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    In "Lisa's Pony" he rushes at Bart for mocking his having a tea party with Lisa
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    Quote Originally Posted by Veryjammy View Post
    In Summer of 4 ft 2, what the hell is that thing Millhouse pets when he has no glasses on? It doesn't look like anything in particular
    I Know it's been ages since you put the question up but I had the exact same question, and decided to investigate.
    I searched for 'Sea creatures with tails', and after a while found the closest match; a horseshoe crab.
    It has a similar tail and ridges on its back.

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    There is a scene where Homer and Lisa are on the same bed, back to back. I think that both of them are complaining during this scene.

    From which episode is it?
    "You're perfect! In fact, you're better than perfect! Next to you, perfection is crap!"

    It was said in a 1997 episode. But if it were said in a recent episode (from the mid 2000s to for now), I'd take it as irony.

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    The ones who say "Zombie Simpsons" make me laugh.

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    Peeping Mom?

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    Yes, it's from that episode. Thank you!

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    How long will it take for places outside of America to get FXX? I really want to watch the commentaries!

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