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Thread: Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" (VABF16)

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    Rate & Review: "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" (VABF16)

    Season 28, episode 4
    Original Airdate: October 16, 2016
    Writer: Joel H. Cohen
    Director: Steven Dean Moore
    Synopsis: In the midst of a major drought, Mr. Burns introduces a Hunger Games-style contest in which Springfield's children fight each other for a day in Burns' personal reservoir. Meanwhile, Lisa's imaginary best friend, Rachel, is jealous of Lisa's real best friends and starts killing them. Moe tells Bart that the barflies are actually covert agents and that he wants Bart join their team in Homer's place. Guest Voice Cast: Drew Carey as himself, Donald Fagan as himself, Sarah Silverman as Rachel and Judith Owen as herself.

    Previous R&R
    Next R&R

    I have heard rumors this might be some kind of milestone episode??? Weird that none of the promotion has mentioned this at all...

    Also!!!! There is some kind of VR tie-in thingy. Check out this thread for details.

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    Christmas tree shopping on Halloween, huh? Nice touch.
    So is Sideshow Bob going to now appear in every Treehouse of Horror?
    I loved the leprechaun from THOH XII appearing, too.
    The intro was rather amusing. I did like the ghost of Frank Grimes at least having more than one line of dialogue. Though the "Planet of the Couches" couch gag wasn't that Halloween-ish.
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    Here we go! THOH 27!
    The "Everything's way too early was funny."
    The 3 evil people introductions was funny
    The 600 episode thingy was pretty cool.
    Couch gag was worse than the VR one.
    Intro was pretty good. 4/5

    "Dry Hard?"
    Wait, Marge just shot her hair?
    The PETA joke were funny.
    Part One over, I guess.
    Part 2?
    Wait, they just killed Flanders?
    Part 3?
    Part 4?
    "I'm a god in this reality" was funny.
    Pretty stupid. 2/5

    Well that escalated quickly.
    Dang, Rachel's a dick.
    Homer's imaginary hot dog was funny.
    Wait, so Lisa could have just un-imagined Rachel and she wouldn't of killed anybody?
    Stupid as well. 2/5

    Moe just killed 3 13-year-olds? Harsh.
    Wait, Homer died?
    Oh, nevermind.
    Bart just killed everybody, INCLUDING his dad?
    The list of shows was pretty funny. (The end of it, at least.)

    Welp, that was pretty stupid, besides the beginning. It was pretty over hyped, as expected. 5/10.
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    they're accurate as of the 2015 alien dick census

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    Here we go!
    ** "Ivanka 2028"
    * Kang's noise was just so out there it was funny.
    * "In hell you watch all 600"! Pretty good self-deprecation
    - Couch gag was overlong
    Skit A:
    ** Pee soaked baby diapers.
    * Mr Burn's dance
    ** Moe's dog licking him
    * Homer drinking beer was a good chuckle
    ** Gerald firing the gun
    * "I'm a god in this reality!"
    End of act 1: Good parody of the Hunger Games, with lots of good jokes, parody aspects weren't too forced. 8/10.
    Segment 2:
    * The psychologist getting crushed
    -- Lame acronym joke.
    ** Lisa's imagination.
    * "I am incredibly wasted"
    ** Seargent Sausage scene
    End of act 2. Weaker then the other one, but still a decent, horror-y skit with an interesting premise and good jokes. 7/10.
    ** Coster death
    * Background gag with the robot fight
    ** Homer dancing with beer
    --- AWFUL song.
    Closing thoughts:
    As usual, the Simpsons spice up an awful season with a decent THoH.
    The first segment was a good Hunger Games presence, with a good story and humor
    The second segment had an interesting premise and decent humor
    And the final segment was weak, bare-bones story and weak humor.
    Still, a decent episode, a great breath of fresh air. 7/10.
    You're a dolt with the IQ of a peabrain that probably loves lowbrow sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory, Frasier and Seinfeld to not grasp the biting satire and wit of the classic 65 (Rugrats).
    The Serfsons 5/10, Springfield Splendor 5/10, Whistler's Father 3/10 , Treehouse of Horror XXVIII 3/10, Grampy Can Ya Hear Me 3/10 , The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used To Be 3/10, Singing In The Lane 3/10 Mr. Lisa's Opus 5.5/10, Gone Boy 7/10, Haw-Haw Land 3.5/10, Homer Is Where The Art Isn't 4/10, 3 Scenes Plus A Tag From A Marriage 5/10, Fears Of A Clown 6/10, No Good Read Goes Unpunished 6/10, King Leer 7/10, Lisa Gets The Blues 3/10, Forgive And Regret 3/10, Left Behind 5/10, Throw Grampa From The Dane 7/10, Flander's Ladder 6/10

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    "Dry Hard" wa pretty boring and forgettable. They should go back to having each segment having its' own writer, instead of one writer doing the entire special. At least it was fairly quick.
    OK, I DID laugh at the bit with using Flanders' head as a hood ornament.

    Now comes the FOX News promo where the weather part is shorter!

    As for them redesigning Drew Carey, maybe it's because he's lost quite a bit of weight in real life? But then they give him the more realistic facial features....
    The second story isn't very memorable for the most part, but I do like the paranormal activity. And Lisa's dark thought fantasy was pretty funny. I've felt like that at times, too.

    I love James Bond/spy parodies, so I was looking forward to the third act. I liked Moe's "Halloween show money" line.
    At least they had Dan Castellaneta voice the Michael Caine impressionist, ala in "Burns' Heir."

