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Thread: R&R Homer They Fall

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    Jul 2004

    R&R Homer They Fall

    I love this one



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    He's undeniably real George Cauldron's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
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    It was an amusing outing, but doesn't have very much substance. Very funny at first, the humor starts to slowly deteriorate towards the episode's end. There is some (rather thin) satire on the world of boxing, with Lucius Sweet quite obviously modelled on promoter Don King, and is a good one-time character, although he appears again in isolated little scenes in future episodes. I felt that the explanation for Homer's ability to take punches without being knocked down was pathetic and absurd, and could have used some better writing there. On the positive side, it was good to see some more about Moe's past life, and it was equally good to see a human side to Moe, rather than as the bartender from the tavern. I loved the parallels between Drederick Tatum and Mike Tyson, and I also noticed that Drederick Tatum was differently drawn from his last appearances (Homer VS. Lisa and the Eighth Commandment & Flaming Moe's), but this version of him is a definite improvement, and has been used in every episode he's been in since. Overall, a fairly good episode, but not one to write home about. I think it's got better as the years have gone by, maturing like a fine wine.

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    Sorry to dissapoint Dr Zaius's Avatar
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    I like it. It's unlike any other episode and there's something fresh about it.

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    Like almost all golden (or silver) era episodes, I like this one. Some parts of it are overtoned by drama, but as far as Homer-gets-a-new-jobs-episodes go, this one had a great entrance and funny, in-character jokes. Also, like most Oakley and Weinstein era episodes, it ends on a dramatic moment (something that you don't see anymore. B+ <which I guess, technically, is above 4/5


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    hi kevin's Avatar
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    Nov 2001

    its okay. another reason why season 8 is mediocre in comparison to season 7. B-

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    SuperFriend Homer Jay's Avatar
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    Jul 2004
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    A very solid episode. One of the better Homer gets a job episodes. B

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    the cock of nothing
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    Aug 2004
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    A goofy episode, but it's funny. Most of the jokes hit, and the third act is brilliant. A

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    Excellent in every way- A+

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    Crotis Jivefunk

    The positives come first. Moe as a boxer was an interesting development on his character, though it has no use in the future. A lot of the laughs come from the first acts, with the Bonanza reunion and Bart's utility belt. The Rocky parody in the second act is mildly funny, albeit nothing fantastic, as is the rest of the episode. Minor nitpicks, Homer has watched Dredrick Tatum's matches in earlier seasons. He also told Bart in season one to stick up for himself instead of squealing. The montage over the credits was probably the highlight of the episode. B

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    Good episode. Original and very funny.

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    grappling with local oaf Postmaster's Avatar
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    Pretty good. As people have said the humour goes a little in the 3rd act but I like the dark tone this creates.

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    I agree with a lot of the problems, but I still like this one. I'm not sure why. Maybe, like Homer_Thompson, I enjoy the mildly dark feel. I've always been a sucker for things like that. A-

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    and now i have slapped a king Mike Scully's Avatar
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    Mildly entertaining. Seems like an episode with very niche appeal, written for fans of Rocky and the boxing world. B

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    Pin Pal msbotz's Avatar
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    Jul 2004

    4/5 i dont really like the moe bit at the end bugz me

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    Monorail Conductor
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    Apr 2004
    The Crossroads of America

    Pretty forgetable until someone brought it up. Guess it was an "ok" ep but nothing speical really sticks out at me to quote anything from it. Mediocre at best.
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    It's just another episode(it stole the idea from "Homerpalooza"), with not one goog gag. Grade=C-

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    I'm not your friend-o Cartoonnetwork's Avatar
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    Not the most memorable episode, but still very funny. I didn´t dislike Homer´s ability and I love the use of the song Why can´t we be friends. I think all the Moe thing at the ending is a little wacky, but it is good once in a while.

