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Thread: Rate & Review: "Dogtown" (WABF15)

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    Rate & Review: "Dogtown" (WABF15)

    Season 28, Episode 21
    Original Airdate: May 21, 2017
    Writer: J. Stewart Burns
    Director: Steven Dean Moore
    Synopsis: When Homer's court case determines that a dog's life is more valuable than a human's is, the status of man's best friend rises in Springfield. When the dogs recognize their new position of power, they assert their dominance over the humans.

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    * Homer's GPS app
    ** "I was never here, I saw nothing"
    ** Bart's fake British accent
    -- Long dragged out joke
    End of Act 1: 5/10
    ** File photo of SLH
    * News anchor's rant
    * Kirk exposing belly
    --- LAME Homer list gag joke
    End of act 2: 5/10 again, weh.
    ** Grandpa's sound after waking up
    * Crazy Cat Lady
    Closing Thoughts:
    Season 28 ends on a weak note.
    The plot was just dumb! So apparently for some reason people find out dogs have more value than humans, and for another weird reason they overrun Springfield and go feral? None of it makes any sense and was directionless.
    And the humor was better than some other eps this year, but mostly poor, especially the list gag.
    Overall, a fitting end to a weak season. 4/10.
    You're a dolt with the IQ of a peabrain that probably loves lowbrow sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Frasier and Seinfeld to not grasp the biting satire and wit of the classic 65 (Rugrats).
    The Serfsons 5/10, Springfield Splendor 5/10, Whistler's Father 3/10 , Treehouse of Horror XXVIII 3/10, Grampy Can Ya Hear Me 3/10 , The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be 3/10, Singing In The Lane 3/10 Mr. Lisa's Opus 5.5/10, Gone Boy 7/10, Haw-Haw Land 3.5/10, Homer Is Where The Art Isn't 4/10, 3 Scenes Plus A Tag From A Marriage 5/10, Fears Of A Clown 6/10, No Good Read Goes Unpunished 6/10, King Leer 7/10, Lisa Gets The Blues 3/10, Forgive And Regret 3/10, Left Behind 5/10, Throw Grampa From The Dane 7/10, Flander's Ladder 6/10

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    T H O U G H T S
    - ok why have a couch gag if you're gonna do a fake out intro. jarring af that the ep fades in with a couch gag and then the clouds come in. the couch gag wasnt even good!
    - blue haired lawyers lip sync on PROMISED HIM THE BOX TO LIVE IN was intensely awkward
    - lol @ the AYE KORUMBO!!! over the shot of barts tombstone. calm with those
    - when gil gets stomped all over he just fidgets a bit. animation whats that
    - sick TURBO slam
    - ABERCROMBIE & FETCH fuck u
    - why was the DOGPOUND text so close together. the DOGPLAYGROUND pun still wouldve worked if it was spaced!!
    - hi michael york again. when did this show get a michael york crush. jesus
    - willie is naked *jerks it*
    - so why is that one note michael york char from last season hoggin the spotlight. hes boring!!
    - ok that grampa/marge phone call was decent

    in closure marge kicked the shit out of a dog/5

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    Shame they couldn't name this episode The Canine Mutiny because they already used that one in Season 8.
    Would have been more fitting here.
    The Serfsons - 2/5 / Springfield Splendor - 4/5 / Whistler's Father - 1.5/5
    THOH XXVIII = The Sweets Hereafter - 3.5/5 / The Exor-Sis - 3/5 / Coralisa - 4.5/5 / MMM... HOMER - 2/5
    Grampy Can Ya Hear Me - 2/5 / The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be - 1.5/5
    Singin' in the Lane - 0/5 / Mr. Lisa's Opus - 3.5/5 / Gone Boy - 4.5/5
    Haw-Haw Land - 2/5 / Frink Gets Testy - 1.5/5 / Homer Is Where The Art Isn't - 3.5/5
    3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage - 2.5/5 / Fears of a Clown - 1/5
    No Good Read Goes Unpunished - 2/5 / King Leer - 5/5 / Lisa Gets the Blues - 1/5
    Forgive and Regret - 4/5 / Left Behind - 3/5 / Throw Grampa from the Dane - 1.5/5 / Flanders' Ladder - 3.5/5

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    I was skeptical about this episode at first because the premise seemed really gimmicky, but they actually managed to execute it well and provide us with a solidly entertaining episode. And on my birthday, no less!

    - Huh, I was wondering why the couch gag was first. It was a good gag, but if the regular intro doesn't leave you time for a couch gag, shoving it in beforehand seems haphazard. Probably best to save it for another episode.
    - I thought transitioning from the driving scene in the intro straight into the episode was pretty clever
    - Everything with the GPS was funny.
    - *dashboard lights flash on* "What the hell do those mean?"
    - "Read it back with sentimental music."
    - Hey, Skinner's on a jury again.
    - I can't decide whether I love or hate Homer's speech about having to replace the dog.
    - The animation when Gil was being trampled was not very good.
    - "This is the craziest legal decision outside of Arizona!" what the fuck happens in Arizona
    - "You're the best guy I know one thing about!"
    - Has Quimby's voice been not-so-good lately or is that just me?
    - "Why aren't we on any maps? People don't even know what state we're in!"
    - "Is there anything here the dogs haven't eaten?" "Just the dog food." i know that exact feel bruh
    - ME: Hey, where have I heard this week's Simpsons guest voice? [looks it up] Oh, he was last week's Simpsons voice guest.
    - I loved the exchange about dog heaven. A+
    - Marge's phone call with Grampa was great.
    - Nice use of Crazy Cat Lady.
    - Huh, they didn't use the line with Lisa talking to the chihuaha.
    - "Who's gonna help me?!" "Nobody!" "One more time!" "Nobody!" "I can't hear you!" "Yes, you can!"
    - Awww, let Gil have his moment.

