Milhouse." I think throughout the episode (and in the greater scope of things, the whole show nowadays), some gags could've afforded to be less subtle. For instance, the scene in Bart's bedroom could've ended after he said, "Homer's WALLS," and the joke would've still been effective. B

    THE DAY THE EARTH LOOKED STUPID: Better than the first viewing. I dug the animation, and although the story pacing was still a little off, the nostalgia jokes were pretty decent, and the Iraq thing--though slightly tacked-on--was a lot more effective without that stupid last line that they THANKFULLY decided to cut. Well done for the most part.

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    They took out the Iraq line, I noticed.

    One of the worst thoh's ever. Pure garbage. D-

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    scissors on his fuckin head That Jerk's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    The Corporate Institutional Bank of Time


    What a sigh of relief this episode was. After a dismal past four episodes, I was losing hope. And we can all agree that the Halloween episodes haven't been brilliant in about ten years. This episode was quite innovative though, and each story was great.

    intro - The TFTC intro was a smart idea. Loved all the gags (especially the bunnies). The March of Dimes skeleton had me nostalgic for tombstones somehow.
    act one (blob) - One of those tales that you wonder how they never thought of it before. The snot sucking was so gross! Perfect halloween yuckness. The plot progresses nicely. I really don't like these pun lines "Let me have a lick at you." Is that supposed to be funny because it's so corny, or are we really supposed to believe it is clever? Even if it's meant to be satire, these lines are making the show sound way too much like cliché sitcom #17.

    - Homer drooling over teenagers was indirectly kinda perverted.

    - Phil's cameo didn't bother me. They had a few good exchanges, and I liked Wiggum's interjection. The part where he ate him though didn't flow, and was kinda edited oddly.
    act two (golem) - I was really surprised with this one. The second story lately has always been pretty lame (Jack The Ripper, zombie cowboys), but this plot was pretty original and fun. The only thing that I felt weighed it down was too many Krusty "show biz" tangents, which took away form the Halloween feeling. Also, lines direct as "shoebox of blow" really put me off. I don't have any problem with Krusty having drug addictions, I just wish they would be more clever about it.

    - Many of the jokes were predictable (Golem shooting people at the comedy club, Homer appearing instead of Golem, Wiggum dismissing the case), but probably because we are way too keen on Simpsons humor. They're still good jokes.

    - The only bit i didn't like was Skinner's "I may be bifurcated..." Talk about dragging a bit on too long.

    Still, a well done story
    act three (war of the worlds) - Old-timey jokes galore! Perfect bit.

    - best gag: Big Band Stu!

    Best Halloween ep in years, and first good episode since last season's "The Monkey Suit"

    Wow... I can't believe they actually cut the last line (It was a smart move though). No Homers is going to become drunk with influence now!
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    slack jawed gawker the 'house always wins's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    the windy apple

    2/5 ...seemed like the entire episode was 10 minutes many damn commercials...

    the episode itself was pretty weak compared to most of the THOH's from years past in my opinion...the only segment i liked was the war of the worlds bit, and really only its allusions to the war in iraq
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    Mmmmm, hotdog. J-Spot's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
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    What exactly was the line they cut out?

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    Banned Reservoir Dog's Avatar
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    Oct 2006

    What was the Iraq line? I didnt see the leaked episode.

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    Stonecutter blueguy's Avatar
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    Nov 2003

    The first two were meh, but the last one was pretty good. 3/5 overall.

    What I found more interesting is that it appears the show is being animated in widescreen.

    Last week I was toying with the settings on my HDTV because I had a lot of overscan, so I brought everything in a lot. Well, during the show, the black bars on the left and right didn't go all the way to the top, so I saw a very slim line above it and it was pretty clear that there was animation there that was just being covered up. I wonder when the show will finally begin broadcasting it that way, or do we need to wait for the DVD?
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    The line was, "This is a lot like Iraq will be."

    And I am so happy they cut it.
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    board militant™ joe's Avatar
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    Jun 2002
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    better then the past few years... the last segment was great.
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    pretty rad
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    Apr 2002
    taco town

    Third one was the best. I liked the depiction of Springfield 1938, and they did the right thing by getting Maurice LaMarche. There were a surprising number of guest stars, but it seemed to work out.
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    SuperFriend Homer Jay's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
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    I really liked this episode. It felt like the classic THoH, only not as good. There were a few great lines, but a number bombed. The segments all had a number of strong points, but none of them was great. I didn't mind the liberator line as much as I would have thought, but Homer's "Flanders?" line was great. I was a little disappointed that they didn't end the episode with "We'll Meet Again"

    B Probably the season's best so far. It seemed to have more ambition that earlier ones this season

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    I'm baaaack! Patches O'houlihan's Avatar
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    Oct 2001
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    Married To The Blob - All gags, no plot, but pretty interesting. B-

    You Gotta Know When To Golem - Mostly plot, the least amount of gags. B-

    The Day The Earth Looked Stupid - Thank goodness they removed that 'duh' line at the end. The best animated (apart from the opening), and the best jokes, IMO. A-

    Overall, I'd say 4/5, slightly above average, with no 'bad' shorts this year.

