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Thread: Rate & Review: "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (FABF07)

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    Rate & Review: "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore" (FABF07)

    From SNPP
    Milhouse moves to Capitol City, where he gets (as Bart put it in "Saddlesore Galactica") a new persona, complete with blonde hair; Bart fills the vacancy for his best friend "in-house" when he chooses Lisa; Homer turns to panhandling to get money for Marge's anniversary gift. (The actual title may be "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here")
    For those of you who are having anxiety attacks thanks to the FOX promos, you can preview/speculate about the episode in this thread.

    The thread and poll will open immediately following the broadcast of the episode.

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    Meh it was alrightr.

    Didn't like the homer subplot.

    Good to see Bart and Lisa makening amense at the end.

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    freedom. silence. always.
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    good ep... homer subplot was pretty stupid though


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    Guy who loses arguments. newhook_1's Avatar
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    I really liked this one, I'm going to give it 4/5.

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    pretty rad
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    WOW! That was FANTASTIC!

    Everything seemed to come together-- the Homer subplot was controlled, the characters were believable and it was wonderfully funny. And the ending was pretty good too with the 'schmaltzy ending' that was actually believable. Greatest episode in a long time.

    I also love Isabel Sanford. GO WEEZY
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    I thought this episode was amazing. Perfect plot. Perfect use of characters. Perfect ending. 5/5 and stayin' alive.

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    Fucking right. Loved it. This is what I have been waiting for. I thought it had the emotion and the humor in balance and worked perfectly. 5/5 (seriously)

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    Great episode, it should have ended on the hug, but the weezy joke wasn't as bad as it could have been, so i guess we were lucky there. Overall i liked both storylines, Homer's bum plot was wrapped nicley and it didn't overshadow the bart and lisa story

    Simply put, great story, great jokes, great character advancement, decent ending (in fact the ending was this episodes only fault because as i saidit should have ended on the hug)


    I'll have to re-watch it, but going by first impressions, this one gives "Tis the 15th season" a run for its money as Season 15's best

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    Junior Camper
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    i thought it was a pretty good ep actually. i found myself laughing a fair amount of the time and i didnt find any jokes off. Homer's subplot was fine, but they should have shown more Milhouse in Capitol City. I thought the opening segment was the best part and done really well. The last 2/3's were pretty dec, not spectacular, but good nonetheless. I think a viewing in a few years will make it a whole lot more enjoyable. But for now, 4/5.
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    Shot the deputy. or_smth's Avatar
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    They finally did it. There wasn't a single misplaced Penis gag to throw this one off. The directing was great, the plot was great and the pacing was excellent.

    The only issues I had were the the predictable dialogue, but even then...

    A solid 4/5. Definitely next to the President Wore Pearls for the best of the season.
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    wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat eddie's Avatar
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    Hmmm, very, very good! One of the best episodes in a loooong time. Sure, there were a few blemishes, but that's pretty much unavoidable these days. 7/10, B

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    *************** sheriff brentmoney's Avatar
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    Holy shit. I guess I have been missing out on Season 15...first time I've watched an episode since November...and that was GODLY.


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    country sad ballad man
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    I loved it. Great use of secondary charcters, both plots were great, lots of good jokes. The ending was weird, but that was the only fault. My favorite this year. 5/5

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    Junior Camper
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    Definately in my top three of season 15. A great episode reminiscent of season 14. Not a single down time in the entire episode.

    Millhouse's dad always cracks me up, especially with him having to take off his pants on the front lawn.

    A very strong 4/5

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    in the middle of a hoedown eric's Avatar
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    4.5/5 (rounding up to give it a 5), an instant classic. I honestly don't think the Milhouse/Bart/Lisa plot could've been done better.

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    I loved it loved it loved it!! It was the best in a LONG time. I LOVED IT. 5/5

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    Who told you Milhouse would turn gangsta? ME.

    Anyway, I really liked the episode. Everyone's behavior made sense and the museum beginning was one of the funniest beginnings this season (they really seem to like putting Nelson in a tux though).

    My guess for the episode's "The Joke Everyone Rants About": The Flanders meta-reference.

