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Thread: Rate & Review: "There's Something About Marrying" (GABF04)

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    Rate & Review: "There's Something About Marrying" (GABF04)

    From SNPP

    When Patty and her new lover, a female tennis professional, want to get married now that same-sex marriage is legal in Springfield, they don't have to look far to find someone to perform the ceremony - Homer, who obtained a license to perform weddings.

    You can view the preview/speculation thread for more details on this highly anticipated episode.

    The thread and poll will open once the episode airs. Portia wins top honors on the poll since Arrested will not air tonight. =/

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    I really enjoyed the episode. It had a lot of great laughs, and the story flowed pretty nicely.
    Homer kinda acted like an ass, but i didn't really mind it so much.
    Even though I knew it was goign to be Patty, I was stilled pleased at the way they pulled it off.
    Although I found the end to be somewhat rushed, I didn't mind it and it wasn't completely offf the wall. I had a feeling they weren't going to create a new character to the show to be seen with Patty all the time.
    I'll rate this probably: 4.5/5

    Also, I think the description for the episode is a bit wrong. Veronica was a pro golfer, not a pro tennis player.

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    slammin' J.Re*'s Avatar
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    weird to see a disclaimer at the beginning of a simpsons episode
    what a goof when lisa was choking bart
    lotta meta references ("sunday best simpsons" was quick, for those who didnt catch it)
    very funny
    tackling issues
    good ending
    patty was awfully violent toward homer, considering he was doing the wedding

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    Best episode this season! Smart, funny, and great all around. I hope more epsidoes about "Patty's preferance" in the future. This episode was excellent (in my opinion)!

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    This episode felt really rushed but it was still good. Loved the Fox joke. 3.5 out of 5

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    Hired Goon
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    that was pretty damn good. good to see the simpsons go back to that classic satire that made the show so great. plus, the episode was quite funny. I thought the homer subplot would end up being a waste of time, but I ended up enjoying quite a lot. very funny and strong episode. best of the season.

    4/5, A-

    ps: did anyone else notice how short the first act was? which actually felt like a good thing and gave them an opportunity to fit in the other two acts, which was where the real part of the story was.

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    Really solid episode. Kinda fast though, seemed to take a long time to get to the real meat of the story.

    Homer making out with himself was either really funny or kinda creepy.

    I'm leaning towards funny, because i was laughing, but it went a little too long.

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    Smartline returns! Woohoo!

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    disappointingly unfunny for the most part. 2/5
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    Hey ,there's another Simpsons right now(8:30). It's a rerun though. I thought they air at 9:30.

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    In my top 5 since the golden age ended. What a great episoe. A lot of laughs, and a great message- an overall wonderful episode.

    "Hey Marge, here's another bomb - I like beer."


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    liked it, but i wasn't particularly impressed. at least it was funny and it tackled the issues well. B

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    Nothin' wrong with that!
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    This was definately the best episode of Season 16, by far!


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    foggy eyes jack's Avatar
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    funny, smart, most characters true to form.

    first show i genuinely enjoyed in a long time (rarely catch them anymore either)

    homer making out with homer with baby homers running around was disturbing but funny

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    Excellent episode.All of Homers insults were hilarious.Seeing Blinky as a monster was pretty crazy.5/5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silverlimit
    Hey ,there's another Simpsons right now(8:30). It's a rerun though. I thought they air at 9:30.
    King of the Hill has the 9:30 slot tonight, with a new episode (Enrique-cilable Differences).

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    The Wolf Is At Ol Gils Door
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    4/5Iish. I liked they way Patty didn't end up marrying him after she found out. Saved it from a 3/5.

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    Fun ep, great plot, 3/5.

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    I gave it a 3/5. I loved the beginning, but the ending sucked, as all humor was lost.

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    It was alright, the funeral joke was definitely the best part of the episode. The animation was a little weak, seemed to be very rushed.

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    Best of season 16 it made me laugh alot for an simpsons episode and the plot was perfict and the ending was really good plus every charcter was theirselfs. Their only problem was Verionca was not a really intersing charcter. 4.5/5 rounded up to a 5.

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    Very well done. Homer's jerkass side reared it's ugly face, but it was handled ok. I liked some of his one-liners at Patty too. And nice to see some continuity with Selma getting 4 marriages. (They counted Lionel Hutz, too. Glad to see that.) Also liked how they tied it up but still left it so it wasn't like the whole thing never happened like every other episode. (She's still a lesbian, but she's just not married. I'm ok with that.)

