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  • [9F20] "Maybe it'd feel more alive in the bedroom, Al."

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  • [1F13] "Al, let's have sex!" - "No, Peg".

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Thread: Best "Married... With Children" Parody

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    Best "Married... With Children" Parody

    Uh, two polls in one day... guh... anyway, I was really bored, and I know you all love my obscure reference polls. Here's two parodies to Married... With Children, so now we can find out which one was marginally best out of the two... I've got to get a life...

    Quote Originally Posted by Marge in Chains
    Al: Hey, Peg, you gotta start taking more care of the house! these plants are all lifeless and limp.
    Peg: Maybe they'd feel more at home in the bedroom Al.
    Quote Originally Posted by Deep Space Homer
    Peg: [whines] Al...let's have sex!
    Al: Ehh, no Peg.
    [Audience laughs and claps]
    [Al flushes a toilet, and everyone hollers and cheers]
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    SMiLE st3vo's Avatar
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    1F13, I hardly remember the other one.

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    In my childhood I always thought the "let's have sex" gag was hilarious and random and had no point to it at all. Now I realise that it is a parody, and it wins.

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    i did not hit her Jayrayman's Avatar
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    Its has to be 1F13, classic scene from Deep Space Homer.

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    Curse those handsome devils
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    The reference in 1F13.

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    back in black
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    1F13, I guess.

    My favourite REFERENCE to Fox's other successful early sitcom is David Faustino in "Talk to the Hand" from Wild Barts Can't Be Broken.
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    definitely 1F13. just sums up 'married with children' on one line (even though it wasnt a bad show)
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    The Marge in Chains one because it was followed by:

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    The second one...that was hilarious
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    Quote Originally Posted by Butters
    Al: Hey, Peg, this plant's dead.
    Peg: Maybe it'd feel more alive in the bedroom, Al.
    Actually it was...

    Al: Hey Peg, you gotta start taking more care of the house! these plants are all lifeless and limp
    Peg: Maybe they'd feel more at home in the bedroom Al
    i know it's pedantic, but it makes the joke a lot funnier

    i voted 1f13 because i thought it was hilarious. what is it a parody of?

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    Not much between them, but the one with the toilet leaps to mind more, so I'll vote for that one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorkus Malorkus
    i voted 1f13 because i thought it was hilarious. what is it a parody of?
    married...with children.

    and i voted for it.
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