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Thread: R&R: Bart Gets Famous

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    R&R: Bart Gets Famous

    This is personally one of my favourites, but this episode curiously seems to divide viewers. Some rate it as among the best of Season 5, others one of the worst of the pre-Scully era.

    Anyway, here's a brief explanation of its appeal to me. Even if it doesn't have the emotional weight of the best of Season 4, never mind 1-3 (it's admittedly more of a gag-fest than anything truly profound and meaningful, but no bad thing), purely on a laugh-out-loud basis few, if any can beat it. It draws from the insanely comedic element of Homer's College, but benefits from better characterization and adds a deeper, more satirical undercurrent. Bart's brief but ill-fated brush with fame perfectly encapsulates the rollercoaster waves of emotion that comes with being in the TV show business, including the high stress factor caused by excess fame and overexposure, and ultimately the cruelly fickle nature of the viewing public. The episode as a whole is also a dig at the type of dumbed-down, lowest common denominator TV that caters for the mass short-attention span audience, as observed by Bart "Damn TV, you've ruined my imagination!".

    Lisa's fantasy
    Bart trying to escape into fantasy like Lisa, and coming up with nothing (see above)
    The trip to the box factory - the deliberately slow pacing to me brings back memories of long and boring school trips with some dullard droning on and on
    The trailer with Kent Brockman squashing the end credits
    The "I didn't do it" line - silly, I know, but at least as hilarious as the famed rake sequence if not more so
    'I Didn't to Do it - the Bart Simpson Story' - "this biography of Bart came out awfully quickly, it's not even about him!"
    Bart on the Conan O'Brien show:
    Bart: You know, Conan, I have a lot to say. I'm not just a one-line
    wonder. Did you know that a section of rain forest the size of
    Kansas is burned every single --
    Conan: Just do the line.
    Bart's nightmare
    The catch phrases at the end and Homer's final say
    and many more.....

    Your thoughts??

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    One of the in-between episodes of season 5. It's good, but not on the classic level of others. The catchphrase bit at the end was gold.

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    At first it was one of my favorite episodes but as I began to watch it more it got boring for me. If I were to watch it today and then rate it, I would give it a 4/5.

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    Along with The Itchy And Scratchy And Poochie show it's one of the most self-referential episodes, crammed with countless meta-references. The story itself is less engaging but it's still very clever and amusing.


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    Jeez, Im suprised by these results.

    This is a great episode with plently of classic moments. 5/5 better believe thats a paddlin

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    not at all memorable
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    Out of all the Simpsons episodes, I think I've seen this one the least and the longest away, I really need to see it again. From what I remember, it was really good.

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    It was an OK episode, better though than "Dancing Homer", as they both have the same storyline of a quick ride of fame and a quick drop off to follow. (B-)

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    I saw this for the first time last month. It was pretty funny, especially the ending.


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    Thin "15 minutes of fame" storyline with some of memorable gags and great self-referential humor. Not the best of Season 5 but not the worst either. The satire of of the fickle nature of showbiz was done quite well. And for a "15 minutes of fame" storyline I will take this over "Dancing Homer" anyday. B+
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    pretty good episode, not one of the worst of Season 5 but not one of the best either B

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    Some very weak points (the box factory and the predictability of Bart's end stand out), but these are overshadowed by some very good jokes. I was LOL during almost all of the second act. Overall, 4/5.
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    This has "classic" written all over it in big shiny letters, bold and underlined.
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    But what is the Question?
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    The episode contains some great satire on show business and the use of catchphrases in lieu of humor. Note that the Simpsons don't spare the whip, even when pointing out their own use of catchphrases.