    I liked the joke about "shows that were very bad," especially the "Untitled Seth MacFarlane Show 2017."
    The James Bond-esque closing credit theme was nice, but I do wish they would bring back the classic harpsichord closing theme they last used in THOH XIV.
    And they brought back the screaming woman for the Gracie Films Halloween logo! YIPPEE!

    It was fun, but I doubt I'll remember it much, except the opening and closing.

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    Here's hoping the recently revealed THOH XXVIII isn't being written by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Steven Dean Moore.
    After the past two years, I could really do with a change.
    The Serfsons - 2/5 / Springfield Splendor - 4/5 / Whistler's Father - 1.5/5
    THOH XXVIII = The Sweets Hereafter - 3.5/5 / The Exor-Sis - 3/5 / Coralisa - 4.5/5 / MMM... HOMER - 2/5
    Grampy Can Ya Hear Me - 2/5 / The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be - 1.5/5
    Singin' in the Lane - 0/5 / Mr. Lisa's Opus - 3.5/5 / Gone Boy - 4.5/5
    Haw-Haw Land - 2/5 / Frink Gets Testy - 1.5/5 / Homer Is Where The Art Isn't - 3.5/5
    3 Scenes Plus a Tag from a Marriage - 2.5/5 / Fears of a Clown - 1/5
    No Good Read Goes Unpunished - 2/5 / King Leer - 5/5 / Lisa Gets the Blues - 1/5
    Forgive and Regret - 4/5 / Left Behind - 3/5 / Throw Grampa from the Dane - 1.5/5 / Flanders' Ladder - 3.5/5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brad Lascelle View Post
    Here's hoping the recently revealed THOH XXVIII isn't being written by Joel H. Cohen and directed by Steven Dean Moore.
    After the past two years, I could really do with a change.
    Sadly, it was.
    They really need to have others handle it now. Maybe go back to having each segment get its own writer, like THOHs 1 to 12 did.

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    Wait...that was the big return of Frank Grimes they kept hyping about? He was only in it for a minute! I thought the opening was going to be about every single enemy the Simpsons have ever had and they would be chased by this huge army, but their were only four guys there. Why would Kang (or Kodos, they never say which one it is) and the Leprechaun have a grudge against the Simpsons anyway? And what was up with Kang (or Kodos) speaking like that?! The couch gag was fine, but that gives this episode two opening segments, so it comes like their trying to kill time.

    The first segment started off decent but fell apart by the end. The Hunger Games parody stuff was ok, but then it gets derailed when Lisa gives the big speech and everyone in Springfield goes off Mad Max style to break the dam. If they had all those big cars, why did nobody try to break the dam until Lisa gave her lame speech? And then at the end its just a really long joke of (I assume) to be about Hollywood splitting up a movie into separate parts to make more money, but it wasn't funny and just went on for forever. I did like the ending where everyone is dead except for Lisa and Marge, and Ralph is now a god, I though it was a pretty morbid way to end it, and the animation was good too. Marge shooting off her own hair was stupid though. I was surprised to see a cameo of Laura Powers at the start though, is this the first time she's even appeared on the show since New Kid on the Block?

    The second segment is the best, because its the only one that felt like a horror story and not just another parody of some other random thing from pop culture. Rachel murdering Milhouse was the highlight of it because the scene was actually played as being serious for about three seconds (until they cracked another joke). Sarah Silverman did a pretty good job here too. Sergeant Sausage was pretty amusing as well. I did find it funny that they had Janey interact with Lisa for the first time in what feels like forever just to give her a best friend to be murdered. Lisa getting rid of Rachel by just imaging her away as an adult was a pretty lame ending-if Lisa could do that from the start, why didn't she do it earlier? And how could Marge see her at the end when only Lisa and Homer could? I did find it interesting that Rachel's list of everything Lisa loves didn't include Bart though. Come to think of it, what happened to him? He was riding with Lisa on the motorcycle on the way to their house and that's the last we saw of him. Bart randomly showing up to break Lisa out of jail was also another convenient cop-out. Snowball heroically sacrificing herself to save Marge was another lame scene. Didn't this show used to make fun of action movie clichés like that before? Chief Wiggum's animation looked off as well.

    The third act just confuses me. What does James Bond have to do with Halloween? At least it's a parody based off of something iconic and not just another recent popular fad, but couldn't they have made the story a little scary? Kearney saying he's only 13 was just bullshit. The joke about Uter and Dr. Monroe were fun, but why did Moe kiss Homer's picture like that? Speaking of which, the scene where Homer gets clawed his cat would have been a good joke, but then they killed it by having Homer explain that this is where his scar came from. Why do they always have to overexplain the joke now?! Can't they just let the joke stand on its own and not have someone go explain it five seconds later? It's kind of sad that the scene where Bart and Homer hug each other and admit how much they care about each other is before Bart kills Homer is probably the nicest they've been to each other in years. I did like the song at the end though.

    I've give it a rating when I go more into-depth about it later.

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    Here we go!

    The fanservice-heavy intro was so, so bad (Sideshow Bob! That guy from that episode from 20 years ago! Maggie killing people yet again! Celebrating a meaningless milestone!) that I felt really embarrassed watching this, but then it got better. "Dry Hard" was alright, they mined some solid jokes from the material. The second segment was the strongest - it was generally funny (albeit some clunkers) and had an interesting premise that wasn't just a direct parody. And I know I just badmouthed fanservice a few sentences ago but I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for semi-canonizing Janey's last name and a rare appearance from Green Shirt Bart. Then the show went back to being awful with the half-baked third segment that's a bunch of setup that doesn't really go anywhere.