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    hi kevin's Avatar
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    Very good. Lods of humor, subtle not forced. (like Ned Flanders getting sprayed by Bart and Lisa while Homer and Marge talk, and "Snap Crackle and Pop" screwing around on the Tv monitors in Burns office). Surprised by how much this episode didn't focus on Milhouse, and the Homer panhandling subplot was actually tolerable. Good to see another heartfelt ending like "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" A-

    Treehouse of Horror XIV- B
    My Mother, the Carjacker- B+
    The President Wore Pearls- A-
    The Regina Monolouges- D-
    The Fat and the Furriest- C-
    Today, I Am a Clown- B+
    'Tis the Fifteenth Season- A
    Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples, Teens, and Gays- B-
    I, D'oh-bot- C-
    Diatribe of A Mad Housewife- B
    Margical History Tour- C
    Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore- A-

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    mostly harmless
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    wait, wait, Comixfan didn't explode this week? that must be a good sign.
    And it was actually a great episode. No doubt in my mind that it's right up there with Tis the Fifteenth Season. Seemed to have everything in balance, and in turn made things flow smoothly through the episode, and yet not forgettable. 5/5

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    Junior Camper
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    A Tree

    I loved this one.

    The Good:
    "Cool" Milhouse
    "Mirror, mirror..."
    The carpenter who lived 2,000 years ago gag
    the sign that said "Diamonds: because money equals love."
    "You're somebody's father?!?!?!"
    No penis jokes.

    The bad:
    the Homer drinking the 3 beers in the air thing
    the Flanders statue


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    Wow, I'm surprised at the reaction here. I'm not usually one to have a deviant opinion. I thought the relationship between Bart and Lisa was poorly developed, and thus the emotion was weak. Despite the lack of the usual flaws (bad jokes, terrible characterization, etc.) it was still rather bland. B-.
    Season 17 Thus Far:

    Bonfire of the Manatees: C+
    The Girl Who Slept Too Litte: A-
    Milhouse of Fog and Sand: B+

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    The Spring in Springfield
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    Um...ok. This episode was well, in a word, bad. They weren't able to figure out what the hell the episode was about. First, Milhouse moves away and Bart is sad, then visits Milhouse and is jealous that he is suddenly cool. Then, in the middle of the episode, the Bart-Lisa friends plot comes in and pretty much takes over and then Milhouse finally comes back in a totally half assed way. I didn't even laugh out loud once. Sure, I had a few of those internal laughs, but you know. I love Isabel Sanford and all but WTF?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully all of that ending will be ripped out in syndication. And why was Homer's panhandling subplot necessary? It actually felt tacked on the whole time, but sadly fit together a lot more than the actual plot. I'm going to give it a 2/5, because it actually had some charming moments, well maybe two, but yeah, 2/5 sounds right.

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    the avatar stays Spooner's Avatar
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    My first 5/5 of the year.

    It had that whole humor thing going on and even that "emotion" stuff you Simpsons fans are always raving about. And they did it without it getting too awkward for the non-diehard fans.

    Best ep of the season, by far.

    Now the only question is when will someone sign up with the name M-Town?

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    where is everyone Cole's Avatar
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    huntsville, al

    That was a fantastic episode. It had some surprisingly emotional scenes between Lisa and Bart. Marge seemed to be more in character, which is a good sign since I also enjoyed the way her character was portrayed in recent episodes such as "Diatribe of a Mad Housewife." She has been much more enjoyable this season, aside from a few zany moments (her bizarre crying when Homer offered her food in "'Tis the Fifteenth Season"). Anyway, Homer's subplot also provided some laughs without taking away too much from the main plot. The only complaint I really have is with the quick pace which jumped from the Bart/Lisa/Milhouse plot to the Homer plot with little transition or warning. That’s really the only aspect of the episode that I didn’t like. This was an A+ episode.