    All in all the plot was weak and absolutely gonzo but the jokes were all pretty good.
    Hi, I'm Steven and I hope every elephant has a good Christmas. Hablo español.

    RIP Frank Grimes 1962-1997

    Season 28:
    Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus - 5.5/10 | Friends and Family - 5/10 | The Town - 4/10 | THOH XXVII 6.5/10 | Trust But Clarify - 7/10 | There Will Be Buds - 9/10 | Havana Wild Weekend - 6/10 | Dad Behavior - 2/10 | The Last Traction Hero - 5.5/10 | The Nightmare After Krustmas - 4/10 | Pork and Burns - 8/10 | The Great Phatsby - 6/10 | Fatzcarraldo - 5.5/10 | The Cad and the Hat - 6/10 | | Kamp Krustier - 4.5/10 | 22 to 30 - 3.5/10 | A Father's Watch - 7/10 | The Caper Chase - 4/10 | Looking For Mr. Goodbart - 5/10 | Moho House - 6/10 | Dogtown - 6/10

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    This season I feel really ends on a sour note, mostly because the episode felt as hyperbolic and hamfisted as a modern FG episode outside of a trilogy/THOH scenario. Season premieres, finales and specials I believe are supposed to showcase a show's best work while setting up and changing character aspects to produce a story narrative season. It's the reason why many people usually watch these titular episodes. This one, since Gil was in the forefront I was hoping to see, but nada. Goose egg. Let's have dogs do dog things instead. Forget the days of development like in Blood Feud, Who Shot Mr. Burns and Simpsons Over a Roasting Fire.

    Good things:
    We do get to see dogs of previous episodes, including Laddie, Poochie, Frink's robot Dog and now Milhouse's wiener dog (as in a literal wiener, pent up with Satan's rage - not the dachshund breed.)

    Dr. Budgie and Michael York I guess is a staple now much like Kelsey Grammar and Sideshow Bob. We do need more reoccurring characters. Maybe York will be back as Nigel as well?

    Same goes as Kevin Michael Richardson with Anger Watkins and Maxwell Finch. We might see more of Jay G too since of Phatsby's set-up.

    Speaking of, Anger Watkins' scene was really fluidly animated. Must be the eyebrows.

    The Homer-dog comparison Marge makes at the end has been a steady reference on the commentary and I am kind of glad they wedged that in somehow.


    Chris Ledsema still does amazing work.

    Now the bad:

    Was really hoping they would set up Gil in some form or matter but it's like, nope LOL. He's a loser still. Always will be. Can't allow for that good-natured character development.

    This episode is nothing but about dogs, but yet Mr. Burns who is all about them just appears for 15 seconds tops? Come on couldn't you have found a way to make him more active in the plot?

    BTW, speaking of even though this isn't really a complaint: Where's Smithers? What ever happened to Hercules? Would have been a good opportunity to re-introduce or find out what happened to his terrier.

    Why not have all of the Springfielders come together to tame the dogs? Are they nothing but cowards? Where's the flaming pitchforks, the mob mentality and the displaced anger with pent up rage?

    In fact: why not have more scenes with the characters who owned dogs like Flanders? I think they would have been far more effected by this turnabout.

    BTW, those weren't june bugs, those were fireflies. I really hope somebody got fired over that blunder.

    The entirety of overused gags and jokes were used in the first 5 minutes of this episode. Yeah...I have grown super pessimistic over this season because of that and I am usually an optimist.

    Homer listing off random breeds of dogs has become a staple of just hearing him list off sequential things in a knowledgeable manner outside of his intelligence and it's a trope with him that has grown dull. Not so funny on the 50th time, guys, just like Bob and the rakes.


    Oh BTW, happy birthday TenEight.
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    The apps on Homer's phone include PaidPal, WherExit, Wazzup! (with Milhouse), Ribbit, Nedflix, and something called Tapped Out. (Yes, I am aware of what that is.

    The jury:
    Comic Book Guy
    Cookie Kwan
    Bumblebee Man
    Dr. Hibbert
    Lindsay Nagel
    Helen Lovejoy
    Hans Moleman
    Captain McAllister
    Principal Skinner
    Agnes Skinner

    In the scene where the dogs have Bart and Lisa up a tree, one of the dogs is Poochie.

    How soon before PETA demands that the show be cancelled because Marge kicked a dog?

    Good thing the repeats aren't on a Turner station; they'd pull out an audio clip of Tony Schiavone (from World Championship Wrestling) saying, "Kick him, kick him, kick him like a dog!" (Yes, he was quoting David Crockett when he said it, but it turns out Crockett never said it. Also, Bobby Heenan said it on an early episode of WCW Monday Nitro.)

    Lisa tells Snowball II, "You'll have your day" what, Season 42?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SchemingMinor View Post
    Oh BTW, happy birthday TenEight.
    Thank you!

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    Won't do a big review, but even though I was skeptical at first, I really liked the episode! The plot wasn't as bad as I thought, in fact, I thought it was pretty good. The idea of world where dogs are no longer domesticated was developed and I appreciated the humor on the fact that we value dog lives more than people lives nowadays. The episode had awesome jokes, it was really fun to Quimby again, the references were good and not too ''in-your-face'' and, I know this is kind of stupid, I loved the beginning with the fake couch gag!

    In conclusion, I really enjoyed this episode and I haven't said that since 2013. For the season however, I didn't like it very much. It had some good episodes (I absolutely loved ''The Town''), but most of them were just ''meh''.

    Special Mention to ''You're My Best Friend'' by Queen!

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    It was decent, unlike most other eps from this season, it actually had stuff happening. Also, I like dogs. 3/5

    Though I'm not sure why they made a reference to Turbo or why the vet from last season appeared again?