    Overall I'd say the episode was decent. My main gripe is that for the past 20 years pretty much every Halloween segment has just been "all your favorite Simpsons characters get killed in exciting and new ways!" and it's beyond boring at this point. And it's astounding that with two intros, three segments, and a song they still had time for a couple clock-eating scenes (Wiggum's acronym banter, passing by endless boxes of pickled eggs). Special shout out to my local Fox affiliate for putting their station identification right in front of the spooky credits. Can't wait for next year's Obligatory Stranger Things Parody

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    ... what did she even do to warrant this? Are you a dentist or something?

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    My quick take which is just a gut reaction after seeing it - I felt that it was sloppy and rushed. I know that it's not their fault generally that more commercial time is cutting into the show now, but it really messes with the pacing. I want to say it is a step up from last year's THOH mainly because that one was far more boring to me than this, but only from a slight margin. Dry Hard was too short (how did Burns die? We'll never know,) BFF had the most "plot" if that barely constitutes as a plot with the imaginary friend angle (Sherri and Terri have twin brothers we'll never see again sadly) and Moefinger seemed to get the only laugh out of the episode from me.

    But I really wanted to expect more from their 600th milestone. Maybe they blew all of that on the VR couch gag. I heard from early reports during the VR conference that the audience loved it and thought it was fun.

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    good thoughts:

    - opening
    fanservice! i'll confess that i thought the ivanka trump joke was alright, but this ate up too much time for something so barebones. these iconic simpsons characters are all together! this is mindblowing! and then they get killed because it's a thoh. this is better than that john k nonsense but is still a bust.

    - dry hard
    yeah this sucked. almost completely disjointed and laugh free and i'm not sure why we needed a hunger games parody that becomes mad max. did they just figure hunger games wasn't relevant enough so let's have Mad Max Cars But With Simps Characters because it really didn't work at all. the ned noggin joke was alright but this just screamed "untouched first draft". next.

    - BFF (i forget what this was called lol)
    this was easily the best of the three yeah. a lot of modarn THOH segments give off the impression that the writers are unable to deal with the ever shrinking amount of segment time they get so i was pretty surprised at how breezy and snug this one was. reasonably entertaining and funny (i liked that drew carey thing, SUE me). a few bombs yeah like that RACHEL acronym thing, if there was a joke in that i didn't get it. but yeah, more of this, less 6-minute plotless versions of popular horror thing but with simpsons characters.

    - moefinger
    watchable. the actual drunks bein Refined Super Spies isn't particularly original or clever. in fact a handful of jokes in this one felt really obvious, like when moe sees the fingerprint scanner and asks for his toolbox, the punchline that he's just gonna bust the scanner with the box is immediately obvious as soon as he says it. i liked donald fagen's one line even though it was, again, a really easy joke. oh and the line near the beginning about funerals in huge churches, made me laugh.

    song was lame. the 600th episode stuff here felt like a real afterthought. i did see shearer actually promoted this ep on twitter so maybe they'll have to start featuring owen more.

    i'd say this was better than the last THOH by a long shot. nothing here comes across as fundamentally broken as the last two segments did in that one. it still doesn't represent the level of creativity a THOH should but i'll take the one decent segment we got here. 3/5 because generosity.

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    3/5 - good, but not up to the usual THOH quality. The stories seemed rushed for some reason, especially "Dry Hard."

    Janey's tombstone says "Janey Powell" - while that's her name in most of the merchandising, this is the first time it has appeared on TV. (In "My Fair Laddy," it was Henderson.)

    Drew Carey is credited as "Boo Scary from The Fright is Right!"; in one of TPIR's Halloween episodes, he was introduced as Boo Scary

    The list of "bad shows":
    Drexell's Class
    Herman's Head
    Too Too Something
    House of Buggin'
    Sit Down, Shut Up
    Celebrity Boxing
    The Littlest Groom
    Man vs. Beast
    Allen Gregory
    The Critic
    Untitled Seth MacFarlane Show 2017
    (but not The Swan?)

    Lyrics - 600
    Six hundred
    Yes, that's right - we've churned out six hundred shows
    It goes and goes
    Two times three hundred
    And thousands of promos for
    Shows that were bad
    Yes, they were bad
    So very bad
    We love gold

    Halloween Credits
    Created by BAT GROENING

    Executive Producer SELMAN'S LOT
    Executive Producer JINKIES! FRINKIES!
    Executive Producer J. SEWER RAT BURNS
    Co-Executive Producer THE VANISHING OF MIKE PRICE
    Co-Executive Producer 2001: A SPACE ODENKIRK
    Co-Executive Producer BOWEL X. PLODIN'
    Co-Executive Producer DROBCULA-ZEBNIK
    Co-Executive Producer BRAM SHELLEY'S FRANKULA
    Co-Executive Producer H.P. LOVEBBERCRAFT
    Supervising Producer LARINA "11" ADAMSON
    Supervising Producer CRYIN' "NOOOOO!"
    Consulting Producer Heeeere's DANNY!
    Consulting Producer DAN GREANEY 2: EUROPEAN GIGOLO
    Consulting Producer TIM IN HELL YOU BELONG
    Consulting Producer THE OMINE: ELECTION YEAR
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    Producer YIKES REISS!
    Consulting Producer DAVID SIL"BOO!"MAN
    Supervising Director MIKE BLOODSHOT ANDERSON
    Produced by RE-ANIMATOR RAYNIS
    Produced by I WILL SUR-VIVE SIRKOT
    Written by JOHN H. CORPULENT