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    Virgin Colada! *No Rum breadharrity's Avatar
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    Boxing isn't funny, but well written and original so


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    Mmmmm, hotdog. J-Spot's Avatar
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    I didn't like this episode when it first aired. I felt like the story borrowed too much from Homerpalooza which had only aired a few months prior. When I rewatched it a couple weeks back on the season 8 DVD, my opinion was a much more favorable, and it easily tops Hoemrpalooza. There's a lot of clever humor, the animation direction is very nice, and it's a nice use of Moe. 4/5

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    5/5 A

    Fantastic episode. There's some great writing here, and it's just a fun story. I love the appropriate use of characters. Who would have thought Drederick Tatum could have got such a big role?

    They don't even use the right characters these days. Take See Homer Run, perfect oppertunity for a story involving Ranier Wolfcastle. And what do we get? A brief cameo. >_<

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    Come back, Zinc!! Sniper Squirrel's Avatar
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    Really good episode, loved Lucius sweet and the tactical pants retaining system
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    Formerly Mladen Rest your giant head's Avatar
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    This episode features the craziest job Homer ever had! Although Marge says that this one ranks somewhere in the middle,I still stand by what I said!

    From begining to the end,this episode is perfect! There's an awesome scene with sarcastic guy and CBG at the begining. There are many funny quotes, some of them came from conversation between Homer and Moe. This one is classic:

    Homer: Are you an angel?
    Moe: Yes,Homer,I'm an angel. All us angels wear Farah slacks.

    Overall,excellent. 5/5
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    board militant™ joe's Avatar
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    good stuff here, but it is flawed.
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    The Chunnel's gonna blow!
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    Jul 2006

    4/5. Like someone already mentioned, it is kind of a forgettable episode, but I still find it enjoyable. It was interesting to see into Moe's past a little bit, and I loved how he went from being known as Kid Gorgeous to Kid Moe. I, actually, never really noticed the similarities between this episode and Homerpalooza, and honestly, I don't mind. So anyway, this is a nice little episode from season eight that I like to sit down and watch every now and then. Also, the end montage was great, and I really like when the Fan Man yells out after Moe when the music starts.
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    slack jawed gawker the 'house always wins's Avatar
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    4/5...i really like this episode while i watch it, but like mentioned above it is somewhat forgettable...i have always liked drederick tatum and lucious sweet. they are a great satire on professional heavy-weight boxing. the episode is also a good moe episode. the boxcar division boxers are a funny touch as well.
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    i'm not good with user titles Lisa Is A Nut's Avatar
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    I like this episode a lot actually.
    I even find it better than Homerpalooza mainly because the jokes are funnier, and it seems less "tacked on" in a way.
    Homer seems a little stupider than usual, where as in "Homerpalooza" he was actually worried deep down. This episode seems funny and different with some of the most memorable jokes from Season eight.
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    He Wears Short Shorts tom cody's Avatar
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    4/5, a very underrated episode.
    Kids, let me tell you about another so-called ``wicked'' guy. He had long hair and some wild ideas. He didn't always do what other people thought was right. And that man's name was...
    I forget. But the point is... I forget that, too. Marge, you know what I'm talking about. He used to drive that blue car?

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    Pin Pal
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    A season 8 classic


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    Why Can't We Be Friends? The Southern Dandy's Avatar
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    It should be obvious from my username that I love this one. I'm not a boxing fan, but I do like Rocky and Raging Bull a lot. I love the montages in this episode, both during Homer's rise to the top of the fuel hierarchy and over the credits with Moe's adventures. I think this is one of the best, most entertaining episodes of season 8. I've watched it many times and I never get tired of it. This episode also has one of my favourite Moe performances. I love the story of his various nicknames (I wanted to use one of them for my username, but another member had already beaten me to it), and I think "there I said it", and "nowhere's in particalah" are some of his funniest lines, just because of how they're said. The choice for Homer's music when he comes down to the ring always makes me smile and Drederick Tatum being able to make the whole prision stop rioting by calmly telling them to shut up is one of my favourite jokes in the whole series.

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    10. "Lisa's Pony"

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    The Truth Is Not Out There. Dr. Strangelove's Avatar
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    One of my least favorite Season Eight episodes. 2/5

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