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    Marge & Homer Fights

    Personally, i wish the writers would stop making Homer + Marge marital problems, and i believe that by now they should have divorced! Okay, we'll maybe not, but I have compiled a list anyway, just to show how many episodes there have been centered around them fighting. I did not include ones where they are attracted to someone, but instead just the fight episodes. However, when compiling this list, the reason I am posting it here, is because I found a lot of the fight episodes I like. Here it is(if you have any suggestions for the list post them, but I won't nessecarily put it in the list):

    Homer's Night Out - (Grade: B-)
    It is obvious why I included this one.

    The War of the Simpsons - (Grade: C)
    Not a straight out fight as I remember, but they do go to a marriage consuling session, so that is why I included this one

    Colonel Homer - (Grade: A)
    This one doesn't quite fight the category, but it does have Marge getting mad at homer several times.

    A Streetcar Named Marge - (Grade: A-)
    Marge gets very angry at Homer so it is obvious it would be in this list.

    Secrets of a Successful Marriage - (Grade: B+)
    Well Duh I added this one.

    The Springfield Connection - (Grade: B+)
    Homer and Marge do have fights in this one, which slightly drives the plot.

    El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer - (Grade: A)
    Obvious why I added this one.

    Tennis the Menace - (Grade: D+)
    Homer getting mad at Marge for not picking him is kinda the center of the episode.

    Half-Decent Proposal - (Grade: B+)
    Okay, so this one is kinda off from the others, but it does have Homer mad that Marge loves Artie(or so ghe thinks).

    Three Gays of the Condo - (Grade: B+)
    Obvious why I added this one.

    My Big Fat Geek Wedding (Grade: C)
    Thanks Butters for the catch!

    Break My Wife Please - (Grade: C-)
    Marge gets angry at him, and Homer thinks she is gonna kill him.

    The Way We Weren’t - (Grade: A-)
    Marge is made at Homer for leaving her.

    Mobile Homer - (Grade: C-)
    Obvious why I added this one.

    The Bonfire of the Manatees - (Grade: ?????)
    Obvious why I added this one.

    I don't know if it is the same for everyone else, but more than half of the marital problem episodes I liked. I still feel that they should stop using this blood because it is getting stale, but I guess I can't bitch about it as much since I like so many of them. Also, sorry if I didn't include any that should be in there. Thoughts, comments?
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    My view: You can show pictures of people in the nude, you can show pictures of people having sex, you can even show kids naked, but SHOW HOMER 'DOING IT' WITH LISA AND I'LL HUNT YOU DOWN.

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    you forgot my big fat geek wedding from your list.

    just gonna post the reviews i've already got saved, rather than write new shit.

    Life On The Fast Lane
    Great episode. Animation was some of the best we see in Season 1 and the plot... the plot was great. This episode introduces Jacques, who will make dozens of cameos in Season 2, as well as introducing the plot that Homer and Marge don't have a great marriage. The episode made me laugh quite a lot, and there were some very nice scenes. The episode starts with Homer forgetting Marge's birthday and getting her a bowling ball (a nice callback to the episode before). Marge starts learning how to bowl, as Jacques starts hitting on her. There were some nice exchanges between Homer and Marge throughout and a splendid closing scene. Parts of the third act convey some really emotion! A great episode. A+

    Homer's Night Out
    Not the best, but underrated. Sadly, it's two episodes in a row about Homer/Marge's relationship. If they had went p-code wise this would've come first, perhaps it would get more respect then... The animation was again some of the best of Season 1. Bart and his spy-cam was pretty good, but afterwards it gets rather dull. I think the only laugh out loud moment for me was when Homer and Bart wound up at the mud wrestling place and Homer kept telling Bart "eyes on the floor". Other than that, it was a fairly forgettable episode. C+

    Some Enchanted Evening
    It's horrible. It's completely horrible that some people think this episode is awful. The criticism towards the animation is unjustified, considering it was the very first one animated and they were probably playing about to see what looks right and not. There were a few laughable moments here and there, while the plot was pretty dull. Personally, I'd much rather see this as the Season Premiere, as it got across the fact they were a dysfunctional family. Anyway, the baby-sitter bandit thing had me yawning, and the Homer/Marge plot didn't really have any fresh twists to the fact that they were staying at a motel. The first act was were most the laughs were to be had. I'd be lying if I said this was the most interesting and unique episode ever, but it's certainly not the most boring and bland thing from Season 1. Good laughs for me would be the florencent scene at the Florists and Homer not realizing it was Marge on the radio. Not the best of Season 1, but certainly not the worst. B