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    We have to go back The General's Avatar
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    The Looking Glass

    Well, definately one of the better season 15 episodes (which isnt saying much) I loved the Milhouse plot, not the homer one though. I LOVED the short but sweet Yews Guy cameo, all in all a 3/5, not too good but not too bad

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    Crotis Jivefunk

    One of the season's best. My only beef with the episode were a couple jokes and I thought they should've ended the episode with the Monopoly card, but it's no big deal. Luckily, the Homer subplot was a HELL of alot better than the ambulance plot in Diatribe For A Mad Housewife. Nice Bart and Lisa bonding season

    Season Rankings:

    -My Mother the Carjacker
    -The Regina Monologues
    -Today, I Am A Clown
    -'Tis the 15th Season
    -Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore

    -Treehouse of Horror XIV
    -I, D'oh-bot
    -Diatribe For A Mad Housewife

    -The Fat and the Furriest
    -Marge Vs. the World
    -Margical History Tour

    -None at all

    Best season since season 8 so far.

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    Get your weapons ready! Icedragon's Avatar
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    "Diamonds! She'll pretty much have to."


    The emotion between Bart and Lisa was good, and IMO natural. Im not crazy about the Homer Subplots, but this one I could stomach and it did not take up too much time.

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    I tought this was the best episode of this season. Awesome sub-plot to go along with the main plot. The only problem was that ending, it shouldn't have gone past the monopoly card. 4.5/5 / A

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    SEASON 28?!? Wavy Gravy's Avatar
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    Man, this season is just one classic after another! We started off with a very funny Nelson scene and no real junk before we got to the main plot, with some great satire at the TV museum. It was great to see Milhouse acting up, as well as the exhibits at the museum ("Things That Shouldn't Talk But Do"). The Homer subplot didn't bug me at all, really - it was just for laughs, and that's all it needed. The main plot of the episode was very emotional, more so than I expected. It felt more like something they might have done in Season 2 or 3. Some nice clashing between Kirk and LuAnne, as well as more gags on how pathetic Kirk is. Milhouse's "new persona" was hilarious. I really felt for Bart, and that's always a good sign - when you sympathize with the characters, you know the show's doing something right. The Lisa/Bart scenes were also really good, and we got a funny Grampa quip out of it. Though the subplot didn't serve any connection to the main plot, it still wrapped up humorously, and the main plot finished off fine as well - I don't care what Weezy said, this ending didn't seem too schmaltzy at all. This was a great episode with superb animation and emotion that wasn't forced. Al Jean, whatever you're doing, keep it up.

    5/5 (second best of S15 behind FABF02)
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    Hired Goon
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    The main plot could have used more development. Milhouse moving back to Springfield from Capital City was done way too abruptly. If the generic "Homer acting like a doofus" subplot was done without, more focus could have been used for the main plot. Not every episode has to feature Homer doing something stupid. But the scenes featuring Bart and Lisa, and Milhouse were done well, especially the relationship between Bart and Lisa, but like I said, they suffered from cramming too much into too little time. Milhouse moving back to Springfield could have been more than just Kirk has visitation rights. I got some laughs out of the beginning at the Museum of Television.

    Good moments:
    - Nelson getting laughed at
    - "Crab Apple"
    - The statues of famous TV neighbors (Flanders)
    - Paul Lynde's show, whatever it was called
    - Willie's rant about Scots

    Bad moments:
    - Homer being portrayed as a man who acts like a child
    - The Yes Guy. Again. Although he didn't phase into the episode much, I still don't like him

    So, overall, an episode suffering from a sloppy plot and a useless subplot, but the scenes in the main plot were heartwarming and funny. And I guess it's safe to say, RIP Luanne Van Houten. B-, or 3/5 on the poll.

    Season 15 Rankings:
    1. 'Tis the Fifteenth Season A
    2. My Mother, the Carjacker A-
    3. The President Wore Pearls A-
    4. Today, I Am a Klown A-
    5. Margical History Tour B
    6. Diatribe of a Mad Housewife B
    7. Treehouse of Horror XIV B
    8. Milhouse Doesn't Live Here AnymoreB-
    9. Marge vs. Everyone B-
    10. The Regina Monologues C
    11. I, D'oh-bot C-
    12. The Fat and the Furriest D
    Average: B-

    Edit: Holy shit, this has the makings of an overrated episode.
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