    Executive Producer AL "YOU'RE NEXT, GUNSMOKE" JEAN

    Starring Heeere's DANNY!
    Special Guest Voice YOUNG FAGENSTEIN
    Special Guest Voice KLARC GLAMOUR
    Special Guest Voice MAURICE LaMARRRRGHHH!!
    Special Guest Voice JUDITH "SHEWOLF" OWEN
    Special Guest Voice SCARE-ah KILL-Vermin
    Also Starring HORRIFIC HAYDEN
    Also Starring TERROR MacNIHIL
    Co-Producers RACE TO SEIS / OWLEX HOOT
    Post Production Co-Producer DOMINIQUE BRAUD
    Music Disposed of by CLAW-and-SON'S HASTE MANAGEMENT
    "600" Music by CLAW-and-SON'S HASTE MANAGEMENT & "GHOSTLY GREG" PERCHEL / Lyrics by JOEL H. COHEN / Vocal Performed by JUDITH OWEN
    Casting Associate NICK "AT NIGHT" CONTI (Thanks Keith!)
    Original Casting by "NETFLIX AND KILL" PIETILA
    Production Coordinator MESSY KILLER
    Locrian Laceration CHRIS "ALL 600" LEDESMA
    Sound Effects Editor TRAVIS FUNK'n POWERS
    Creative Consultant BAT GROENING
    (so, could somebody cut-and-paste this list, check it for the occasional error, then post it to whichever of the two Simpsons Wikias is the "better" one?)

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    And just as I expected, after last week, we are back to me liking the episode more than the rest of you.

    I do wish they had expanded the army of Simpsons enemies too beyond just Sideshow Bob and Frank Grimes. For what the family has done to anger Kodos and Kang? Hmmm, let's see... Lisa accusing them of trying to eat them, Homer ignoring their threats to make a turkey sandwich, then passing the monkey paw onto Ned who wished them away, Homer causing trouble in the past and turning them into Sherman and Peabody, exposing them when they impersonated Clinton and Dole (and voting for Kodos), Marge not returning Maggie to them, Lisa saying they don't belong in Halloween shows... need I continue? It was a bit anticlimactic, but I did like the dancing part and the "In Hell, we watch them continuously!"

    I actually liked the first segment. I know squat about The Hunger Games, but I still thought it was funny. I was glad they didn't milk the Peeta joke too much. And while I did chastise the Diving Bell sketch for going Spider-Man for no reason, here the Mad Max thing seemed a bit more fitting. I think that was to try and branch it out and make it not just Hunger Games, but just a lot of movies so anyone can enjoy it.

    The imaginary friend one was great too. I don't have a problem with Lisa waiting too long to imagine her as an adult, because... you know, it does take awhile for people to realize things. She probably got the idea from Homer summoning Sargeant Sausage.

    The Bond sketch was funny too. My favorite part was Moe smashing the fingerprint scanner. And I liked the song too. I think the list of FOX shows was a lot better than that one on Family Guy. I like "Untitled McFarlane Show 2017".


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    So here we go with this year's Treehouse Of Horror and it wasn't very good & decent at best. The opening with Sideshow Bob, Kang, Frank Grimes' ghost and the evil leprechaun ganging up on the Simpsons was okay (albeit didn't make much sense and would have made a better full segment than just an intro) and the Planet of The Couches couch gag was nice, but two openings like this was pretty unnecessary.

    The first segment, Dry Hard, was really dull with it's Hunger Games parody which was terribly choppy and generally unfunny (and with a Mad Max parody crammed into it as well) & those Part I-IV gags didn't work and just added to the whole incomplete and rushed feel but it had some decent bits; worst segment of the three. The second segment, BFF R.I.P., was quite good and possibly the strongest one; it wasn't just a random blockbuster movie parody but an actual Halloweeny tale of Lisa's old imaginary friend showing up as a ghost-like being and killing people and had some good spooky moments and jokes and did it's job. The third segment, Moefinger, was an okay spy movie parody (mostly James Bond and Kingsman), worked fairly well, made an okay use of it's elements and had it's moments (best part was probably Castellaneta getting to do his Michael Caine impression again); this was the second best.

    Overall, a very mediocre episode, quite messy during the first half and perhaps not the ideal 600th episode (I did enjoy the ending James Bond title song parody about the fact though) and not one of the better Treehouse episodes (it really went up and down with it's quality) but was still fairly entertaining as a whole and luckily the worst segment came first so it ended on a nice enough note with the spy stuff (but I hope there will be less random movie parody segments next year and more horror-related stories).

    2.5/5 rounded up to 3/5.
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    Opening: The Simpsons running into all of their greatest adversaries is a fine enough intro for a 600th ep, could have easily placed dozens of characters from previous THOH's and one of episodes, have them make a council or something with some funny banter, and then have them all kill each other, sounds fun enough. Here, we only get 4 villains (Sideshow Bob, Frank Grimes, one of the THOH aliens, and...the leprechaun), they dance, then Maggie kills them all. WAY TO USE A CONCEPT TO IT'S FULL POTENTIAL. Could've done so much with that, but nah. Frank Grimes ghost alone could've made a good segment (noticed they cut a scene of him screaming and transforming into a Maude-esque demon like in the trailer), here he's completely wasted. Also, obligatory 600th episode mention scene. Bleh.