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    This episode had a plot, but it was wacky. I mean, seriously, dogs roaming free and trying to take over the town? This was the Killer Dolphins Halloween episode but *actually* part of the show's continuity! And Marge kicking a dog? UGHHHHH. At least it ended with Marge bringing Santa's Little Helper back to the Simpson family, where he was welcomed with open arms.

    The first 2 and last 2 episodes of season 28 rank very low for me. Call me crazy but I hope Season 30 is the final season. The episode ideas are getting wacky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tormented View Post
    - willie is naked *jerks it*

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    Episode was alright. 3/5. Also, Marge kicking that stupid yappy dog was badass to me.

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    -I thought the opening was clever. At this point they can mess around with it a bit if they want.
    -Bart and Lisa's worried looks Honestly episodes without the kids in them underwhelm me.
    -The satire about people caring more about dogs than humans was apt, at least.
    -So was the animation during Gil getting trampled bad on purpose? Not sure what that was about.

    -Anger Watkins was pretty wacky.
    -The reference to Springfield not being on the map was funny. Also good to see Quimby for sure.
    -The music during the montage is "Finale" from Le Carnival des Animaux by Camille Saint-Saens
    -The "look what the cat dragged in" thing made me laugh out loud. First time in a while The commentary afterward was kind of unnecessary though.
    -Now the episode's getting pretty wacky, but it's not like that's new.

    -Barney and Gil competing for Town Failure.
    -Nice to see the Crazy Cat Lady again.
    -Grampa and Marge's conversation also made me laugh out loud. Twice in one episode
    -Poochie was in the crowd of dogs when Bart and Lisa were in the tree! That was a pretty cool reference.
    -Marge kicking the Chihuahua was pretty nuts, but someone on the A.V. club review commented that chihuahuas are more like rats than dogs, so eh...I'm not crying over it.
    -Aww, poor Snowball
    -So Gil didn't get to save the day, guess I expected that. And oh God, that horrible chihuahua. Someone kill it.

    This episode was much better than I was expecting. As someone who's not a dog person at all, some of the dog humor is lost on me (I felt the same way about "Wilfred"--like, yeah, dogs like peeing on fire hydrants and chasing their tails, whatevs) but overall it was entertaining. A bit slow at first, but the middle of the episode when the town sucks up to dogs was pretty funny and the introduction of the "dogs take over" part didn't ruin the episode like I maybe expected it to, though certainly it's one of the wackier things they've done recently. It was nice to see all the family members get a decent role in the episode (well, apart from Maggie, I suppose). And there actually were a couple moments that made me laugh out loud. While not an amazing finale, it's better than much of the WABF run so far.

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    Dogtown? It's gone to the dogs.
    TYRANT T. TABBY: (Insulted) Where the fuck is 'CAT Town?'

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    This episode felt quite a lot more gimmicky then we're used to with the previous episodes, making it feel more like a Scully episode. I'm not really much of a dog person myself but I find its premise of people thinking dog lives matter more than some humans lives to be an interesting topic to discuss. Sadly this episode never really showed an opposing faction who are against the ideology. Its good to see Dr. Lionel Budgie again who played the role of the guy who's prediction was right but is getting locked up for it, bringing the town to its downfall. Maxwell Flinch is not that memorable to me yet but at least the writers rememebred that this guy exists and appeared earlier this season.

    I didn't mind the confusing intro by doing the couch gag first. I noticed that they brought back the sherpas from ''King of the Hill''... except this time they were yellow skinned for some reason. The whole scene with Homer following his navigation has its moments (apparently Homer still has the ChoreMonkey app, I also liked the ''Nedflix'' app). One thing that is for certain is that this whole episode would play out differently if Homer had hit Santa's Little Helper instead, with Bart being furious at him the whole episode. I normally don't like Gil that much but he has his moments of being overjoyed to sue someone, with the Simpsons trying to convince him not to by using the girls. The gag with Bart as a nurse was rather stupid though, and him imagining dying after donating both kidneys. It was fun to see the Blue Haired Lawyer acting out on the judge when they preferred SLH's life. The animation of Gil being ran over was pretty bad though. Some nice scenes with the dogs being free to do whatever they like, ending the first half of the episode with a rather funny ''look what the cat dragged in'' joke.

    I liked the change in atmosphere in the second half, its also good to see a lot of dogs from older episodes that appear. I didn't expect SLH to just leave the Simpsons like that, especially considering everything they've done for him in the past. Some good gags with Kirk showing his belly and... I guess Willy acting like a dog. And I liked that Gil wanted to prove for once that he's worth something, only to end with him not proving anything at all. Which I don't mind at all because Gil should stay as the loser he is just to keep his character. Some good moments with the kids while being escorted by Crazy Cat Lady, Marge's phone call to Grampa and the dog pack revealing that their alpha dog is just Millhouses small dog. I loved Marge kicking that dog without feeling any regret, who is now apparently the new alpha dog of all the dogs in Springfield. At least Gil got a good ending after all for pairing up with the former alpha dog.

    Overall, I like that they wanted to try a different kind of episode to end the season with. But there are definately a lot of things they could've done better. The positives are that this episode has a good single storyline to follow, with a couple of really good jokes (like the ''look what the cat dragged in'' and the Marge/Grampa phone call). And the atmosphere is done quite well. The negatives are that that this episode barely tried to be even realistic. We had the whole city of Springfield that just preferred SLH's life over that of Gil, and the court had no problem to just drop all charges that just leave the Simpsons without any punishment. Then the dogs just do all kinds of stuff that they'd never be able to do in real life, and apparently the humans can't even fight back with weapons or anything...? I know its just a cartoon but this just went a bit over the top. But the episode also suffered with other sloppy work like the animation with Gil running over, some of the gags not working out at all, and a couple of complaints witht he writing towards some characters. I would've also liked to see some more of Santa's Little Helper, even while I'm not really a fan of him.

    This ended up being an average episode to end the season with, which also ended to to be quite average. Not sure to rate this a 2/5 or a 3/5 in the poll, but the final episode of season 28 gets from me a...