    Well, ya'know if you stay positive and forget about trivial things like "proper characterization," "Satire," and "emotional depth" watching new Simpsons episodes can be a seemingly enjoyable lie.

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    The cosmic ballet goes on.. Radioactive Man's Avatar
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    Sep 2003

    Last segment was good. The first two were horrible.

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    The Chunnel's gonna blow!
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    Jul 2006

    Not too bad. This was definitely better than last year's THOH. Still, it wasn't all too funny. The Blob segment was pretty boring, the Golem one was better, but still had some bad, unfunny jokes in it. The Day the Earth Looked Stupid was the best one, IMO. Overall, I'd give it a 3/5.
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    Itchy/Hillary in '08
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    Nov 2006

    Very good episode: 4/5

    The second one was the best, followed by the third then the first. I was so glad they had the scary names, and was anyone else tense when they were waiting for the Iraq line. I was waiting for them to say it and it felt like forever and then they didn't!

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    Junior Camper
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    Aug 2005
    Houston, TX

    I hated the Blob. The second one was funny but it's plot kinda pointless. I loved the third one though.

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    Junior Camper
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    Feb 2005

    It was decent.

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    post brody's Avatar
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    May 2005

    Certainly an improvement on the last two years, this THOH was, but yet, it was missing something.

    Married to the Blob
    This was an ok enough segment, despite the rather thin plot. However, the problem is that watching Homer go around and eat everyone just isn't very
    interesting. It's the same problem with "Survival of the Fattest" from last year, it isn't interesting to watch the same thing happen to different people for the majority of the segment. I did enjoy the "Baby Got Back" remake, though. As for Dr. Phil, he had a couple of good one-liners, and the joke about Homer saying he tasted just like Jeffrey Tambor was funny, but they need to stop having guest star's play themselves in THOH's, in ruins the mood.


    You Gotta Know When to Golem
    This certainly started out well, and I thought that it had a good creepy atmosphere. Then in went crashing down in quality, with the stupid "Golem wants love" plotline. They couldn't think of anything scary or exciting. No, it had to be something involving love. Fran Drescher was also completely needless. This is probably one of my least favorite segments ever.


    The Day the Earth Looked Stupid
    Definitely the best segment, and one that was actually somewhat scary. The direction was phenomenal. Everything, the effects, the picture, was great. The plotline with the townspeople going mad was good, especially the different types of jokes they did regarding their insanity. I'm not sure who did the Orson Welle's voice (probably Shearer), but it was very good. The conclusion of the segment, with Kang and Kodos, was very effective. This saved the episode.



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    Virgin Colada! *No Rum breadharrity's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    I'm too much of a simpsons fanboy so...


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    . TheForbiddenDonut's Avatar
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    Jan 2006

    I'm going to review assuming that the first two segments were the same as the leaked version, but I saw the last segment as it aired (hooray for the last line being cut!)

    Married to the Blob- Average. Some weak moments, especially the music montage. The opening, however, was reminiscent of classic THOH, containing a nice dark feel. Homer as the blob was a bit disturbing, but had its moments, the best part of the segment being Homer's ''I'll SAVOR you!". Dr. Phil's appearance actually wasn't that bad. After getting past the fact that it was entirely pointless, I actually found it pretty amusing. I didn't exactly enjoy the ending, but I guess it's the best way to end such a bizarre segment.

    You Gotta Know When To Golem- I really disliked this segment. Yeah, there were some okay jokes, but most were awful. The whole 'kick Homer's walls' joke wasn't the least bit funny, as well as Skinner getting yo-yo-ed in half. And the ending was awful. I mean, when Jean can't stand to put any worthwhile emotion into the regular characters, why drag out a painfully sappy scene between a talking Golem and some she-golem with possibly the most annoying voice ever heard on the show.

    The Day the Earth Looked Stoopid- Very well-done segment. Other than the tacked on Iraq thing, the segment was near-flawless. Some great lines accompanied by a nice 30s setting makes for a very well-animated and funny segment. Still, the acting like animals scene marred it a bit.

    Probably averages out to around a B- or a 4/5.

