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Thread: Rate/Review The Girl Who Slept Too Little (GABF16)

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    Rate/Review The Girl Who Slept Too Little (GABF16)

    When a new stamp museum proposes locating itself next door to the Simpson house, the family protests it. As a result, the museum decides instead to build on the former site of a cemetery... and the bodies get moved to a new lot on Evergreen Terrace. Thanks to the new neighbors, Lisa develops sleepnessness because of her constant fears. After numerous attempts to get herself to go to sleep in her own room, Lisa decides that she must confront her fear and spend one night alone in the graveyard.

    A mod more clever than me can come up with the poll option names, but otherwise the thread will open after the episode airs to prevent early viewing spoilers and bogus reviews.

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    Taking my talents to S. Beach Curtis's Avatar
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    one of the best episodes of the past five years. 5/5
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    Stonecutter blueguy's Avatar
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    Nov 2003

    Pretty good. A ton of good jokes. About the only thing that I didn't think worked was Wiggum taking off his clothes.
    I liked the couch gag, but missed the very begining. Was there a chalkboard?
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    Thought this was a great episode. Probably one of the best of the past few seasons.5/5

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    Back but still forgotten
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    Sep 2005
    St. Louis, MO, USA

    It had some good jokes but just didnt "wow" me.

    3/5 better believe thats a paddlin

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    Junior Camper
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    Aug 2005
    Houston, TX

    4/5. Very very goood! Almost a 5/5 but still not as great as the earlier episodes. But still GREAT.
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    SuperFriend Homer Jay's Avatar
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    This is the best episode since I, D'oh-bot. I really liked Homer in this episode I thought that he was really funny and that Lisa was characterized as the eight-year-old girl that she is.

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    The Man Who Would be King CMQ's Avatar
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    B. This Episode gets a B because it did a good job characterizing Lisa Simpson and it had some funny moments with Chief Wiggum finding his Walkman in his fat folds being a solid example. The first act was good with Homer being consistently funny and Bart acting like his normal self and nothing stuck out as being awful. The second act was the weak point of the show but it was still better then any act of last week’s episode. The pros of the second act were when the author said, “I started making children’s books when Playboy wouldn’t accept my cartoons.” However I hated the part where Homer stole the book and destroyed the physicist’s office and tried to burn it down. The reason why I hated it is that it’s one of the most overdone jokes on the Simpsons and It’s not funny anymore. Act three was good because the animation was excellent when Lisa bumped her head on the grave and she saw the monsters plus Chief Wiggum was at his best in the third act. Overall grade B
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    Junior Camper DuffMan72's Avatar
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    Montreal, QC

    5/5. Best episode in a LONG time.
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    6 Months Gone, Still Hated. Wasteland's Avatar
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    A Two-Story Port-A-John

    5/5. Loved the Gumby couch gag. Lisa's dream sequence felt like a throwback to the golden age.

    Best line: Read the Patent number, bitch."


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    Aug 2004

    B+ pretty decent episode, much better than last week's.

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    Well that was a freebie Keller's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    That was awesome. The couch gag with claymation and Gumby was hilarious, the directing on the entire episode was amazing, and the storyline was completely original and hilarious.
    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis the Jackass
    one of the best episodes of the past five years.

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    Great first two acts and then the third was pretty weird.
    The third act was still good but not near as funny as the first.

    One of the best couch gags in quite a while, too.


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    Hired Goon
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    Jul 2003

    i dunno. i might have to give it another watch, but what i saw didn't impress me all that much. just seemed like one of those episodes that was merely okay with not much that was really noteworthy. big step up from last week's episode, but still, i can't give this anything more than a 3/5.

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    The cosmic ballet goes on.. Radioactive Man's Avatar
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    Sep 2003

    Sooooooooo much better than last week.
    1. It was actually funny
    2. Had a decent story
    3. It actually had an ending

    The only joke I didn't like was Dr. Nick. It would have been much funnier if they just showed him in the background as lisa walked by. I luaghed when they first showed him but thought his excuse was lame.

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    Definatley one of the best episodes ive seen in awhile. The animation was brilliant in this one. Started off slightly slow, but really picked up towards the end. What was up with homer saying bullshit? And them beeping it out? That seemed a little...I dont know, it just didnt seem like something the Simpsons would do. But an awsome episode, although I just couldnt quite give it a 5/5.


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    Act 1: C-
    Act 2: C
    Act 3: C

    Slightly better than last week. Very dissapointed in the story, really bland. Wouldnt have even made a good B story in my opinion. However, several "minor" LOL gags made this one viewable for me. Still, if this is the best we'll see in future simpsons, we dont have much to look forward to. Cant wait for family guy though

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    No wonder he won Minnesota. Sarcastic Guy II's Avatar
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    Nov 2004
    Bethlehem, PA

    I'm hesitant to give out a 5/5, but that was freaking great.

    My only beef was with Homer's bleeped swearing. Leave the unfunny cursing to the brats on South Park.

    But yeah, 5/5.
    I was saying "Boo-urns."

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    MOAR Semaj's Avatar
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    Feb 2005

    I'm quite sure that those who have anticipated this episode won't be disappointed.

    First off, nobody should ask why they would relocate a cemetery (of all things), especially after what we saw in "Trash of the Titans".

    The story wasted no time getting to the meat. It also consisted of plot points, like the stamp museum, and the fantasy storybook, which brought the entire story into a smooth flow.

    They did have a few clunker jokes, but they seem to be moderating Homer's wackiness quite well this time around.

    The real pay-off was in Act III. The graveyard designs and the animation of Lisa's nightmare were both wonderful.