    Couch Gag: Saw some of the VR, looked like it'd be kinda cool if I had the headset. 2d version is okay. Not at all THOH/600th episode worthy, but okay.

    Dry Hard: Hunger Games jokes, then at the end a few Mad Max jokes. Laughed at "Ned's Noggin", rest was completely disposable, Simpsons parody something and goes through the motions trite. 4/10

    BFF: Alright, easily best of the three segments. A few laughs in here, liked Dana Carvey's scene and Lisa imagining the Motorcycle. Lisa suddenly having Janey as a BFF/any friends at all is weird, but I let it slide. Uh, also Wiggum's eyes kept looking squinty for some reason. Pacing and plot felt good and whole, decent segment. 6/10

    Moefinger: James Bond parody for halloween, why not. Plenty of overexplained and obvious jokes in here (the drunks are actually genius's!). Bart and Moe killing pretty much every secondary character at the end probably could've been expanded on for the 600th ep, add a bunch of 1 time/classic characters to be killed, I dunno. They already mention this being the big 600 in the intro and ending, so would've liked to have had something in the episode giving off that milestone feeling more, but whatever. Segment sucked, also Bart kisses Terri/Sherri yet again. 4/10

    Overall: It wasn't THOH XXII or XXVI levels of shit. Still just an uncaring bag of movie parody jokes and wasted plotlines, but it didn't make me angry either. It had a few decent jokes, segments were fairly comprehensible.

    As far as milestone episodes go, better than Kent Always, slightly below At Long Last Leave. On the bright side, at least this is (probably) the final milestone episode, so no more shoved in refs to it just to pass a random ep off as one.

    5/10, 2/5 for the poll.
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    So, The Latest THOH episode (also the 600th episode) is a stepback from The Town.
    It had some funny moments, I’ll admit, but it was also pretty much gore-without-plot.

    I mean, the first section is supposed to be a parody of “Hunger Games”, but its only similarity to the famed series is the dystopia, and the first act (I.E the game). But then suddenly they revolt, save the kids, destroy the reservoir and then there’s a nuclear winter? Like, WTF? (this section gets a C)

    The second section is, IMO, the strongest section. It had a good plot, but then again it was basically a slasher movie, with almost everyone who has ever talked to Lisa dying in different, bloody ways. (kudos to the death of the psychiatrist, like ‘Think of me as your best friend’, and then boom)
    Bart’s Help in freeing lisa from the prison was pretty funny too. (This section gets a B+)

    Then Third section is pretty much where The Simpsons Bart leaves and Family Guy Stewie enters.
    Moe had a few good fourth-wall breaking jokes, and the last scene with Bart suddenly becoming a killing machine was pretty funny, if a bit cringy. (I give this section a straight B)

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but this episode basically had the most number of gruesome murders in the show (note I said "Gruesome", the blackhole and the space-time thingie don't count as gruesome), and while none of the sections were as disgusting (and I mean that as a good thing. A horror show sometimes has to be disgusting) as that section in THOH V (that section where the teachers eat the students and everything), it was basically a good horror-comedy episode.
    Still, it didn’t deserve all the hype it got. I’ll give this episode a B, and that’s waaaay generous.

    I'm Bart, who are you? by The No Homers Club

    Simpson Season 27 rating: (Rate average: B-)
    Every man's Dream B-/ Cue Detective C+/ Puffless C/ Halloween of Horror A-/ THOHXXVI D+/ Friend with Benefit D-/ Lisa with an 'S' C-/ Paths of Glory A-/ Barthood B-/ The Girl Code D+/ Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles C-/ Much Apu About Something B-/ Gal of Constant Sorrow B/ Lisa the Veterinarian D-/ The Marge-ian Chronicles A/ The Burns Cage D+/ How Lisa Got Her Marge Back B-/ Fland Canyon A/ To Courier With Love C/ Simprovised B+/ Orange is the new Black A-

    Average: B-

    Simpson Season 28 Rating:
    Monty Burn's Flying Circus C-/ Friends and Family C/ The Town A/ Treehouse of Horrors XXVII B / Trust But Clarify B+/ There Will Be Buds A+/ Havana Wild Weekend B-/ Dad Behavior C/ The Last Traction Hero C, The Nightmare After Krustmas C-/ Pork and Burns B-/ The Great Phatsby D-/ Fatzcaraldo B-/ The Cad and The Hat B+/ Kamp Krustier B-/ 22 for 30 B+/ A Father's Watch C-/ The Caper Chaser F/ Looking for Mr. Goodbart B-/ Moho House C-/ Dogtown D+

    Average: C+

    Simpsons Season 29 Rating:
    Serfsons D-/ Springfield Splendor B+/ Whistler's Daughter B/ TreeHouse of Horror XXVIII F/Grampy Can Ya Hear Me B/The Old Blue Mayor She Ain't What She Used to Be C-/ Singin' in the Lane C/

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    Quote Originally Posted by black cataeaf View Post
    Fuck Lisa. That’s all I’m going to say.
    Um... why? what'd she even do?

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    Alright, another year, another Treehouse of Horror. Let's see how this one is.

    The Intro: It was kind of fan-servicey, but I really didn't mind it. The way Frank Grimes was used here was decent and I did like how Homer didn't even remember who he was. Sure it's far from being a great intro and the characters are basically here just to be killed off, I thought it was a good intro that did what a Treehouse of Horror intro should. Even if it went on a little too long although the couch gag is more to blame than the actual intro. At least it wasn't like last year where the couch gag was a waste of time to the point where it could've been skipped in favor of having more time for the segments.