    Episodes rated best and worst from each season:
    1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Night Out 2: The Way We Was/Bart's Dog Gets an F 3: Colonel Homer/Dog of Death 4: Marge vs. The Monorail/So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show 5: Cape Feare/Bart Gets An Elephant 6: Treehouse of Horror V/Another Simpsons Clip Show 7: Mother Simpson/Homerpalooza 8: You Only Move Twice/The Canine Mutiny 9: Lisa's Sax/The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons 10: Lisa Gets an A/Sunday Cruddy Sunday 11: Behind The Laughter/Beyond Blunderdome 12: Trilogy of Error/The Computer Wore Menace Shoes 13: I Am Furious Yellow/Homer the Moe 14: The Dad Who Knew Too Little/Large Marge 15: The Way We Weren't/Diatribe of a Mad Housewife 16: Thank God Its Doomsday/Mommie Beerest 17: Marge's Son Poisoning/Bonfire of the Manatees 18: Marge Gamer/Revenge is Best Served Three Times 19: Treehouse of Horror XVIII/That 90's Show 20: Gone Maggie Gone/Coming To Homerica 21: O Brother, Where Bart thou?/The Devil Wears Nada 22: Homer Scissorhands/The Fool Monty 23: Holidays of Future Passed/Moe Goes From Rags To Riches 24: Adventures In Baby-Getting/Whiskey Business 25: Brick Like Me/White Christmas Blues 26: Bart's New Friend/The Musk Who Fell to Earth 27: Halloween of Horror/Every Man's Dream 28: There Will Be Buds/Moho House 29 (so far): Gone Boy/Grampy Can Ya Hear Me

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    I was expecting nothing from this episode, and was surprised by how much I liked it. I was expecting a Them, Robot plot, which I guess we kind of got with the dogs taking over the town, but I didn't expect them to bring Gil into the story. Several side characters were used well, and while not grounded by any means, I could kind of buy the story given how humanized animals have been in the past on the show and that we have seen wackier premises executed well (Itchy & Scratchy Land). 4/5

    I have to say, AV Club has lost me as a Simpsons review reader. Too often they begin a review reminding us how old the show is and how many ideas we've already seen televised. It is such lazy reviewing. It's like the way kids would begin essays with "Webster's Dictionary defines..." or tacking on a Benjamin Franklin quote to pad things out.

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    I missed the part where kicked the Chihuahua. Can somebody show it?

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    What a miserable end to the season the last 2 episodes have been...
    The Simpsons Season 29 Ratings; The Serfsons B- Springfield Splendor B Whistlers Father C THOH XXVIII A-

    Seasons Best/Worst: 1. Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire / Homer's Night Out, 2. Lisa's Substitute / Bart gets an "F", 3. Colonel Homer / The Otto Show, 4. Mr. Plow / Krusty gets Kancelled, 5. The Last Temptation of Homer / Deep Space Homer, 6. Homer the Great / Lemon of Troy, 7. Bart Sells His Soul / Much Apu about Nothing, 8. The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show / My Sister, My Sitter, 9. The City of New York vs. Homer / The Principle and the Pauper, 10. Homer to the Max / Sunday, Cruddy Sunday, 11. E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt) / Grift of the Magi, 12. HOMR / Day of the Jackanapes 13. Half-Decent Proposal / Homer the Moe 14. Moe Baby Blues / Strong Arms of the Ma, 15. Fruadcast News / My Big Fat Geek Wedding, 16. Pranksta Rap / Mobile Homer 17. The Girl Who Slept Too Little / The Italian Bob 18. 24 Minutes / Kill Gil, Volumes I & II, 19. Enternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind / Funeral for a Friend, 20. Eeny Teeny Maye Moe / The Burns and the Bees 21. Boy Meets Curl / Thursday with Abie, 22. Homer Scissorhands / How Munched is That Birdie in the Window, 23. Holidays of Future Passed, / Lisa Goes Gaga, 24. The Day the Earth Stood Cool / Gone Abie Gone 25. Brick Like Me / The Yellow Badge of Cowardge, 26. I Won't Be Home for Christmas / The Man Who Came to Be Dinner, 27. Halloween of Horror / Every Mans Dream, 28. A Fathers Watch / Dad Behavior

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    I'm sorry but I felt sorry for Gil. Homer should have gone into a brick wall or a trash can that didn't have anybody looking into it. It would have been nice for Gil to have won. Why was Santas' Little Helper out and about without Bart or Lisa with him? He should have been home on a leash or with a family member. I agree with Kaine. Seeing Homer and his go unpunished was stupid. Dogs running the town reminded me of the dolphin tale from a Treehouse of Horrors episode. This gets a 1.5. Hope it will get better next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by That Don Guy View Post
    In the scene where the dogs have Bart and Lisa up a tree, one of the dogs is Poochie.
    You can see Laddie among the crowd, too, as well as the wolves from "Skinner's Sense of Snow".

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    Well, here it is, the season finale. Not only is this the final episode in a horribly dismal season, but it's also credited as being written by J. Stewart Burns, one of my least favorite writers working on the show now. So my low expectations were already shot even when I saw him credited as the writer for this episode.

    Things start out with a bizarre couch gag where the Simpsons climb Mr. Everest, only to get frozen and die horribly when Maggie accidently kills them. Then we get the actual intro, with a twist where during the part where Homer is driving home, he gets stuck in traffic. It feels weird that they put the couch gag so early just so they could do this twist for the intro, especially since neither joke was really that funny, but whatever.

