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Thread: most heartwarming simpson moment?

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    most heartwarming simpson moment?

    Mine has got to be in one fish two fish when Homer thinks he is going to die and finally realizes the importance of his family and how precious life truly is. And he ends up connecting with his father like never before.
    I have recently lost my father and this episode in general always brings a tear to my eye now. Because I realize life is not a permanent thing and so did homer. that is why it is in my opinion the most touching simpsons moment.

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    This also rates as one of my fave homer moments,because grampa is taking up all of homers time.

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    Top Three:

    1. The trainstation scene from Lisa's Substitute
    2. Homer sitting on the hood of his car during the credits. (Best Homer moment, ever!)
    3. Lisa and Bart making up in Bart vs. Thanksgiving.

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    Yes homer on the car was great>

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    The end of Maggie makes three, heartwarming, with a funny part, too. "A beautiful baby boy. And What a boy!" "Thats the imbilicle cord."
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    homer helping flanders' store at the end of the leftorium ep.

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    I'm gonna have to say the entire episode of Mother Simpson, especially the ending.
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    Originally posted by Jake
    Top Three:
    2. Homer sitting on the hood of his car during the credits. (Best Homer moment, ever!)
    Definitely one of my faves. I also liked the ending to " Lisa's On Ice " where Bart and Lisa made up when Bart was about to play the penalty.
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    I would have to agree, the train station in "Lisa's Substitute" was incredibly touching, and actually made me cry, it was so sad and beautifully touching. Another great one was Homer's reconciliation with Lisa at the end of the show. There are a few ones people never mention, like where Marge and Homer are riding off into the sunset during "Duffless", and in a comic way, Selma getting her lizard at the end of "Selma's Choice". "One Fish, Two Fish, Blue Fish, Blow Fish" was touching in every way, really, as the starter of this thread said, and so was "Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield".

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    homer sitting on the car.
    maggie saying 'Daddy'
    bart when he finally teaches Santa's Little Helper to sit.
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    1)"And Maggie Makes Three" has the sweetest ending ever. "Do it for her."
    2)The end of "Mother Simpson" was bittersweet, but good.
    3)"Lisa's Substitute": Dustin Hoffman played a brilliant part as Mr. Bergstrom. Again, a good ending.
    4)Saddest Ending Ever almost went to "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Bluefish" for the picture of Homer slumped on the recliner at dawn and Marge thinking that he'd died. Sure, I didn't think they'd actually kill his character, but it was so well done that I confess that I wondered for just a second. The rest of the ep was stunning too, with Homer making connections with his son and his father, both funny and both touching.

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    In "Bart's Comet", when Flanders is joined by most of the town singing along with him.

    Another good one was at the end of another episode, where Bart and Skinner hug. Skinner walks away with a sign on his back that reads "kick me". Bart is laughing but doesn't realize Skinner put a sign tht says "teach me" on his back. Very inspiring.

    Kinda Heartwarming and very funny: The end of HOMR: "no, you're not getting a bite outta my sandwich!!! oh, you just want a hug. that i know to do...(chomp)mmm...hug...."
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    Much of the third act of Lisa's Substitute comes close, but I think the end of Lisa's Wedding, when Lisa and her future fiance break up, was the scene that brought me the closest to crying of all the scenes. And to top it all off, the ending, with Lisa finally enjoying Homer's antics, was really sweet and touching.
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    I agree about the parts that everybody mentioned from Lisa's Substitute, Mother Simpson and And Maggie Makes Three.

    The ending of Marge Be Not Proud where Marge catches Bart with his xmas present for her (the picture of him) was very cute. Aw...

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