    Dry Hard: For a segment that starts off as one about The Hunger Games only for it to change into a Mad Max parody, this was actually not bad at all. It does tell a pretty coherent story for the most part and unlike Wiz Kids and Tweenlight, it actually spoofed The Hunger Games decently. It did have its share of good jokes like Mr. Burns wasting water, Lisa's ammo suit, the memorials for each time a character dies and Barney saying "Ned, that noggin of yours is just what we need." only for it to be taken literally. While the sudden Mad Max parody was not really needed, I just went with it and see where it went. It's definitely not the worst case of a segment scrapping this one plot in favor of another like the shoehorned Spider-Man parody in The Diving Bell and the Butterball or last year with Homerzilla changing from a classic Godzilla parody to having him in the newer world with unoriginal Hollywood satire, but I just can't help but think what this segment would've been like if it went for a full-on Mad Max parody with the same drought plot. While this is the weakest segment out of them all, I still really liked it and it was better than I thought it was going to be considering how terrible this show usually is when it comes to parodying things like Harry Potter and Twilight. 8/10

    BFF R.I.P: Kudos to this one for actually having horror elements which is something that THOH's have been distant from recently. The idea of Lisa having an imaginary friend that's about to kill everyone sounded interesting and luckily they pull it off very well. There were tons of great moments like Homer's imaginary friend, Drew Carey's guest appearance, Bart and Lisa escaping prison through the used harmonicas bin and the flashback where Bart throws aways Lisa's memories book. Not much else to say other than it's a solid segment with an actual horror focus. 8/10

    Also, just an observation, but this is the second time this season where Homer eats out of the microwave. Nothing wrong with that, just thought I'd point it out.

    Moefinger: Oddly enough, the non-horror segment ended up being my favorite one. I enjoyed the majority of the James Bonds films and I thought they spoofed them well enough. It was also the funniest in my opinion with stuff like Homer getting scratched by his cat, Bart killing everyone and then saying "We still haven't gotten to the beginning of the song." and Moe destroying the finger scanner. It's not quite perfect though. The Steely Dan joke was kinda eh, but the song at the end wasn't that impressive. Part of it could be because I saw it before the episode aired, but I think what kills it is just the song itself. It isn't terrible, but the lyrics could've been improved and whoever was singing it didn't do a good job. Its saving grace though is the list of bad shows they show like Allen Gregory, Sit Down and Shut Up, Untitled Seth McFarlane Show 2017 and the couple of inclusions of shows that weren't bad like Futurama and The Critic, but FOX still canceled them too soon. (OK, maybe Futurama didn't need to be revived in retrospect, but still.) Overall, it may not be perfect, but I really enjoyed it. 9/10

    So I re-watched the previous THOH just to compare (I also decided to go along and do a backwards THOH marathon.) and this one is easily better than last year's which I was a bit too easy on. While I still like it, the problems I had with it still stand and I think they hurt the episode more this time around and Telepaths of Glory is now the weakest segment instead of Wanted Dead, Then Alive. The biggest problem I had with last year's THOH is that all three segments felt rushed and ended on a unsatisfying note. In this one however, this problem isn't really present. Even with the 2 minutes it uses on its intro and couch gag, the segments felt more focused including The Hunger Games one despite it going into a Mad Max parody near the end. It isn't great, but it's the best THOH that Joel H. Cohen was involved in (Yes I know that I said the same thing last year, but... shut up!) although it would be nice to see someone else have a go at it next year because if we get three Joel H. Cohen THOH's in a row then... well I don't know what's going to happen, but just let someone else have a try. It was a pretty solid Treehouse of Horror episode and it was better than I was expecting it to be. 8/10
    Quote Originally Posted by Jerkass Homer View Post
    I guess this is the same Nicholson who did Joker in the Batman 1989 movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Homer View Post
    what did she even do to warrant this? Are you a dentist or something?
    It's probably because she killed Sherri and Terri, even though she didn't because it was her imaginary friend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiley207 View Post
    Christmas tree shopping on Halloween, huh? Nice touch.
    So is Sideshow Bob going to now appear in every Treehouse of Horror?
    I loved the leprechaun from THOH XII appearing, too.
    The intro was rather amusing. I did like the ghost of Frank Grimes at least having more than one line of dialogue. Though the "Planet of the Couches" couch gag wasn't that Halloween-ish.
    I don't understand why the Leprechaun would want revenge, I mean did his marriage to that Gypsy not work out or something?

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    Chicago, IL

    This was a middle-of-the-road HD era THOH. I enjoyed it far more than 22 and 23, which also overly relied on movie parodies.

