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    Rate/Review King of the Hill "It Ain't Over Till the Fat Neighbor Sings"

    King of the Hill goes out with a somewhat underwhelming season finale to a "season" that wasn't really a full season at all. Not bad, but nothing really new except Reverend Stroup flirting with Bill and nothing really spectacularly funny except Dale completely losing it in act 3.

    May the remaining 9 zillion unaired KotH episodes find a safe home on the 2005-6 schedule. Episodes produced for season 9 and not aired included:

    - "Harlottown," with guest-voice Shannon Elizabeth as a porn actress who teams up with Hank
    - An episode with Andre 3000 and Big Boi as ministers at an evangelical megachurch
    - An episode where Buck Strickland hires the guys from "American Chopper" for some reason
    - An episode starring Johnny Knoxville as a professional pooper-scooper

    And other stuff that Fox in its infinite wisdom has decided to leave on the shelf for a while...

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    MOAR Semaj's Avatar
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    Why didn't Bill take a chance with Rev. Stroup when he had a chance? The one time a women actually came on to him, and he blew it!

    This wasn't a bad episode. It's about time Dale learned to shut up once in a while. The singing group was really good. I don't know why Hank and co. were so uneasy about the male chorus. Unless there was something specifying a GAY chorus, they had nothing to worry about.

    The subplot was okay, but because we got so little out of it, the writers didn;t have much to do for Peggy or Bobby in this one. But the fact remains that neither have much to do with their spare times.

    This episode was actually better than last week's, but there were something they could've done to make it better. Too bad Season 9 has ended with 7 eps short of a full season.


  3. #3 Mira's Avatar
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    Mar 2004

    Holy shit Dale Gribble is the best character in the history of the universe! This episode reminded me of why I love him.


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    Doddering Old Man
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    3/5. I liked the music and Dale's blow-up at the end. However, I don't think they needed to make the chorus so overbearing. They could have done just as well with having a story about Hank and co. being uncomforatble with Bill having a hobby they don't understand. And where has Bobby been all season??? He's the best character and they've done so little with him (except for last week's ep, which I had to miss.)

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    Mod, eh? Tomacco's Avatar
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    Disappointing for the only Bill episode of the season (as if that's not disappointing enough) and not really finale material. Dale was the saving grace of this one, and I felt bad watching Bill miss Stroop's advances since he wanted her so much in season 3.

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    where is everyone Cole's Avatar
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    some funny lines before bill joined the harmonaholics. when the pastor began flirting with bill, i was optimistic about the episode. i actually wish the show would have headed more towards that direction. this was certainly a unique direction and, although the outcome was predictable, it was an enjoyable episode. not exactly a strong finale, but still a b episode.

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    NOT in an igloo!

    Bill makes me laugh


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    Thrillho Thrillhouse24's Avatar
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    3/5 it had some pretty funny moments and the peggy bobby pong subplot was cool.
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    11 holdovers, including one from season 8.

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    Vs. The World Alpha's Avatar
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    4/5. Great stuff. One of my favorite Bill episodes in a while. I loved the ongoing frustration with Dale, and his outburst at the end. Hilarious.

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    You Betcha Homer J Brannigan's Avatar
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    One of my favorite episodes of the season. 5/5

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    4/5- I'm not usually a fan of Bill episodes...... Pretty, Pretty Dresses was very good though.

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    5/'s hoping things look good in a few days when FOX announces the fall lineup.......

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    Holy shit, this has to have one of my FAVORITE lines ever.

    That explosion of Dale's was so goddamned hilarious...

    zip zop zoobity bop

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