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Thread: My plan for Fixing the Simpsons

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    My plan for Fixing the Simpsons

    The problem: I’m sure we can all agree, the Simpsons just isn’t what it used to be. There are a lot of possible causes for this issue, and just picking one to tackle won’t solve anything for sure. I think it was in Inventing the Future, that Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams say that our contemporary world is plagued by problems too complex to be even comprehended by our traditional mental maps. The drop in quality exhibited by the Simpsons is but one of these complex problems. This is why I am proposing such an unorthodox solution

    The solution: Take over the DSA. Sounds crazy I know..but hear me out. Democratic Socialism is all the rage these days. And America is one of the most powerful countries in the world for a few more years until China takes its rightful place. So, what better organization to use to headquarters our operation of Simpsons improvement than the freaking Democratic Socialists of mother fuckin Amerikkka? Here’s the plan: the members of all pay $100 for our DSA dues or whatever, and at the next DSA convention we all take our rifles and go “everybody get on the fucking ground!” Then we take the DSA constitution and rip that bitch to shreds!!! “Alright,” one of us will say in a cool voice. “We have one demand: the Simpsons should go back to how good it was earlier!” Don’t know what we do after that but sound off below about what you think.

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    Mods pin

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    Good idea

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    Great. Can DSA make Family Guy funny again and ensure that Pacific Heat never makes another frame? In Democratic Socialism's name I pray, Amen.

    You're BoJack Horseman, no cure for that.

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    My plan: Get Matt Stone and Tray Parker to take over the simpsons, Matt Groening to take over Family guy and Seth McFarlane to take over south park. They'll each make a few mean irreverent parody episodes of each others shows that won't be too great, but once they get into the swing of it and realize the scale of the cartoon empire they're now responsible for they will have to start making serious episodes. And I think for at least a while the shows will be good again because of the fresh ideas and earnestness brought by the new creators.

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    Can we get Mike Judge to replace Adam Reed for the last few seasons of Archer? I would love for the show to turn to a mellower, dark comedy (actually make me laugh again), while Adam Reed revives King of the Hill and turns it into a show where the neighbors all hate each other, but move for the threat of winter to Arlen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Startug View Post
    Great. Can DSA make Family Guy funny again and ensure that Pacific Heat never makes another frame? In Democratic Socialism's name I pray, Amen.
    Anything is possible with Democratic Socialism

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    Cancel it

    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotDetector View Post
    Two and a Half Men is no more an "adult show" than "Rocket Power."

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    What the fuck? Who the fucks this clown.

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