    The intro had promise, I was really looking forward to seeing all the villains teaming up but it really didn't amount to much. Removing Russ Cargill was a real shame, because I've long wanted to see Bob and him team up. My guess is the Planet of the Couches gag took up additional time that could have been spent on this intro. I will say that it was a better intro than last year's episode. 3/5

    Planet of the Couches was fun, but it was too much. I feel that they were cramming in too much for this episode, seeing as it was a THOH episode, a milestone episode, and a VR gimmick. Really should have held off on the Couches thing for the next episode. 3/5

    Dry Hard was the weakest of the bunch. I appreciated that it took place in Springfield, but I didn't like how Homer wasn't Homer. Everybody else played their usual part, but then Lisa's own father is not even mentioned and instead he is the only character playing a character from the Hunger Games. At least with Lisa she was playing the Katniss role but was still Lisa, and same with Burns as the president. The ending was rushed and the Ralph capper was goofy. Best laugh was the Ned's severed head gag and seeing the Plow King again. 2/5

    BFF R.I.P was pretty good. As mentioned, I like it when a THOH story exists in the normal show's universe but something is either extra violent or paranormal or out of the ordinary. In this case, it was fun seeing Lisa's long talked about imaginary friend coming to life. Wiggum had some great lines, and the whole thing was a nice cohesive story. 4/5

    Moefinger was good. I thought it was a successful melding of Kingsman and Bond and, as mentioned, it did a good job sticking in the show's universe. I liked the joke about the music playing over the violent battle, with the intro to the song going long and never really kicking in. Homer as the bad guy was great, I liked his evil voice. The 600 ending was far better than the intro, they should have really saved the 600 nod for the end. 4/5

    All in all an uneven but okay THOH. On their own, the last two segments were good, but the intro and unneeded couch gag and first story brought the episode down for me. Barney was given some funny lines, and seeing how ignored he is in the HD era, it was great seeing so much of him. 3/5

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    Congrats to The Simpsons for reaching 600 episodes, where for the first time they pick a THoH for their milestone episode. Lets hope for another 600 episodes (okay I know not everyone actually wants to hope that...). Now as for the episode, I rate them for their intro and segments as with every other THoH:

    Intro: A bit unusual to have 2 different openings, kinda mixed with this one. I was eager to see Homer finally reuniting with Grimes at some point, I think its well done for the short moment that it lasted. I still would've liked to give Grimes his own segment, he could've worked in ''BFF'' where Grimes tries to kill every friend of Homer. Kang/Kodos felt out of place as they were never a direct threat to the Simpsons, and that the Simpsons never did anything to hurt them. The only feud they got is in the very first THoH where they acted as ungrateful guests. Always fun to see Sideshow Bob, though the Leprechaun came out of nowhere and also doesn't have anything against the family. And apparently Russ Cargill is cut out? He would've made more sense than Kang/Kodos and the Leprechaun atleast. For the rest, the dance was pretty stupid but we got to see some Maggie action (HOW MANY TIMES ARE THEY PLANNING TO PARODY CLOCKWORK ORANGE??!! /ragemodeoff). Apparently they'll make me watch all Simpson episodes in a row in Hell, so I'd say i'm looking forward to it...

    As for the Planet of the Couches parody, it wasn't bad but it felt unnecesary, and would've worked better as an opening in a regular episode. Surprised that they didn't do any reaction towards the Lard Lad building, the most obvious Planet of the Apes moment to parody. For both intro's, I'd rate them a 3/5. The first intro was a bit to fanservicy, but its short and had its moments.

    Dry Hard: It was alright, but definately flawed. I've never watched the Hunger Games before, but even then I expected to see more of the actual battles inside the dome. Instead they turned into a Mad Max parody near the end. Some fun moments where how the Springfielders dealt with the lack of water and Homer playing a drunk stereotypical guide. Marge shooting her hair was just dumb. The actual dome scenes could've been more, but they spended way to much time giving Lisa 2 love interests (I believe this also happens in the actual movie) who just die shortly after. Neds head fits well as decoration on the Plow Kings car. The ending and their use of ''parts'' was pretty funny. 3/5

    BFF RIP: Probably the best segment, and the only one thats not a parody and it kinda fits as horror. Should I give Lisa credit for holding up so well after watching her best friend getting grinded by a lawnmower..... meh. I kinda cheered when Sherri & Terri died though. The graveyard scenes were pretty funny, bit weird to hear this in the psychiatrist office though ''but in a few weeks, losing 3 friends in 2 days is something to laugh about''. The segment gets better once Rachel shows up, but apparently its okay for a kid to get strangled to death in a school bus, with a girl talking around herself an nobody gives a shit. Except for Wiggum where we finally see Lisa getting arrested in the show. The prison scene was pretty good, not so much for Snowball II jumping in front of the knife. I liked Lisa imagining some new stuff to be real. I liked Sergeant Sausage as an imaginary character and how he come to an end, and how Homer tried to battle Rachel. Apparently Lisa could've just imagined Rachel away, a nice and cruel way to end her. 3.5/5

    Moefinger: Probably my least favorite, and they could've timed this segment better when Skyfall was released 4 years ago. I think what I like most is how they portrayed Moe, rather than being a sleazy bartender he was actually acting as a well mannered agent. I like how he has so many pickled egg boxes. I like how Marvin monroe and Uter were among the ''lost in action'' victims, though it doesn't make sense for Uter to be in Moe's Tavern. I liked how the guy who does an amazing Michael Caine impression (forgot the name) used iPads in the Apple Store. Homer as the bad guy was done quite well, especially his voice acting. Not sure what to think of all Springfielders getting killed by the agents. Didn't really care for the James Bond ending. 2.5/5

    This turned out average, but that makes it a lot better than last years THoH atleast. I think they went overboard with the parodies and there wasn't much horror to be found. There's no segment that I found really bad and they all had their moments, a good amount of jokes aswell. I think they could've done more with the return of Frank Grimes, maybe they could've made his intro segment longer by removing the planet of the Couch intro.

