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Thread: Rate & Review: "Fat Man and Little Boy" (FABF21)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammed Jafar
    i believe you can do that on the internet
    You shouldn't, though.

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    Spells "Yale" with a "6"
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    I just watched the episode, and thought it was pretty good- it was fun to watch, but a few jokes I didn't get- such as Hobbs and whatever; I don't know who they are seeing as I'm not American obviously.
    I didn't like the crazy man much and the plot seemed to be here and there...
    Also this episode only gave me 2 laugh out loud moments, but I only had 4 hours sleep last night- might watch it again when I'm more awake.

    At the moment I'd give it 4/5.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nameless
    You shouldn't, though.
    It's alright as long as you purchase the DVDs. I've had Season 5 on my computer for months now, but I'll be one of the first in line at Best Buy to make it officially mine.
    I was saying "Boo-urns."

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    5/5, Adequate Couch Gag, but the episode itself was ripe with laughter.

    "No. I will never tire of the bar scene."
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    For some reason I thought I posted this about a week ago... I guess I didn't.


    Looking back at the past two or so seasons, It's striking to see how the show over that time has gradually redistinguished itself, and bootstrapped out of its dead-end millenial era. The newer style of the show lies in filling out the backgrounds, both literal and figurative. The small, domestic things that keep the show tethered in reality, and which for years were forsaken for high-concept spectacle, have returned; in "Fat Man and Little Boy," includes things like Marge struggling with the drawer and Lisa telling Bart that Homer pulled up his chair next to the stove to get first dibs on breakfast, recall the day-to-day feeling of the early seasons and make for a richer show. Meanwhile, details in the art have made it fun once more to freeze-frame (or pause our TiVos, in this century) and check out all the stuff hidden around. Bart's T-shirts were all hilarious, of course (my favorite being "My Other T-Shirt Is Also A Joke T-Shirt"), but it wasn't until a third viewing of the show that I picked up on things like the familiarly spiky mane on the young male lion in the nature documentary, or that when Bart gets hit by Goose's car he ominously ends up lying next to his "Life Ends At Ten" shirt.

    The episode runs out of momentum in the third act. The digression of the plot to Homer bonding with Lisa and stealing plutonium takes up about four whole uninterrupted minutes; the main story was rolling down a smooth path, and the scenes with Homer and Lisa felt like the T-shirt plot was being put on hold. It tries to come together at the end, but the ultimate fate of Lisa's project is left oddly unaddressed, which makes all the time spent on it seem like an excessive distraction. Still, the episode on the whole is definitely above-average. B+

    Some did-you-notice bits:

    -When Bart is first hawking his shirts at the novelty expo, there's a guy on the right side of the frame who has Homer's muzzle. I thought this was something they stopped doing around season 3.

    -When Goose visits the Simpsons' house, he pays Bart with the old-design $20 bills.
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    Has now aired in the UK and I have to say, What a great episode.(It was better this second time than the first time I happened to watch it on the internet) Loads of funny moments and the entire Bart growing up/midlife crisis plot really did turn out better than I expected.

    I pretty much agree with all that was said by Mr."Hydro" above, putting this episode just behind "Sleeping With The Enemy" as Season 16's best thus far.

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    5/5. Really top episode with a classic era feel to it. I didn't cringe once (rare for a recent episode). I would put this down as one of the best episodes of this millenium.

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    grappling with local oaf Postmaster's Avatar
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    Good episode but maybe overated, the main problem was in the Homer, Lisa plot, it went on uniterrupted for a long time, and even though the plot development of Homer finding something else to do once he'd left work was logical it just seemed the whole story was a contrivance to solve the main plot.
    It also didn't seem to be the quantum leap in humour that others made out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Myers III
    Homer was suspended without pay. Suspensions aren’t permanent.
    But didn't he then say he wasn't coming back and was retired?

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    Sorry to dissapoint Dr Zaius's Avatar
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    It was alright, but I didn't really like or understand the whole plutonic stuff towards the end. Would have liked more stuff with Bart and his T-shirts and that crazy guy.

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    It was quite good, but got a bit confusing in the middle. I wasn't sure which was the main plot. Also, it was very inconclusive, but still very funny, so 4/5. B+

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    Purple Is A Fruit.
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    Complete crap and the goose guy is the worst simpsons character in a long time. Horrible and over rated.
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    Pleasantly surprised with this episode. Firstly the flaws. Goose Gladwell's character did start to grate on the nerves after a while, so it was fortunate that he didn't outstay his welcome, and I certainly wouldn't want to see him again in another episode. With that aside, this was an episode that had me laughing on a fairly consistent basis, that hasn't happened for the longest time. The opening scenes with the spitballs showed some inspired direction and the character-based plotting and humour came out on a positive note. The best jokes included the (many) slogans on Bart's T-shirts, and, perhaps not really a joke, but I did like the comparisons between the lion documentary and the goings-on in the Simpson household.