    A Milhouse Divided
    Very fun episode. The plot is very clich'ed, but it's not really a problem, as everything else in the episode is in perfect order. There's no glaring problems with characterisation, humour was pretty consistant and there were no major flaws with how they progressed the plot. There were plenty of real laugh out loud moments, such as Homer's "soothing sea sounds" or Bart smashing Homer over the back with a chair (I don't care if it's a pretty stupid gag, it never fails to make me smile.). The 3rd act did sort of go on a tagent, having dropped the Kirk and Luanne story, mostly, to focus on Homer's concern that Marge is going to get a divorce from him. Not a bad thing at all, I just think that the Kirk and Luanne story should've dominated a bit more of the third act, rather than just the ending lines. Anyway, it's a pretty funny episode. Underrated in ways. A

    Viva Ned Flanders
    Another one from Season 10 I hate with every inch of my body. For starters, it completely ruins Ned's character, not only by revealing his age as 60, but having him want to be more exciting. Homer was a jerk to Ned throughout the entire duration and the Vegas wife 3rd act was a poor attempt to parody (?) "Friends". Throughout the entire thing, there's not even one decent joke that can keep you pre-occupied during this really dull travesty of an episode. The entire opening scenes just switch from completely confusing and unrelated things. Casino getting exploded, garage, Ned's 60... they all just come out of the blue, and the fact there's no jokes to make you forget that it's completely random doesn't help at all. Not to mention we finish this trash-TV-style episode with a personal favourite of Scully: a Homer (and Ned) pain gag. I'd much rather be raped by a zebra with a hat on, than sit through this utter piece of garbage. The show has wasted 21 minutes of my life and I feel violated. D-

    I'm With Cupid
    Above average by Season 10's standards. There were good jokes, and there were no major issues with characterisations and the plot was rather interesting. Still, it doesn't quite match up to decent episodes from previous seasons. The third act is a bit of a problem too. Homer gets into a fight with a pilot, and endures having his head smashed through brick arches and the like, and then is dragged through a thorn field and winds up in front of Marge with a punctured lung. The best joke for the episode for me would be Homer's "the problem with relationships is communication... to much communication" line, although there were some other lines that were as equally funny ("'Sala' must mean 'jerk' and I think 'Manjula' is some kind of spaceship" springs straight to mind). It's still not a sensible and reasonable episode, but for the most of the duration of the episode, I found it to be rather entertaining with some of the better and more "sophisticated" humour of the season (although, keep in mind this is the same season where Homer thought I'd be wicked to run down an old woman!). C+

    Half-Decent Proposal
    The 1st two acts are classic-feeling in a way. However, most the greatness of those two acts goes to hell with having Homer and Lenny want to commit suicide on an oil rig. Granted, it doesn't turn out as bad as it sounds on paper, it was still a pretty weak twist. Both humour and animation are on excellent form for the up-most part of this episode. Homer's snoring was played on for a tad too long, although I dig his "nee-nee-nee"'s and snoring when he's awake. Jon Lovitz's preformance was good, certainly not his best, but still pretty decent. I'll say it again, the 3rd act wasn't really funny. This episode started those annoying "Are Lenny and Carl gay?" rumours, and this episode clearly points to "yes" (even though they're really not). Very fun episode, despite a dip in quality over halfway through. B

    Brake My Wife, Please
    The first time I saw this episode I was praising it for it's greatness. But, then after I watched it again I realised just how bad it was. Two Guest-stars with less than 20-second dialogue and a song for no reason at all. Okay, there were some funny bits in there, like Dr. Hot Dog, but not much. This episode starts of with Bart's class having a Field Trip to the Aquarium. Bart gets injured and has to go to Hospital, Homer then needs a cell-phone for reasons I can no longer remember. We then start to go down hill when Homer has his license revoked for a 3rd time. Marge runs Homer over and they go to see a Marriage Counselor. First things first, the whole scene with Homer with all the crap in his car wasn't funny. Was Homer rapping supposed to have me in stitches? Secondly, the plot was all over the place, one minute Homer's in a car crash the next he thinks Marge is trying to kill him. Thirdly, was Homer thinking Marge was trying to kill him supposed to be comedy? Or even black comedy? Because, it wasn't. It was rather disturbing. To be honest, there's no moments in the episode that made me laugh out loud, the most the episode got from me was a small chuckle when "Dr. Hot Dog" hit Homer with the clip board, and that was only because of the sheer surprise of it. This episode was very unamusing. D

    Co-Dependant's Day
    In the new world of episodes, there's 3 types of episodes : "good", "bad, with good jokes" and "bad". This episode is "bad, with good jokes". In fact, if I was to comment on the jokes, they might as well be billed as excellent jokes. Because, indeed, the jokes in this episode were some of the funniest of the entire season. Besides the jokes, the rest of the episode is pretty unbearable. A Star Wars parody that was due 4 years ago, pretty abysmal characterisations of Homer and Marge and a really bad plot with Homer being such a jerk to have framed Marge. I'm really not fond of drunk Marge, either, she's not really that interesting and she's rather annoying. Among the great jokes were some pretty poor ones, Homer drinking semen and Marge's hang-over come straight to mind. I'll admit, that grading this episode is a rather difficult thing to do, as I've said it had some of the best jokes in years, but was dismal in the other departments. Certainly not one that'll hold-up when you've seen it 10 times and remember all the jokes, but a pretty good one for one or two veiwings. C+