    So naturally, Homer drives like a maniac on the road, and his map app for no real explanation starts screwing up and he ends up in an alley where Gil and Santa's Little Helper are eating out of the trash. What is SLH doing in a random alley anyway? The brakes aren't working because their broken and Homer didn't fix them, because that darn Homer sure is a hilarious wacky guy, endangering lives thanks to his stupidity! So I guess since Homer can't scream at them to run away or something, he decides to pick someone to hit, and chooses Gil. Also we see Homer talking about how he's going to Gil, but his mouth isn't moving. Is he just thinking this or is this just lazy animation? If he had time to talk, why didn't he scream at Gil to run away?

    At the insurance settlement building (which is a really crapping looking building in a sleazy part of town for some reason) where the guy in charge informs the Simpsons that Gil could sue them and win everything they have. But how is that possible, Gil is a pathetic loser who we just saw was eating food out of a trash bin, how could ever afford a decent enough lawyer who could successfully sue the Simpsons out of everything? Where did this idea of making Gil a threat come from? But instead of any explanation, Homer tells his kids to have a scared look in a cute moment, then we get a long joke where he tries to scare Maggie and gets lost. But what really annoys me is what Marge is doing during all this. Naturally, you would assume Marge would have some sort of reaction to all this, presumably showing horror at the idea of losing everything, anger at Homer for causing this mistake and scaring Maggie , or even concern towards Gil for this horrible accident, some kind of emotion in general....nope! Instead Marge just sits there quietly having no reaction to anything that's going on (even though Homer is clearly scaring Maggie) and even worse, in the next scene, tries to guilt Gil into giving up the lawsuit without showing any concern for him. This whole season has treated Marge horribly, especially the second half, but I feel like this moment pretty much sums up how much Marge has fallen in a lot of recent episodes. Rather then being a voice of reason during Homer's wacky antics, Marge (and to a lesser extent Lisa) are reduced to either standing on the sidelines having no reaction or dialogue, or even worse, a willing accomplice.

    So at the hospital, the Simpsons show up to see Gil and Marge immediately tries to guilt trip him into giving up the lawsuit. but Gil gleefully says he's going to sue them all. I hate to say this, but I'm actually totally on Gil's side here and completely support his decision to sue the Simpsons. Gil could have been killed by Homer's stupidity, so he's justified in wanting revenge on him. It's not like it was something that happened by accident, Homer was being a reckless moron who ran over Gil thanks to his stupidity and irresponsibility, something which none of the other characters ever really acknowledge at all, making this come off as just another episode where Homer acts like an asshole and tries to worm his way out of punishment. I might have felt bad for the other Simpsons who are being dragged into this, but the fact that none of them seem concerned about Gil, not even Marge of all people, pretty much kills it for me. It kind of reminds me of that episode where Ned buys the Simpsons house and the Simpsons act like assholes to him so he kicks them out, then lets them come home despite them never apologizing or doing anything to earn forgiveness: in this scenario, the Simpsons have done nothing to earn the audience's sympathy since they pretty much caused this problem on their own, and the only reason your expected to feel sorry for them is because their the protagonists. Because of this, I found Gil being happy while they cut to the Simpsons looking sadly at him to be pretty unintentionally funny. But we do a get a pretty decent intentional joke where Gil ignores Lisa singing some stupid song. Bart shows up in a nurse's outfit with a needle, and the moment I saw that, I knew this would somehow end up with Homer getting injected by the needle, and sure enough, that's exactly what happened. But Marge has no reaction to this and instead we get some dumb joke about the "cha ching" noise Gil makes.

    At court, it turns out that Gil has Blue-Haired Lawyer on his side. But isn't he the lawyer for clients like Burns and Fat Tony, why would he work for a broke fool like Gil? But what's even more shocking is that Homer's lawyer is Marcus Flinch, the lawyer voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson from The Last Traction Hero. Wait, what??! They had a minor character that was introduced in an earlier episode brought back for another episode in the same season??! Actual continuity in a season??! Oh my god, for this show, this is amazing! I mean, it's not like Flinch was interesting at all, but bringing him back was really surprising for me, because of how often new minor characters are forgotten as soon as they are interested. I'm actually impressed by this. Anyway, Bart asks what's going to happen to Homer, but wouldn't he already know the consequences of them losing the lawsuit, why else would he help out if he didn't know? Was he just not paying attention? Lisa is shocked to hear about what will happen to them if they lose the lawsuit, but isn't Lisa a super-smart genius and wasn't she also paying attention to what the insurance guy was saying earlier? Why is she shocked too? This dialogue feels very strange, like the writers assumed the audience forgot what we were just told and wanted to remind us. Then we get Lisa and Bart happily fantasizing about living in different families if they lose the lawsuit, because, you see, the joke is that the Simpsons are a miserable family! And for some reason Bart happily fantasies about getting his kidneys removed and dying horrible...what?

    Homer's explanation for hitting Gil was because he didn't want SLH. But the way he words it is strange, he says "I didn't want to hit a dog" instead of saying "I didn't want to hit my dog". Coupled with the fact that there is no explanation for what SLH was doing in an alleyway, I wonder if at some early point it was originally going to be a random dog in the alley, but everyone decided to put SLH instead (either because of laziness or just to use him in some way) and didn't change the script at all. Flinch decides to use the jury's interest in the dog and we get a scene where Bart in a fake accent about how the family got the dog and has someone read his statement with sentimental music playing. I guess the idea is that their trying to make fun of cheesy, heartwarming stories about animals and how people are emotionally manipulated by them, but instead of anything clever, it's just the writers going "Hey, this is a thing you see in a bunch of movies!", then it's never brought up again. Blue-Haired Lawyer points how dumb this all is but the jury totally sides with Homer. But wait, isn't Blue-Haired Lawyer suppose to be an evil, scummy lawyer? Why is he, the villain, the only one making any sense here? Homer is found not guilty because of his dog, and we get a long scene where Homer says if he had run over SLH, he would have buried him and replaced him with a fake dog. I guess we're suppose to find this funny since Homer is the one saying it, even though I find it completely believable that Homer in his modern personality would actually do it. Then we get the worst scene in the entire episode, where Gil is sadly standing outside and Homer and the crowd run him over like three times. The animation is just so awful in general, with both the walking and Gil being crushed both being animated horribly. I mean, what is this? I thought the worse an episode was, the better the animation! That was one of the only constant parts of this season, and even that isn't true anymore!

