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Thread: R&R - Homer and Apu

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    Hold onto your dick Green_Peaness's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
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    R&R - Homer and Apu

    I've recently become a fan of this episode. It really developed Apu and turned him into an even funnier character (I think he was best from season 5-8).

    This episode has a feeling of sincerity that most other season 5 episodes doesn't have, though the gags are even better than a typical episode from that season. The episode works on the emotional level than others in the season probably because the characters are fuller or are more realistic. (this is why I'm not a fan of "Marge on the Lam")

    The first act is hilarious, and there a few slow moments in the 2nd and 3rd act but there is plenty to keep your attention. The monstromart is a strange diversion, but it adds to the episode especially with one of the best-ever sign gags. Other obvious highlights are James Woods and the musical. Anyway, this episode comes in about 5th place for season 5 after Rosebud, Secrets of a..., Cape Feare and THOHIV

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    a fervent propulsion Tinselled Jim's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    bristol, uk
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    Great episode, there's a good joke, about the Hindu act of apology when Apu threateningly reaches his arms out infront of him. One of my favourite qoutes-

    Homer: Kids, you shoulden't be afraid to try new things, for instance tonight I am wearing a- Apu what is this thing?

    Apu: A napkin.

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    One of my favorite episodes.

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    It's Just A Flesh Wound ppoi307's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    Inbetween A Rock & A Hard Place

    Who Needs an A+

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    SuperFriend Nameless's Avatar
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    Dec 2004

    Decent episode, I enjoy the musical number, James Woods subplot, most of the jokes...I'm probably a bit too...opposite of harsh on it though, I give it A-/A.
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    Back but still forgotten
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    Sep 2005
    St. Louis, MO, USA

    A complete classic. Top 20 material.

    My favorite of Season 5 for the absolute perfect viscosity, not to mention the musical number, the endless number of laughs and my favorite guest star ever, James Woods.

    A+ better believe thats a paddlin

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    back in black
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    Feb 2005
    Springfield Mystery Spot

    Not a classic, but a good, solid, well-written episode comparable to material from season 2 or 3. Would be better if not for the odd plot twist at the start of act 2 and the Kwik-E-Trip to India. A-
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    something clever grissom's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    Haven't watched it in a while. Great from all the other times I remember watching it though. A

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    formerly Keyser Soze Imperciph's Avatar
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    May 2005
    I ain't sayin' nothin'

    Greg Daniel's first episode is his weakest one. It is still great episode and fleshed out the character of Apu, making him a more hilarious and sympathetic character. It also sports a great original musical number and a hilarious guest appearance of James Woods . Much Apu About Nothing is my favorite Apu episode but that episode could not have been possible if this episode did not flesh out Apu's character. So I give this episode an A-
    It's a bit like having sex with a jellyfish: once might an interesting experiment, twice would be perversion!
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    Hired Goon DotheBartman's Avatar
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    Oct 2001

    A fun but overrated episode. It's really pretty empty and kind of formulaic in it's plot, and though funny I hardly find it to be a laugh riot, by Simpsons standards. I do appreciate that it somewhat opened the door for Apu plots, but I don't think they had a truly deep and hilarious one until "Much Apu About Nothing". B/B+
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    You Betcha Homer J Brannigan's Avatar
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    Oct 2004

    The best episode of season 5. A+

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    barts friend

    A great episode

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    Aug 2006
    Under a big 'T', Southampton, Englandville

    my mate just pointed out the "ORDINARY VAN" on the surveillance van...never noticed that before
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    big bad Bartolo sung's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
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    This episode is good. But is it just me, or is it that I feel some people are hyping up the grade?
    great humor, the musical scene and one of best guest star performance by James Woods were the factors that really appealed the viewers. Some had very hilarious moments, the whole episode is 'laugh riot' I tell ya. But the plot was meh-ish. But it activated Apu's true character and directly lead to 'Much Apu About Nothing'

    calmer than you are

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    Junior Camper BrideofMoleman's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    In the Moleman Colony

    It may have activated Apu's charachter, but I don't know, he still did feel kind of weak to me. The song was absolutely brilliant, Homer repeatedly getting poisoned, and the Kwik-E-Mart headquarters. I'm not a huge movie buff so I can't say I was a huge fan of the James Wood guest appearance, though I did think it was amusing. What was his charachter changed to again, some sort of eskimo?

    Funny jokes and strong realistic charachters, but something about this episode just was missing for me. 4/5

    "He lied to us! Through song!"

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    3 years late, but meh! simplysimpsons's Avatar
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    Nov 2002

    Homer's too dumb for my liking, but there are a lot of funny moments throughout the entire episode and you do have some sympathy for Apu. Great musical number, too. I wasn't a fan of James Woods' appearance at all, though. B

    A tribute to Bart Simpson

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    Come back, Zinc!! Sniper Squirrel's Avatar
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    Jan 2006
    The Jerk Store

    Such a great episode, had a great role by a supporting character, a great performance by James Woods, so many hilarious jokes, especially Barney pushing over the giant Mrs. Butterworth, "Oh god, I killed her, it's all happening again"
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    The Chunnel's gonna blow!
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    Jul 2006

    A. Made my top 15. James Woods appearence was great, IMO, and "Who Needs the Kwik-E-Mart?" has to be one of my favorite Simpsons musical numbers ever. Other than that, this episode is full of laughs, and we explore deeper into Apu's character.

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    Break On Through Rider On The Storm's Avatar
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    Sep 2006

    I loved this episode... It was without a doubt hilarious, and the plot was fantastic. Homer was great, especially at the scene with the Kwik-E-Mart CEO. One of the episodes I really laughed out lound at, great episode. A

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    Junior Camper Oliver.'s Avatar
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    Jul 2006

    I love this one ,is so great.
    one of my topp ten favorites.