    My Big Fat Geek Wedding
    "What the hell was that?", my exact words upon the ending of this episode. It was like some crappy Soap mixed with some crappy musical. It's boring through out, completely unfunny and really unenjoyable. Every few seconds of this episode that I saw I was saying "For god's sakes someone throw a freaking pie!", it was like nothing of interest happened at all. And that ending at the Comic Con was really childish. The Simpsons is a comedy, not a lame cartoon drama. The Homer helping Skinner/Marge helping Krabappel thing was a pretty good idea, but they lost it by having Homer come up with the idea of a musical. To be honest, the first few minutes of the show just felt like a bunch of unfunny sketches mixed together. It took two completely random scenes to actually get to a part where the plot was explained. The Marge and Homer sub-plot was underplayed, uninteresting and re-used from "A Milhouse Divided". Easily my least favourite episode of Season 15. D

    Mommie Beerest
    Finally. The first good episode of the season. I found this one to be very enjoyable and it had a nice classic touch. Even the worser jokes ("daddy?", drunk toss and trombone) were bearable. Plot wise, I'll admit it was a little bit corny, but the callback to Moe having a thing for Marge (something not mentioned for a long time) was very nice. Homer wasn't a jerkass at all, even with a nice meta-ref about "Jerkass", and the episode flowed together nicely. I enjoyed the call-back to Itchy and Scratchy land and "Cards" (whereas last years CGI was annoying, this one was a welcome parody). Good, but no-where near comparable to the earlier seasons of the show. B+

    Mobile Homer
    Had me laughing a couple of times. But it's really just a random string of things happening. Nothing really memorable. And another cop-out ending. The couch gag was the only moment that I will probably remember. The entire opening with Homer cleaning the garage did actually have me laughing, but it was at how it seemed like a parody of the mistakes people would make in real life (although, hopefully not all at once). Although after he threw the magazine the laughs turned to tears as the garage door started beating Homer up (also, if it were a real garage door it would've chopped his head off). I liked the parody of, uh, that movie it was parodying when Bart handed Lisa the letter with the picture of Homer trapped in the garage door. The random Homer pain gags throughout the first act were really pathetic. Randomly appearing stuck in the window and cutting his hand in the paper shredder weren't needed at all. Again, I ask, what is Al Jean's obsession with call-backs? RV Bob's Round-Up and the health insurance place from Homer's Triple Bypass? When Homer and Marge start fighting it picked up a little bit, but when Homer let the other RV guys stay in his yard it went back downhill. Didn't really pick up after that. Even Wiggum's scene didn't live up to my expectations. Wiggum has been really funny this season, but his lines in this episode weren't stellar. The chase on the freeway was very poor, and Homer strangling Bart was just a pain to watch, he's a real bastard to Bart nowadays. Then that strange boat ending, with the new RV Bob on a balloon, was just awful. And endings where Marge is drugged never get old. I'm really starting to lose faith in the show. B-

    Uh... dunno what to make of this one. Bender's cameo aside, I didn't laugh at much. There was a lot of pretty lame jokes (genetically engineered vomit?) and some pretty uninteresting parts (am I the only one who found the whole Milhouse-Lisa thing boring?). Wiggum had the biggest laugh for me again (and no, it wasn't that lame chicken gag), I enjoyed the sub-plot to a fair degree, actually, and Homer had some good laughs in it (his toupee was great). The only thing, just like all the other episodes this season, it's very forgettable. Not because it's bad, just nothing very memorable happened. I enjoyed it for the most part, although, it's certainly not as great as it sounded. B-
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    There's been far too many 'fight' episodes between Homer and Marge. Most have been good, but it's been done far too many times.

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    I think there have been a bunch of marital problem episodes because Springfield is an exaggeration of real life. Couples get in arguments/fights/what-have-you. Can't speak for any of you guys/gals, but I've seen my parents argue my entire life. It's just a normal occurance. On of the strengths of The Simpsons is its ability to poke fun at family life in general. Besides, when the main character of a tv show is a big idiot like Homer, his wife is bound to get mad a him once and a while and Homer is stupid enough to get mad at Marge for something irrelevant.

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    Your completley missing the point, of course everyone's aware of that.
    The problem is there's been some gratuitious overuse of it, seriously about half of the total number of these episode have come in the last 4 years and there's at least 2 more next season, parents fight and get into little arguments, but there's not a question of them getting a divorce once a month, It wouldn't be so bad if the writing of it was orginal different but their treading same terriotry over and over again without adding anything new. Seriously I know Simpsons isn't about continuity but they must suffer from amnesia if they can question whether they love each other this much.

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