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Thread: Simpsons Comics Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
    Bart Simpson Bust-Up contains all of the stories from Bart Simpson issues 73-77, plus "Railroaded!" from Summer Shindig 7 (the only story from that comic that had not been reprinted in the paperbacks up to that point)
    Ahhh, "Railroaded" was a fun story. I can tell the Silver Flash train was obviously supposed to be based off Amtrak's "Superliner" long-distance trains (in the panel that shows the F40PH-styled engine, I could see "AMT" lettering on the front). I've always admired how the trains in the Simpsons TV show and comics would be drawn with such great detail.

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    Bongo comics solicitations for July are here. Good news everyone!!! Futurama comics returns as Futurama comics annual # 1. Bad news everyone!!! Futurama comics annual # 1 is just the physical versions of Futurama comics issues 82 and 83 in one comic, as much predicted here by some users.

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    I have GOT to take inventory of all the Simpsons comics I own

    I now have 187 and 223

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    In a black van across from your house. The one that says Flowers By Irene.

    Anyone get Simpsons Comics #243 yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SchemingMinor View Post
    Anyone get Simpsons Comics #243 yet?
    Just got it (on May 5). What about it?

    Speaking of which...
    Quote Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
    Issue 242 says that Simpsons Comics is published "six times a year." Strange, considering that last year, there was none published when THOH was published, so you would think it would be only five.
    Issue 243 says "five times a year"
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