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    I AM THE DANGER Steve's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Nashville, TN
    Blog Entries

    I forgot what a great ep this one was. There are some great visual gags in this one, my favorite being "The master knows all except combination to safe" sign in the ancient Kwik-E-Mart. Plus James Woods is one of the top 10 guest stars ever.

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    Oct 2011

    [5 year and 4 month bump]

    9/10, one of Season 5's best episodes and also I've noticed:

    Simpsons James Woods > Family Guy James Woods

    Simpsons Adam West > Family Guy Adam West

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    Hired Goon
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    May 2011
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    Wow, this was dead for that long? I bet bumping this thread was like wiping dust off an old book.

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    on a trip to squaresville Prune Tracy's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Ontario, Canada
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    Count me as underwhelmed, and even disappointed by this one. Apu is one of my favourite characters, but this episode did not measure up to my expectations. It just felt... lacking in terms of humour. Even the song wasn't that great. The plotline was very good, though. I'll give it that. But this episode garners a very low 4/5 from me, probably a B for the poll.

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    at the other side of reality cinco's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
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    So this is Apu's first big showcase.
    And wow... shocking! He ignores expiration dates.
    So yeah... there's punishment, there's guilt, there's... a song?!?
    And to be honest... quite a fantastic song.
    Try to ban those lyrics out of your head once you heared them.
    It's simply. not. possible.

    Whether igloo, hut or lean-to
    Or a geodesic dome
    There's no structure I have been to
    Which I'd rather call my home...
    When I first arrived, you were all such jerks
    But now I've come to love your quirks
    Maggie with her eyes so bright
    Marge with hair by Frank Lloyd Wright
    Lisa can philosophize
    Bart's adept at spinning lies
    Homer's a delightful fella
    Sorry 'bout the salmonella
    [Homer] Hehe, that's okay

    Now here's the tricky part
    Oh, won't you rhyme with me?
    Who needs the Kwik-E-Mart?
    [Marge] Their floors are sticky-mart!
    [Lisa] They made Dad sicky-mart!
    [Bart] Let's hurl a bricky-mart!
    [Homer] That Kwik-E-Mart is real - d'oh!
    [Apu] Who needs the Kwik-E-mart?
    Not me!
    Forget the Kwik-E-mart
    Goodbye to Kwik-E-mart
    Who needs the Kwik-E-mart?
    Not me!

    Also there is James Woods, an actor who made a habit out of it to show up as himself in animated sitcoms.
    Everyone needs a hobby I guess.

    So how do I feel about this episode now?
    Meh... still ok, but besides a memorable song there's not that much to look back at.
    Oh yeah, Apu saves Woods' life as the hero he is and no, he ain't married with Manjula yet, so he's still octuplets-free.

    Enjoy your bachelor-life while you still can, Apu.
    And try to avoid people who get on your nerves.

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    I'm a real user of women hutz's Avatar
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    Jan 2012

    I will always have a special connection with this episode because it was the first one(as far as I can remember) that I ever watched. It first aired around my 4th birthday, so its possible I watched the premiere, or an early repeat.The story itself starts well and ends well, but the middle act is a tad dull in places.

    Best Quotes:
    Kent Brockman: Good evening, here's an update on last week's nursing home expose "Geezers in Freezers". It turns out the rest home was adequately heated. The footage you saw was of a fur storage facility. We've also been told to apologize for using the term "geezer".
    Now, coming up next, the case of "The Cantankerous Old Geezer".

    Lisa: Dad, are you listening to me?
    Homer: Shh Lisa, the dog is barking.

    Lisa: I can see through time.

    Apu: It is encrusted with filth. Ah well, lets sell it anyway. Now this is just between me and you, smashed hat.
    Kent Brockman: Hot Diggity Dog! We got him Mr. Simpson! Mr. Simpson?
    Homer: One hot dog, please.

    Kwik-E-Mart exec: It is also standard procedure to blame any problems on a scapegoat, or sacrificial lamb.
    Apu: Uh huh, and if I could obtain for you, these animals?

    Apu: Relax, please Mr. Simpson. You do not have anything I have not seen before. What the?
    Homer: I like to keep a lollipop there.

    Apu: There it is. The worlds first convenience store.
    Homer: This isn't very convenient.

    This one also has my all time favourite guest star James Woods, who offers up several hilarious lines ("Don't jerk me around fella", his angry tirade toward his oven)and his final scene.
    Woods: I'm off to battle aliens on a faraway planet
    Marge: That sounds like a good movie
    Woods: yes... yes a movie, yes.

    Highlights include Apu's song, Grampa's nickel story, the Lawrence of Arabia reference, the surveillance hat scene as well as some nice Mirkinesque jokes like the black comedian and "Oh great, Christians".
    Last edited by hutz; 04-27-2012 at 08:15 PM. Reason: Oh great, edits

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    Don't you know I am serious!! Rembrandt Q. Einstein_1's Avatar
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    Oct 2012

    The first half is dull and clumsy, but it really picks up towards the end.
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    A+. This is one of the classics. The song is one of the best of the entire show. This reminds me of my childhood. I love this era of the Simpsons.

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    A Lonely, Insignificant Speck Insanity Pepper's Avatar
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    Apr 2013
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    I'm not a huge fan of this episode's plot, but what makes it a good episode is Apu (and the song). And for a guest star playing himself, James Woods is quite entertaining. 7/10

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    Vote Jerkass Homer 2015! Jerkass Homer's Avatar
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    Nov 2012
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    Not the best plot, but you gotta love James Wood, Who Needs The Kwik-e-Mart etc. Grade: A-

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