    Kent Brockman reports on this decisions and we see Gil hanging out at a bus stop. Also there's a guy there who looks like an older version of Comic Book Guy for some reason. Anger Watkins from the basketball episode this season returns too. Whoa, another previously minor character from this season returns! I mean, I figure they only put him and Flinch back because Richardson is a recurring actor now, but this continuity is really shocking. I was actually getting really unnerved by all this, but then I noticed that Watkins hair is like four times the size it was in his previous appearance so now it's starting to look like an afro, and I breathed a sigh of relief that the animators were too lazy to draw him correctly. Anyway Watkins just starts yelling about how dumb this whole plot is, I guess because the writers want someone to start screaming (which is the default thing to do when the writers can't think of an actual joke), but since everyone is getting old now, they wanted a young guy to do it. Also he makes a joke about how the Turbo movie was stupid. Oh man, what a sick burn to a four year old animated movie most people have forgetting about! Truly the Simpsons are the pinnacle of culturally relevant jokes and edgy commentary! Maybe next season ,if we're lucky, they'll make fun of Norm of the North next! Everybody loves SLH now for some reason, so Mayor Quimby declares that dogs will be treated the same as humans are to sway the votes, leading to a boring montage that isn't really worth talking about, except for a quick moment where they make fun of the "dogs playing poker' painting, which gives me flashbacks to Homer's reaction to seeing the painting in a Treehouse of Horror, except in this episode, it's not remotely funny at all. We also see Ned with his dog from Peeping Mom, who has not appeared since that episode. What is with all these one shot characters coming back?! Is this some sort of one-shot character reunion special or something? Speaking of which, Michael York's veterinarian character makes another appearance too. Ok, what is the deal with this guy? Not only has Michael York appeared four times in the last two seasons, but in three of those appearances, he's playing this same old veterinarian. What's with the shows' obsession with York and having him keeping playing this same character? The veterinarian isn't funny or interesting at all. Anyway, he's getting arrested and says that dogs will try to overthrow humanity, because I guess making it a surprise for the audience wouldn't be interesting or anything.

    Santa's' Little Helper is missing, which leads to a decent joke about Homer explaining dog heaven to Bart, if only for the part where he claims to have been there himself. A tired looking SLH shows up, and we get an extremely long scene of Homer having Snowball drag in SLH just so he could make a "look what the cat dragged in" joke, which is only somewhat saved by Bart and Lisa clearly being unhappy with this. So what happened to SLH? Never explained. I guess the idea was that he was attacked by other dogs, but this moment is never brought up or mentioned again. Anyway, the dogs go crazy and attack everyone. Wow, that was quick. We didn't even see the dogs slowly go crazy with power or anything, they just instantly become wild. Homer ends up stumbling out of Moe's, which doesn't make any sense if you think about it (we just saw that the dogs starting going crazy around the morning, and Homer was still home at that time, but apparently he got to Moe's safely, has been there for possibly hours, and hasn't noticed or been affected by the dogs), but is too drunk to find his car and decides to walk home. Homer then sees the dogs, and we get the only moment in the entire episode where anyone acknowledges that this whole mess is Homer's fault, when Homer says he's responsible for giving the dogs freedom. Then he lists the breeds of dogs for no other reason then to kill time, because that's what all lists gags really are anyway, time killers. Michael York is still in prison, and we get a weird joke where the prison cell is too small for Wiggum to get through, which he says it's because its European criminals are skinny, I guess? Homer makes it home fine, and Marge and everyone else is shocked to hear about the dogs rampaging. Wait, what? This attack has been clearly going on for several hours, how could none of the other Simpsons know about it? You mean to tell them that all this time, no dog came by to attack the house, they didn't hear any noises of the dogs doing on a rampage, or see or hear any news reports? What were they doing all day? SLH runs off to join the dog pack (why he didn't do this earlier is not explained) and Lisa says he's biting Homer's car seats. But didn't Homer just say he left his car at Moe's? Man, even random one-off jokes make no sense in this episode. But at least we get a moment of Homer eating dog food, which is actually pretty funny.

    So the dogs have taken over now. Skinner and Chalmers are at the school together. I guess Chalmers doesn't care the safety of his daughter or anything, he'd just rather hang out with Skinner for some reason. Also Willie is running around naked and hanging out with the other dogs. The town assembles at a meeting and Michael York's boring veterinarian character is there too as everyone admits he was right all along, but won't release him from his chains for some reason. Quimby declares that the laws giving dogs human rights, but York says that this won't stop the dogs, which shocks everyone for some reason. He explains that humans need to regain their alpha status to stop the dogs. Oh, so that's why they brought this character back, just so he could give exposition on the plot details and how to solve them! I guess there was no one else they had who could fill this role, other then Lisa. But really, what's the problem here? Why is everyone so scared and helpless here? Why doesn't Moe, Snake, Wiggum and the cops, Fat Tony and his men, and Hermann go out with a bunch of guns and start blowing away the dogs? You could justify this by having the dogs having taken over all the stores that sell guns and ammunitions, but it's not even brought up as a suggestion. We even saw Chalmers with a gun earlier! Yet no one thinks of trying to use weapons here. You know you have an extremely stupid plot where in order for it to "work", you have to basically ignore the existence of several characters who could easily resolve this plot in two minutes, and not even give a token expression for why.