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    I love this episode. On paper, you would go.....wah, but after watching it, it is pretty darn funny. The box factory was pure gold, especially the fantasies coming along with them. And I can symphathize with poor Bart for being forced to say one-line over and over...people constantly got me to say Apu's niece's line from Grade School Confidential: "Uncle Apu! The principal and the teacher were in the closet with many hands like a vishnu and they were all VERY BUSY!" Funniest thing is, I had no idea that they were doing anything sexual XD And it ended pretty well, on a good moral of 15 minutes of fame. And it raises a good point...Lisa is the only one without a catch phrase. That whole sequence was also gold

    So yeah, this episode was a gold mine


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    One of the lesser of season five, but still a good episode, I give it a B+/A-
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    This is a great satire on instant celebrity especially when the person like Bart doesn't have a talent. There were great jokes including a number of metajokes that had me on the floor

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    Another great Swartzwelder's work. Every scene had me in stiches! Especialy the scene with Bart in Conan O'Brien's show. And,of course,everybody loves the famous ending. 5/5
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    4/5. Like some people already mentioned, not the best of season 5, but definitely not the worst. Although I do sometimes forget about this episode, I'll always remember all of the, well, obviously, memorable lines. Some things that stand out are Bart trying to imagine a better place to go for a field trip instead of the box factory, and winds up imagining a trip to...the box factory. The box factory was also a very good scene, especially with the horribly boring sound of the machines.

    Milhouse: But, this room looks just like all the other rooms.
    Tour leader: Yes, but with one important difference. (looks over his shoulder) Oh wait, we took that out. Yes, it is just like all the other rooms.

    Bart suddenly becoming famous (I didn't actually believe it would happen after reading the title ) for saying a one-liner was very believable, and something I could see happening in real life. Some good jokes that happened during this period were Bart's "biography," Homer wanting to beat up Urkel, and Bart on the Conan O'Brien show, which produced one of my top ten lines of this season.

    Conan: Sit perfectly still! Only I may dance.

    So, basically, a very good episode in a great season. EDIT: Oh, and I loved the ending!
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    It's good, but I've seen it so many times and It's sort of lost some appeal for me. It's also a little too meta-referencial for my taste, but I loved that catchphrase ending. Some very funny jokes 'damn you!! a box!!', the entire box factory segment, 'I have to pay to see my grandson!', but I dunno...I kind of know what to expect throughout the entire thing. B+

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    A good episode, great Bart characterization, but a lot of the humor fell flat and Homer's jokes were much too contrived.

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    4/5, great episode
    Kids, let me tell you about another so-called ``wicked'' guy. He had long hair and some wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right. And that man's name was...
    I forget. But the point is... I forget that, too. Marge, you know what I'm talking about. He used to drive that blue car?

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    This is my second favorite episode of Season 5, topped only by Cape Feare. A+

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    i liked this episode too, even when i'm not the biggest bart fan. But entertaining story with funny gags. 4/5

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    4/5. As far as endings go that are played solely for laughs, this is the best one in the series. The rest of the episode is less memorable.

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    That shot's so funny I just had to use it in another thread.

    Anyway this is one of my favorites from season 5. The box factory scene is worth the price of admission alone, and the behind-the-scenes antics (Kent Brockman without his danish; Sideshow Mel shouting obscenities at Bart from the bathroom) are hilarious. And Bart's friends not being able to read his own name in the shrunken credits is even more true today.
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    5/5. I liked it a lot.

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    I tend to forget how entertaining this episode is. Several jokes and runs still have me laughing out loud after lord knows many viewings.

    Edit: 4/5, by the way.
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    Seen this episode quite a few times,but its still good. 4/5

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    I don't know what I was thinking when I rated this 3.5/5 before. This episode is fantastic. It features a stellar, relatable, and well-rounded Bart characterization, has a solidly entertaining and timeless storyline, contains the classic box factory scenes, and offers satire that is done convincingly and is not overbearing. Of course, the story was predictable, and there were a few jokes here and there that were awkward or unfunny, but the story was still engaging despite its predictability and most of the jokes hit their mark easily. It's simply a joy to watch. 5/5
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