    Anywho, 5/5. Great episode compared to last week.
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    Morman Standard Time Ihaveblink's Avatar
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    Pretty good. I wish more episodes were like this. The begining was a little weak. And some jokes missed. It did feel a bit rushed, but it was a good episode.



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    Eh, nothing too amazing. Might have been better had I not known for so long in advance that Patty was going to come out and about the twist at the end. As it is, a couple of decent jokes but overall had the mediocre feeling that most of the season has had up to this point. It did pick up quite a bit after a dull first act.

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    there was a disclaimer? can someone describe it, i didnt catch it.

    anyways, pretty good. glad to see they handled the content the way they did, nothing offensive to either side of the marriage argument. reallly well written and funny, as with all j stewart burns episodes. will rate further after i watch again. about a B+/A- id think

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    Can't Talk. Eating.
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    Pretty good jokes, an actual ending even though it's too bad the Springfieldianite coming out of the closet was so blatant.Wow! Of all the episodes this season, this one reminded me the most of a Season 4, 5, 6, etc. episode (which still isn't saying much)

    Top 2 jokes:

    2.Somebody had to take the babysitter home. Then I noticed she was sitting on-her-sweet-can. So I grabbed-her-sweet can. Oh, just thinking about-her-can. I just wish I had-her-sweet-sweet-s-s-sweet can!

    1. Homer-Hey you $#@*, you cut me off. $#*@ to you!
    Lisa- Dad, that's an ambulance
    Homer-Right, honey. Hey ambulance! You think you're so big with your $@#^ *%$# siren. And your letters are on backwards!

    Top 3 THOH Qoutes:

    3. Selma as Homer runs naked across kitchen-There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality.
    2. Delirious Mr. Burns-I was walking through the gas one day!
    1. Flanders-Hey, Homer, mind if I chew your ear
    (Homer shoots Flanders)
    Bart-Dad, you killed the zombie Flanders
    Homer-He was a zombie?

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    Considering all the controversy, I expected this episode to fall short of my usual standards. But it still made it! The story was what sold me - it flowed nicely, and didn't waste too much time being bogged down in Homercentricity, and since he got a new job here, it would have been easy for them to do that. And even though I knew that it'd be Patty who came out, they still executed the scene well. Humor was good - plenty of satire, including Lovejoy's scenes and Homer's ceremonies ("In Massachusetts and Vermont, maybe in Canada, stay outta Texas..."), plus the FOX zing. Only joke that really fell flat was Homer's fantasy about marrying himself. The plot twist was a nice touch, and the ending felt natural and not rushed at all. I especially liked Bart and Lisa's meta-reference bit at the end - "Looks like the end of Dad's days as a minister." "Why?" In all, a good satirical episode - and satire being the main building block of this show, it's good to see one this strong.


    P.S. Did anyone notice that Patty claims Selma was married three times? Continuity with "Much Apu About Nothing" where she says that her name is Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure.

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    I didn’t like that there was a parental advisory for the episode because of its content, the show as done far worse things in the past without it.

    I liked having Bart and Millhouse prank the visitor and having him as a soft news correspondent. The only part of that I didn’t like was making Blinky a monster. The other joke that went on too long was Homer asking if we read all of the names on the star make. I liked moving quickly to the town meeting and have always gotten great laughs out of having kids make suggestions. However, the Moe jokes went on too long, asking what a lean cuisine with beer was. Using more Quimby is always a plus. That was a shorter act one than I would have expected.

    The gay commercial was great. I liked Lovejoy not being able to point out where in the Bible it condemns gay marriage. The major problem with this part of the episode was that Flanders didn’t have any lines. Homer switching his stance because of the extra money was perfectly in character. The “Where’s Lenny and Carl?” line was my favorite of the meta-references. Homer and Lovejoy on Smartline produced some great jokes.

    Marge being tolerant of people other than her sister being gay was a great decision. It was very realistic and made Patty’s situation more sympathetic. I liked the twist at the end, but the best part was that Patty didn’t go on with the marriage after she found it he was a man. That’s a common mistake that many shows make. Mrs. Bouvier should have had some lines in an episode where her daughter has a wedding. So does gay marriage still exist in Springfield?

    A solid episode, about what I was expecting. B

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    Homer making out with himself was freepy, no crunny.

    Also, refrences to the NHL lockout (Couch Gag), Jub-Jub returning, and a huge slam at Fox programming.

    The 1st act was terrible and keeps this ep. from being a really great one, but still a nice little satire, and yes, one of the best since Oakley & Weinstein left (IMO, when the golden age ended).

    Grade: 4/5
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