    Anyway, Gil decides to stop the dogs in order to gain the town's respect. Despite all my bitching and whining about this plot, this part actually makes sense: not only is Gil the town loser, but he was just told he was worth less then a dog, so him going after them as a way to gain respect makes perfect sense. Nobody wants to help him out, but Homer gives some dumb speech and everyone supports Gil, which resolves everything...somehow. You know what I think would have been better? If instead of himself, Gil nominated Homer instead. Am I the only one who thinks that would have been hilarious? Like they could have had instead Gil stand up and give a dramatics scene while over the top heroic music plays in the background, making it look like he's going to nominate himself, only for him to instead immediately nominate Homer, causing the music to stop in its tracks, then points out how this whole situation is Homer's fault because of the lawsuit, which gets the crowd riled up, who proceed to throw Homer out of city hall. Not only would this have been a great comeuppance for Homer who caused this whole situation, but it would have also painted Gil as being too pathetic to fight the dogs himself, which is fitting for Springfield's biggest loser. But no, Homer just stands around and Gil goes off to save the day himself. Also it's revealed that some of the dogs were listening to this speech because their super smart now I guess. What does this lead into? Nothing-it's never mentioned again or has any effect on anything.

    Meanwhile Abe is watching the kids. Well, only Bart and Lisa, Maggie is never seen or heard off in this scene. I guess she left the episode or something. They knock out Abe by turning up the temperature and decide to look for SLH, and get Crazy Cat Lady to help, which she does for some reason. I'll admit, this is a clever use for the character. We then a pretty hilarious scene where Marge calls Abe, who rants about Bart and Lisa's personality flaws and asks why Marge would be dumb enough to leave them with him. He doesn't mention Maggie though, so I guess she really has just vanished. Bart and Lisa find the dogs at the dog park and it turns out the alpha dog is Milhouse's Chihuahua for no reason other then a joke. They climb up the tree and all the "drama" in this scene disappears as we get a dumb joke where Lisa is gleeful that her last will be correcting Bart, because, you see, the joke is that Lisa is an obnoxious, pretentious, know it all! It sure is a good thing that the writers put in a stupid joke to kill all of the tension instead of making this scene more serious in order add some, I don't know, 'drama' to actually make it interesting by putting in some dread, that would have clearly been an awful idea! Anyway Marge shows up, with no explanation given for how she located her kids, she just found them because the episode is almost over. Marge kicks the Chihuahua and becomes the alpha dog, and we get a really pathetic joke where Marge compares the dogs to Homers, which is a pretty terrible joke for multiple reasons. First, the whole "compare Homer to a dog" joke has already been before in Peeping Mom which had Ned's dog bond with Homer because it thinks he's a dog. Second, comparing Homer to be like a big dumb dangerous animal that Marge must take care of just feels like another lame joke about how depressing their marriage is. And third, she mentions things like "being friendly" and "loyal", which obviously do not remotely describe modern Homer at all. Homer and Gil show up for no reason so that Gil can bemoan how he didn't save the day. All the dogs go home (by the way I'm surprised they didn't do a joke where Burns announces he's "releasing the hounds" by letting them go free) and gives SLH back to Bart and Lisa, who look oddly depressed for some reason, even though they were just with Marge and already know she's returning the dogs. But yeah, the kids get their dogs back, even though we never saw SLH after he ran away until now and we didn't see any sign of him trying to protect the kids, implying he would have gone along with the pack in killing them, so this ending feels unearned, but whatever, happy ending! Also Lisa basically tells Snowball to piss off, which is a pretty decent joke on how the cat is pretty much a background fixture by this point. Though Lisa's "you'll get your turn" comment is a little strange, since we technically already got a Snowball episode (the one where Snowball II and its two successor died, and Lisa ended up with Snowball V). And then we get an epilogue where Gil gets cheered up by finding the Chihuahua, but it turns out it just wants to eat him. I guess Milhouse won't miss his dog then. And then it's over. That makes this the second episode this season where the fourth act wasn't useless crap.

    So overall, this episode was pretty much crap. While it had a multitude of problems, what really bogged down this episode was two major issues. First, the story feels very empty and directionless. What is this episode about? Is this the story of Homer getting sued? That's over in the first act. Is this about how we are devaluing humans by putting animals above us and about how we are easily emotionally manipulated by sob stories? Not really, we see dogs are popular now and everyone gives them equal rights, and that's it. Is this a badass story about humans vs dogs? Nope, all the human characters are wimps here. Is this a story about Bart and Lisa's bond with SLH? No, it's just brought up as an excuse to have Bart and Lisa get in danger. There doesn't seem to be any focus on what this episode is about, it's just a random collection of lame jokes about dogs. The second issue is the lack of any clear protagonist, which is something I think helps exaggerates the directionless feeling of this episode. Who is this episode about? Homer kicks off the plot and gets a lot of screentime in the first two acts, but does almost nothing in the third one. Gil is set up for a big moment where he becomes the hero, but it ultimately never happens. Gil shows up a few times but doesn't do anything except continue to be a punching bag for life. Bart and Lisa barely do anything and end up just getting in danger. Until she stopped the dogs, Marge arguably had the least to do in that episode, just standing on the sidelines and acting as Homer's sidekick, and her showing up randomly to save the day was very rushed and unexplained. The lack of any central character or character arc in general just adds to this feeling of "whatever" that this episode permeates, and it just makes the whole thing feel random and nonsensical.

    There were other, smaller issues too. I found the Simpsons to be completely unsympathetic and unlikeable in the first act, showing no signs of guilt for injuring Gil and instead just try to guilt trip him without expressing any feelings of regret. Not to mention this whole episode is Homer's fault, yet he pretty much gets away with everything and walks away without any real karma. Most of the dog stuff was random and unfunny. The dogs getting equal rights and going crazy happens way too fast, there's no real build up. All the characters are helpless to stop them for no explained reason. Then the plot just ends with Marge kicking the alpha dog and the plot pretty much ends there because there's only two minutes left. There's no real feeling of threat from the dogs, so there's no tension. There were also a lot of bad jokes that felt like time wasters, like Homer naming a bunch of dog breeds or Gil getting stomped. The animation was also scattershot and could be pretty bad, such as in the scene with Gil after the trial. On the plus side, there was a surprisingly good amount of continuity here, with several previous one-shot characters showing up. Though I do hope they never bring back Michael York's boring as hell veterinarian character ever again. There seems to be no reason that they keep bringing him back outside of using him for exposition on animal related stories, because he's not funny or interesting at all. The twist that Gil didn't save the day was a little clever too.