    In closing, "The Girl Who Slept Too Little" is a nice episode that reinforces the fact that even a self-reliant person like Lisa has earthly flaws like everybody else. This is also the kind of smoothness that the writers should start keeping better track off. If they can focus more of the story than a line of mediocre jokes, that will be more than enough to make Season 17 enjoyable. :thumbsup


  20. #20 Mira's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    I liked it. It started off a little slow and boring, but everything with Lisa in The Graveyard was awesome & funny. The good jokes totally outnumbered the bad ones, I can't really remember one that was really awful. It's about time they used Dr. Nick again, he was great, and The Milhouse slug was funny too. Not extremely impressive, but very good. 4/5
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    You Betcha Homer J Brannigan's Avatar
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    Oct 2004

    One of the best episodes in the past few seasons, also one of the best couch gags ever. 5/5

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    Virgin Colada! *No Rum breadharrity's Avatar
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    Jan 2005

    This was held over from last season! Great episode. Top 30 or even Top 20 ever! Almost 100 percent funny. It really relied on the jokes not the story which dosen't work for family guy very well (not anymore at least, just my opinion) but it worked AWESOME for Simpsons! I just hope they don't do it alot and ruin the show. says :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

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    Sep 2003
    Location, Location.

    Heh. I liked this one. It's kind of strange; it was both cute and dark at the same time. An odd mix. Anyway, the review;

    Act One was brief, but that was actually pretty good. They set up what they needed to quickly, and there were some good gags here. Bart on the hole-driller could have come off very badly, but adding how much fun he had really fixed that. There weren't a lot of jokes here that fell flat, and things moved along well.

    Act Two was quite good. I loved the graveyard stuff, especially Gravedigger Billy (for the record, the scene with him and Willy cut at just the right time; it was funny without taking it too far). A few jokes that were kind of odd- Bart's breakless race car bed, for instance- but overall it was quite good. The trip to the stamp museum was kind of wasted space; I think the "Where the Wild Things Are" bit could have been set up without having to waste time on the stamps. But it could have been worse, and it does make sense for them to tie the first and second acts together like that. The only joke that came off as really bad was the one with author talking about how Playboy thought his cartoons were too dirty.

    Compared to the rest, Act Three was kind of a let-down. I liked quite a few bits- Dr. Nick as Dr. Octopus was creepy in just the right way- but they wasted some time on bits that weren't just unfunny, but unnecessary, like the police in the graveyard. And I wasn't too fond of the dream sequence that wrapped things up; there wasn't anything really bad, but it was nothing special. I guess it just didn't seem all that clever to have the monsters resolve everything. Certainly nothing bad, though.

    Overall, though, it was really good. I quite enjoyed it. I'd have to say A-. Like I said, it blends being dark and cute in a way that's entirely unexpected but also quite good. I really enjoyed this one.

    Also, the Couch Gag was one of the best in a long time.
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    Wow, an episode that WASN'T about Marge and Homer's marriage. That's a first. C+
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    Around 4.25/5 or somewhere in the 8.5 out of 10 range, maybe a bit higher.

    Very good, huge improvement.

    The first act worried me just a bit, it had a few good jokes (more than all of the last episode), but was still only a 2.5/5, though nothing was really that bad.

    The second act was almost perfect; almost all the jokes worked. 5/5.

    The third was nearly as good, only jokes that didn't work were the Milhouse/slug ones. 4.5/5

    Damn good episode, and a nice bounce back after last week. All the characters stayed in character, the voice acting was great and didn't sound off at all, and I loved how there was one plot throughout that could actually sustain an episode. The episode didn't keep moving around at such a ridiculous pace like some recent episodes, and moved at a good pace. Most of the jokes worked, and it didn't try the "throw out 50 jokes and hope a decent amount work" philosophy that many episodes seem to try in this day and age.

    Also, the couch gag was awesome.

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    Vs. The World Alpha's Avatar
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    Nashville, TN

    Great stuff, much better than last week. My favorite scenes were the protest montage in the first act and Lisa's hallucinations while she was unconcious.

    So yeah, really good episode. Constantly funny. The couch gag was nice too. 4.5/5 (Rounded up to a 5/5 for the poll).

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    Back but still forgotten
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    Sep 2005
    St. Louis, MO, USA

    Looking back on this, I was way to hasty with my "3/5" rating.

    I give it a 4/5.

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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Pretty good one tonight, especially after last week. The story was pretty simple and was resolved very fast but the humor was there throughout the episode. Highlights included Bart's car bed, the Gumby couch, Homer's remote helicopter and Willie's cousin (or was it brother?).


    I gotta say though, because I spent all of August watching ONLY season six, it's been a little weird watching new episodes so soon again. I'm noticing the difference more than usual, especially the treatment of Bart's character. I find even compared to episodes as recent as season 14, his character in the last two episodes has been dull, and when he's been bratty, it feels so tame, and not actually very "bad-boyish" at all. I'm noticing Homer's change a lot more too. After hearing the producers in the season 6 commentaries go on and on about how Homer's so likeable because he's always so happy and positive, even in grim situations it feels wrong to see him moan and groan a lot (like in last week's episode) or destroy offices (although I thought the knocking over the shelves was hilarious admittedly).

    ALSO: Does anyone else find that it's getting increasingly easy to recognize the actors voicing new secondary or nameless characters? I'm finding in the last year or so I can pick out the voice actors of all the random clerks, TV hosts, or random secondary characters in new episodes. Either that, or they sound like existing characters. I think it's just been awhile since we've heard a funny new voice.

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    pee air true dough Larson Something's Avatar
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    Solidly in the B range. Not one where I laughed all the way through, but a very good story and some nice characterizations. 4/5

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    Wow. Episodes these good nowadays are rare. 5/5.

    (Did anybody catch the reference to Harry Shearer narrating TV Land?)

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