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Thread: R&R Wizard Of Evergreen Terrance

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    R&R Wizard Of Evergreen Terrance

    A very weak episode. C

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    D+. All what's saving it from an F, to be honest, is the hilarious scene where Homer presented his inventions to the rest of the family.

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    SuperFriend Nameless's Avatar
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    3/5. Good in some places, weak in others.
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    The Wizard on Evergreen Terrace is not as bad as some would have you believe, but it does seem to go through the motions a lot of the time, save for a few moments. The first act, where Homer starts moaning about his supposed lack of accomplishment, is more random than actually funny, except for the part where his car is collected. The second act is not bad, but it is a bit dull, except for the part where he tests out his inventions. The third act, where Bart and Homer try to destroy things in Edison's museum, meanders and is dissappointing as well, since Homer and Bart do not really do anything except add to Edison's fame. However, the end line: "I'm sitting in the right place!" is a classic. It is a hard call, but I will give 'The Wizard on Evergreen Terrace' a B-, as its humour, when implemented, is usually up to the mark, even if most of the rest of the episode isn't.

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    I thought it was a decent episode, probably shouldn't have been the season 10 premiere, the whole Homer doing this because he's unsatisfied with his life premise really doesn't work, as we all know from Kill the aligator and run, I'll give this episode a C+
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    Yawn. A Scully era episode where Homer gets a new job/hobby? How novel! It was an appropriate opener for season 10 since it set the tone the rest of the episodes would have. I'll withold rating it since I haven't seen it in years, but my memory of it is not a fond one.

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    Banned Reservoir Dog's Avatar
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    I thought this episode was great, loved the end. 4/5

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    formerly shutupa yo face moneychair2003's Avatar
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    4/5. one of the few scully era episodes i love. funniest parts are when homer makes all his inventions, obsesses about edison, homer at the library making edison dance in the book, and homer's joke about the hardy boy books.
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    I think this is one of the best "Homer gets a wacky new job" episodes. Homer's inventions are brilliant, and the "phony pope" newscast is one of my favorite one-off jokes ever. 4/5
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    The Chunnel's gonna blow!
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    Argh, I keep getting this episode confused with Miracle on Evergreen Terrace... Anyway, this wasn't too bad an episode. The funniest part was definitely the alarm that went off when everything was okay. Overall, 3/5.
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    this is some friendly Charlie's Avatar
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    I had my hopes up pretty high, because I remembered it being pretty good the first time I saw it. However, this time it was pretty awful. Especially that damn toilet chair thing (really screwed up the ending). The first act was annoying; Homer seemed really out of character when he kept blabberring about Edison. The only highlights in my opinion was his showcase of his first four inventions (minus the aforementioned toilet chair), and the scene at the Edison museum. Apart from that it was pretty forgettable.

    C+ -- 5.5/10
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    The Great Frisco Freak-Out Good-Time Slim's Avatar
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    The first Simpsons episode I truly despised. It made my father stop watching The Simpsons, and he used to be a die-hard every Sunday at 8:00pm night fan. It was like we were watching a completely different show - the humor was just too different from previous seasons and that's in a very bad way

    1/5. Hated it
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    Junior Camper
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    Had a few funny moments, but over-all, just plain sucked.

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    5/5 I loved it.

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    I'd give it about a C+. There are enough genius Swartzwelder moments to make it decent, but it's kind of slow and has a plot that retreads some previous episodes.

    One of my favorite Brockman lines ever: "Authorities say the phony pope can be recognized by his high-top sneakers and incredibly foul mouth." Also, an hilarious grampa moment: "The pictures...they're..coming..alive!" These two lines alone are funnier than all but maybe one or two moments in season 18, which makes me question the sanity of all those who voted season 18 as better than 10 in the recent season ranking thread.
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    Pin Pal
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    A lot of funny homer moments but it had some crap like the toilet chair which I hated. But it did have a lot of funny parts and I liked the story

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    Hold onto your dick Green_Peaness's Avatar
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    I'll raise my grade to B. I don't think of slow pacing as necessarily a bad thing anymore. In this case, the pacing helped.

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    Dial M for Moe Moe Nopoly's Avatar
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    i like this episode, not only because homer is the main character. It's a entertaining and funny episode imo. 4/5

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    All the inventions were hilarious, especially the Makeup gun and the Toilet Chair!
    But then there was that "Invent yourself some underpants!" joke. It wasn't too terrible but there was like this long pause after it like it was supposed to be really funny. I didn't even chuckle. It made me smile, but the pause was too long.

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    It became boring, because they focused way too much on the main plot. The episode wouldn't of worked with a side-plot, but the whole inventing thing was a little too much.

    As for humour; meh. I laughed at times, but there were funnier episodes from Season 10.

    A little bit too overrated, but I don't mind it.


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    i stab people violent jase's Avatar
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    One of my favourite episodes of season 10. 4/5

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    He Wears Short Shorts tom cody's Avatar
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    4/5, one of the best episodes from Season 10.
    Kids, let me tell you about another so-called ``wicked'' guy. He had long hair and some wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right. And that man's name was...
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    John Swartzwelder strikes again. It's not one of his best works, far from it, but it's still a recodnizable Swartzwelder's episode. Therefore, it's one of the very few episodes of season 10 with trully classic elements.

    Funny begining, especialy Homer talking on telephone and later eating a flour bag. Once we get in the main plot, the episode gets much crazier, because Homer's character is on a totaly new level. It's still Homer, but different. Other great moments from the first half of the episode are Homer constantly talking about Tomas Edison, him imagining his own funeral, ''That's boring! You're boring everyone!'' and the house being blown up twice.

    Then his inventions came. This was all hilarious in my opinion and very original. I especialy laughed at Homer using his make-up gun on Marge. There were some weird moments in the last couple of minutes, such as Bart wanting to swear. There were some great scenes, too: Edison's goast, ''Why don't you like Edison that much'', and the room in the museum with Edison's brain.

    The ending was very irronic and I thought it worked perfectly. Deffinitely reminded me of some classic episodes of seasons 5 or 6.

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    Not a perfect episode, by still very funny. A-

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    can never die
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    This is one of those episodes I saw in syndication about 8 times between its airing and the DVD release. Some reasons I still like it:

    1. As far as zany, "Homer Becomes A _____" plots go, this one had some kind of humanity to it. Sometimes I feel like the only things I can remember about my life are standing in line for a movie and getting a key made.

    2. For a Homer episode (or any episode, really), Bart has a lot of great, believeably kid-like lines. Say what you will about Season 10, it had a lot of good Homer-Bart team-ups.

    3. "Dad, women won't like being shot in the face."

    The one thing that's bugged me about this since it aired -- what is up with the toilet chair ending? First of all, Homer was sitting on the couch as he watched TV, then he's suddenly in the chair. Second, he's still wearing his pants. Third, who in the history of mankind has been so mad they pooped their pants?

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    b a i t PreciousBodilyFluids's Avatar
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    Quite easily the best of it's season. 3/5
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    the original Sex Pistol
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    A solid one, but not outstanding, some great jokes. Overall 3/5

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    NHC's Resident Smithers Tamaki Suoh's Avatar
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    Wow, I just watched this one for the first time yesterday, and I was shocked by how horrible it was. I probably shouldn't have been so surprised--it is a season 10 episode, after all--but this was just inexcusable. The writing was at perhaps an all-time low and there were literally zero funny jokes throughout the entire thing. The plot was boring and pointless, and the whole episode felt like it was intended for (or written by) children. F

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    An okay episode. I liked ''Miracle'' more, though 4/5

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