    Overall, another dud of an episode, plagued with a random plot and no real central lead to tie everything together, coupled with like unlikeable characters and bad jokes and animation, saved by some decent continuity. Normally this would be a 1, but since they actually had good continuity for once, I'll be generous and add half a point as a bonus, leaving the final score as 1.5/5, rounding to a 2 on the polls.

    A garbage ending to a garbage season.

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    Great review and you nailed it. Marge kicking the dog was out of character.

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    Wow, what a nice season finale! 1/5.

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    I thought this wasn't that bad of an episode despite being far from great and partially kinda sloppy and rushed (especially in the second half). I’d say it was halfway decent or average as far as silly, ridiculous and kinda nonsensical episodes with a wacky plot and a lot of bizarre elements go so I did kinda enjoy it for what it was (and since I like animals and there being lots of dogs in there who play an important part of the story and getting some cute and/or amusing little moments, even when they become the antagonists, was probably the biggest draw for me and I maybe especially would up liking those bits and pieces no matter how silly they turned out to be; they essentially made an otherwise fairly average episode worthwhile).

    The plot itself, being about Homer losing control over his car and choosing to hit Gil over Santa's Little Helper which leads him and his family to get sued by Gil but ending up winning the case in court when the jury (and pretty much 98% of the overall town) fawns over the cuteness of dogs, doesn't give a crap about an injured person and going so far as to let the town literallt go to the dogs by letting their precious canines roam free (for some wierd reason) and then turning against the humans (albeit surprisingly suddenly after one of them, that turns out to be the alpha, getting sprayed with some water), was alright and did have it's moments. The satire (people caring way more about dogs than other people and going too far with it in a few places) which was pretty basic and not exactly that strong but was okay enough and I liked that we got an episode about that even though it could probably have been written much better.

    The second half of the episode, being the part where the dogs take over and terrorizing the town, did go off the rails and felt undercooked and messy, introducing some plot elements which didn’t lead anywhere and felt unnecessary (like why spend a lot of time on Santa's Little Helper who eventually joins the pack & the same with the build up of Gil getting everyone's trust in becoming the one who will save the day but Marge randomly becomes the hero instead), but there were some nice jokes and gags (and the chihuahua as the alpha was ridiculous but I can buy that & Marge kicking it far away was kinda amusing) and I liked a few other moments I liked (I did like the cameos of dog characters such as Laddie and Poochie). Michael York as the veterinarian Dr. Budgie did okay but I don't get why they keep bringing him back when he's not that interesting or even funny.

    Overall, it was an alright episode at best. The premise was okay, the satire was decent & some of it was fairly entertaining but it was pretty wobbly and some portrayals were off (for instance, Marge and Lisa trying to manipulate Gil into not suing the family was bad; I can see Homer try to pull that but not them), some of it was farfetched and/or didn't make sense even for this wacky plot (such as why arrest the veterinarian? doesn't the dogs need doctors too?), a lot of the elements didn't work, some plot decisions felt unnatural (like why not let Gil redeem himself?) and it was clumsily handled. Still, I didn’t think it was garbage since it was entertaining enough and had some decent jokes (the "Look at what the cat dragged in" bit was so lame it was funny) to make it a okay episode. As a season finale it wasn't very good but it wasn't so bad either.


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    I'd managed to reach my first viewing of this episode without knowing anything about it, and upon checking the EPG for the description just before it started my initial reaction was "what the bloody hell is this, have the writers actually flipped?" So maybe it was low expectations, but I ended up enjoying it. It at least felt distinctive, which is something very rare for the show these days - I've just looked back on the season 28 titles and I can't remember what most of them were about mere weeks after I watched them.

    Season 29 Ratings
    The Serfsons D- Springfield Splendor B- Whistler's Father C- Treehouse of Horror XXVIII C Grampy Can Ya Hear Me ​D- The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be ​C Singin' in the Lane ​C- Mr Lisa's Opus ​B+ Gone Boy ​B Haw-Haw Land ​D Frink Gets Testy ​C Homer is Where the Art Isn't ​C- 3 Scenes Plus a Tag From a Marriage ​B- Fears of a Clown ​B No Good Read Goes Unpunished ​C+ King Leer ​B+ Lisa Gets the Blues ​D- Forgive and Regret ​C Left Behind ​B- Throw Grampa From the Dane ​C+

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    Great end of season (for me, the best since Coming to Homerica). Very underrated by critics and fans. It's really cool. His humor is very good. His argument, original and enthralling. His social criticism, very interesting. And other small details, which also add up, such as using characters from new seasons, or using the opening sequence in the episode. Some shattered this episode to look like a Halloween special, but if it doesn't alter continuity, what is the problem?

    Note: 9/10 (5/5 for the poll)

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    I have a question about a gag in Dogtown. My daughter and I were watching the episode and there was a joke neither of use could completely understand, maybe.

    The dogs break the window to Costingtons and 2 dogs come out with what looks like a rectangular, legless table covered with green (baize?). Is it the top to a pool or poker table (reference to the dogs playing poker painting?). After jumping out of the window they slow down and straighten up their posture to carry the 'table' very flat and stable. The only thing we could think of was it was supposed to be the top of the pool table or poker table in the aforementioned painting, but that seemed weak. Anyone get that joke? Its bothered me ever since!vlcsnap-2017-09-11-20h35m10s049.jpg
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