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    I watched it the other day and I really like it. There were some things I usually have disliked like Homer tasting the plutonium, but in this kind of episode even that works, because it was not supossed to be very realistic or emotional. It was one of the funniest episodes in years and the only reason why it doesn't get the best score it's just the lack of some "deep" content. If the episode is funny but not deep the gags have to be completely brilliant to get an A. In this case the gags were very, very good but I am not sure if they were brilliant.

    By the way, I liked Goose Gladwell , he didn't bother me. My favourite gags were the whole spitball scene, Bart twisting his teeth, the documentary, Homer and Lisa following Flanders with the car and Homer using the plutonium machine against Goose (a wacky idea to join the two subplots, but it was unexpected and funny).

    It's a 4/5 for me.

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    a fervent propulsion Tinselled Jim's Avatar
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    I hated Goose Gladwell, I thought Bart acted like an ass all the way through, but I liked the thing with Homer in The Nuclear Plant at night stealing plutonium.

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    I didn't do it amir05's Avatar
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    A quality episode,alot of good humour and a very good plot. A

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    i thought this was a great episode with a lot of funny jokes and nothing to complain about 4/5

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    This episode aired yesterday in my country for the first time, and I must admit that I'm impressed by the amount of very good reviews it received - although I've not read all of them in detail -, because, personally, I was quite disappointed by it.

    Actually, without being that harsh, I somewhat agree with Rory Mitch. Although this episode has a couple of great or even excellent jokes (the Korean animation gag or Marge opening the drawer comes to my mind), I actually found the whole episode's plot to be quite weak. And I've watched it three times to be sure to correctly evaluate it...

    Like I said, there were a lot of good jokes and scenes: Janey and Lisa's game, Bart's attempts to get rid of his tooth, Milhouse's lines, Otto breaking Chalmers' car, Marge trying to open the stuck drawer - best gag of the episode, IMO -, Bart's Homer-ish look with a beard, Krusty's stand at the Novelty Expo, Smithers and Burns temporarily firing sleepin' Homer at the nuclear plant, the Change Magician machine and Bart giving money so that Homer can buy it - donuts included -, the whole scene at the restaurant, Homer perfectly imitating lions' behaviour on TV, Ned's pursuit, the Korean animation gag, Homer surfing on Internet and robbing plutonium at the nuclear plant and Lisa analyzing it with an official Krusty Geiger counter, and, of course, Bart's T-Shirts.

    But, on the other side, there are quite a bunch of quite bad stuff: Bart being mad enough to destroy Lisa's novel or toy with paper pieces, the Captain's pointless role, Ned's irrealistic behaviour towards the T-Shirts, Apu's unnecessary role at the Novelty Expo, another pointless and stupid role by that jerk of Martin Prince...

    But that was nothing compared to that insane Goose guy, which had one of the most awful and unfunny roles of the show's history. Actually, the weakness of the episode's plot being raised by a lot of very good gags described above, I was ready to rate this episode with a C+ or a B-, but that horrible "I want to be funny but I'm not" character lowered my grade to a C- or a D+.
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    Back but still forgotten
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    It was enjoyable.

    3/5 better believe thats a paddlin

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    Registered User
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    This was a fairly decent, if rather forgettable and dull episode. The plot seemed to have no focus, jumping from Bart's "midlife crisis" to him making T-shirts to him meeting Goose Gladwell to Homer feeling abandoned to Homer bonding with Lisa to the abrupt ending. Speaking of Gladwell, he had to be one of the most annoying and useless characters in a long time. He seemed to only exist as a Willie Wonka parody and nothing more. Some jokes I liked (some of Bart's T-shirts, "Osama Bin Scratchy" and the other I&S parodies, etc.) and I enjoyed seeing Declan Desmond again, even if his appearance was short. Nothing really special about this episode, but nothing offensive either. 3/5 or C
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    barts friend


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    Very, very funny. A-
    Si eres capaz de entender esto, es que sabes un poco de español (o que estás utilizando Babelfish, cosa que no te recomiendo)

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    It was an o.k episode my favorite part is when bart figures out he isn't a kid anymore

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    this is some friendly Charlie's Avatar
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    Straight out 4/5. It was a nice plot, and it was good to see Bart trying to grow up. The only part I didn't like was the overall character of Goose. He was TOO weird (although I did like his explanation of how he became to act like that). I also really liked the Homer/Lisa subplot, especially the joke about Korean animation. Great stuff.

    B+ / 4/5
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    4/5 It was brilliant until Goose Gladwel appeared,he's the most annoying one time character ever. The sudden start of Homer-Lisa subplot shocked me,I didn't like it at all. I liked the way episode ended,with both plots pairing into one. My favorite moment is Bart's short conversation with the sea captain.
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    Decent episode, pretty funny and generally enjoyable. Not amazing but certainly better than a lot of episodes these past few seasons...
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    Some memorable moments and a lot of moments not to. 3/5

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    Nothing to say
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    4/5 - B
    Funny episode, though i think it´s not perfect. But a very good episode with a pretty good plot

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    Despite the fact that there was so much going on in this episode, I found it strangely enjoyable. That's really all I can say, as the rest has probably already been said.


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    It had it's moments, but that goose guy was just annoying. But still, Eric Idle was in it so it can't be bad. 3/5

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