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    Don't bad-mouth the head! Xt'Tapalatakettle's Avatar
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    Married to the Blob
    I found this to probably be the funniest segment. Sir Mix-Alot's song wasn't anything cringeworthy, nor was Dr. Phil, though I would've liked him to be eaten much much sooner. The ending was pretty messed up, but funny. 3.75/5

    You Gotta Know When To Golem
    Meh. Decent until the Golem spoke. There was probably one or two lines I laughed at from Richard Lewis, but it seemed wasted. 2.75/5

    The Day The Earth Looked Stupid
    Fabulous, up there for the best THoH segment in the Jean era. The jokes were on (the rioting, Disco Stu, etc.). The ending was very heavy-handed, which is what made it great. It actually felt eerie at the end. 4.75/5

    Overall 4/5 Excellent.
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    Junior Camper
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    May 2003

    I liked this one a lot, still thought the middle one was the weakest, a little slow, but Fran's lines were funny and probably even funnier if you never heard her before. Richard Lewis was OK.
    The opening was really well animated and looked like they might have done some Futrama 3d on, the steps at least.
    War of the Worlds was good and yes Big Band Stu needs to be new figure.

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    think less drink more Matt B.'s Avatar
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    4/5 The last one was the best

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    3/5 C+

    Pretty good episode. I liked it. The best since Treehouse of Horror XIV.

    The Blob- C+ (damn you Al Jean and your music montages... but I loved the ending, funny, didn't expect it)

    Golem- C- (Meh, the weakest of the three)

    Looked Stupid- B ( Some funny jokes in here: Sound FX guy, "didn't eat the skin, that's healthy" etc. The Iraq 'parody' was unnecessary and forced. Some lameness but overall a decent segment.)

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    Virgin Colada! *No Rum breadharrity's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    The line they (yay!) cut out was - this sure is alot like what Iraq will be. It was at the end when they cut out to the destroyed town. It seemed like it worked alot better (the aired version tonight)

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    Mad without power
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    May 2005
    Lost in the back of my mind

    Yay, I can finally post my full review, even though the episode hasn't legally aired where I live yet. :P

    Intro is pretty funny and very well-animated, aside from Moe asking Smithers to ram the spikes in more. Now for each individual segment:

    Married to the Blob
    The strongest of the stories, if you ask me. While it doesn't try to be that scary, it doesn't try to be sappy either. (People need to remember that some of the best Halloween stories, like "Time and Punishment", aren't scary at all.) The deaths are pretty funny, and I honestly don't think the Dr. Phil appearance is that bad. I mean, at least he gets killed. I think everyone wants to see Dr. Phil get killed. Sure beats the Terry Bradshaw appearance in "Surivival of the Fattest". It also ends on a great humorous note, rather than trying to end on an emotional one with Marge simply living with the gargantuan Homer. Downside...musical montage. Far more out-of-place than the guest star appearance, if you ask me. B

    You Gotta Know When to Golem
    Putrid. This is Halloween-esque HOW? I mean, at least the Blob segment spoofed an old movie. This was similar to "Frinkenstein", but even worse. The Golem was an uninteresting and lame character. The female Golem was even worse. Didn't Jean realize that adding emotion in a Halloween episode is what made last year's bomb? (Then again, he doesn't realize a lot of things) Really, Homer's drunk moment was the only think that saved this from being the worst segment since "Hex and the City". Total shit. D+

    The Day the Earth Stood Stupid
    So very very glad they cut the line at the end, but I still think the satire is way too obvious with lines such as "weapons of mass disintigration" and the whole "three years later" thing. Really, the Iraq stuff felt tacked on to an otherwise fairly solid segment. The music and animation were superb, and the jokes before the mud scene were pretty humorous and hit the mark ("Why do you keep saying first World War?"). Also, how could you not have a Kang & Kodos appearance in a ThoH segment without maniacal laughing that lasts pointlessly for ten seconds? I originally gave this a C+, but since they apparantly cut the last line, I'll give it a B-.

    B- overall.

    (By comparison, the last 3 years' Treehouses all got C's or C+'s from me)
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    Filthy Repulsive Anteater Mr_Scorpion's Avatar
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    Married To The Blob - Good segment that was executed pretty much exactly like I thought it would be. It had quite a few great moments (Arby's, the barbeque sauce fight), but the Dr. Phil cameo and yet another music montage killed any atmosphere they had built. Giant Lenny and invisible Carl got the biggest laugh of the night, though. 3/5

    You Gotta Know When To Golem - Just like the first segment, they built a creepy atmosphere and then promptly abandoned it. Still, it showed some creativity, which is more than I can say for any of last year's segments. They didn't go the way of "the golem attacks random characters for ten minutes" like I thought they would, so I was pleasantly surprised. 3/5

    The Day The Earth Looked Stupid - Second only to "The Ned Zone" as the best post-classic era segment, IMO. I loved the atmosphere and the animation. Maurice LaMarche did a great job, and for once there were no blatantly bad jokes. With the Iraq line cut out, I'm giving this a 4/5.

    So, overall... 4/5. Best episode of the season so far. Never thought I'd say that about a THOH again!

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    AddminisGator Gatorgod's Avatar
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    4/5 ..Great Halloween show. The sea Capt's lost his head again this year, and the lack of continuity always allows Moe to be more violent than usual. Good times!

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