    Episodes rated best and worst from each season:
    1: Krusty Gets Busted/Homer's Night Out 2: The Way We Was/Bart's Dog Gets an F 3: Colonel Homer/Dog of Death 4: Marge vs. The Monorail/So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show 5: Cape Feare/Bart Gets An Elephant 6: Treehouse of Horror V/Another Simpsons Clip Show 7: Mother Simpson/Homerpalooza 8: You Only Move Twice/The Canine Mutiny 9: Lisa's Sax/The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons 10: Lisa Gets an A/Sunday Cruddy Sunday 11: Behind The Laughter/Beyond Blunderdome 12: Trilogy of Error/The Computer Wore Menace Shoes 13: I Am Furious Yellow/Homer the Moe 14: The Dad Who Knew Too Little/Large Marge 15: The Way We Weren't/Diatribe of a Mad Housewife 16: Thank God Its Doomsday/Mommie Beerest 17: Marge's Son Poisoning/Bonfire of the Manatees 18: Marge Gamer/Revenge is Best Served Three Times 19: Treehouse of Horror XVIII/That 90's Show 20: Gone Maggie Gone/Coming To Homerica 21: O Brother, Where Bart thou?/The Devil Wears Nada 22: Homer Scissorhands/The Fool Monty 23: Holidays of Future Passed/Moe Goes From Rags To Riches 24: Adventures In Baby-Getting/Whiskey Business 25: Brick Like Me/White Christmas Blues 26: Bart's New Friend/The Musk Who Fell to Earth 27: Halloween of Horror/Every Man's Dream 28: There Will Be Buds/Moho House 29: Gone Boy/Throw Grampa from the Dane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaine View Post
    I like how Marvin monroe and Uter were among the ''lost in action'' victims, though it doesn't make sense for Uter to be in Moe's Tavern.
    My take on that was that both characters have not been in use for a long time on the show, though Uter didn't really fit as he has made appearances recently including in the first Dry Hard segment.

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    This was AWFUL!! Every excruciating second.

    Two intros? What is that all about? Even the "fanservice" with Sideshow Bob and Frank Grimes, what was the point? The actual coach gag should have been saved for the next episode, wasn't needed at all here.

    What was the point? The Hunger Games part was decent enough but the Mad Max part was stupid and pointless. I don't know why they had Marge shoot her own hair? That was stupid! Ralph saying "In this reality I'm a god now" was a waste of a scene. I did like the whole parody of Hollywood films being split into two parts for no reason. That did raise a little laugh from me.

    B.F.F. R.I.P. (I assume that is the title)
    Easily the best of the three. Actually watchable. Lisa and Janey being friends was nice. The reintroduction of Rachel was a nice callback, I was only watching the episode where Lisa first mentions her yesterday in fact. The deaths were good and I seriously enjoyed it.

    Awful, just AWFUL! What was the point of the James Bond style parody? Was it because of the end theme song? Which in itself was stupid. The best part was the other tv shows it had seen off while it had been on, even if I thought it was a little cruel to include Futurama. It was lacklustre, boring and dragged on far too long.

    Overall, it was boring and there were no laughter at all my end. So folks, I put it to you. Is it time to end the Treehouse of Horrors once and for all? In this commenters opinion, YES, yes it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Homer View Post
    Can't wait for next year's Obligatory Stranger Things Parody
    oh joy

    what's better than an awkward parody of a 4 films in 7 minutes? I guess a parody of an eight-hour-long season

    Quote Originally Posted by IdiotDetector View Post
    Two and a Half Men is no more an "adult show" than "Rocket Power."

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    1) Dry Hard.....M-E-H

    2) BFF....M-E-H-H

    3) Moefinger.....M-E-H-H-H

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    Not much of a Treehouse of Horror episode. Not much of a milestone episode. Not much of anything. I liked the cat joke in the last segment, but why bother parodying a comedy that was funnier than this?

    I rate it

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    This was a major disappointment, like I went into this not expecting much and I was still disappointed. Both movie parodies felt incredibly rushed and not very Halloween esque. So, I guess BFFs is the best segment but that's not really saying much. The intro was also lame, and Planet of the Couches is probably better with the VR Idk. Happy 600 episodes I guess. 2/5

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    Treehouse Of Horror XXVII 3/10

    - Snake shoots at Moleman's car and he just sits still and doesn't even react??? That's really stupid and weird.
    -- All the episodes rounded up was okay, but aside of that, this fan service intro was just bad. They bring back Frank Grimes and do NOTHING with him. His appearance is pointless. Sideshow Bob's even more so since he already killed Bart in the previous Treehouse Of Horror. And why does one of the green aliens scream like it's a completely different kind? Dumb intro, and just not funny.
    --- "If you don't have "VR glasses, you miss everything". No kidding? Fuck this gimmick. And this was too short to even be interesting anyway.

    Dry Hard 1.8/10

    # The re-use the "used turtles" joke from Special Edna, but it's Apu using turtles for his drinks. Odd. Did they even realize this?
    # Mr. Burns presents the hunger ga-, sorry I mean THIRST GAMES. Since it's... about water. Cle-ver.
    - Disco Stu licks Barney's tears as he cries. Uh okay, what?!
    ¾+ The Flashdance parody as Burns pours water on himself was a little amusing.
    # Homer reenacts as the drunk from Hunger Games. M-e-h.
    # His beer bottle says Logan's Rum, as a reference to Logan's Run.
    -- Some horrible, cringeworthy make-up work on Skinner as he's a parody of another character.
    --- The kids have been killing each other for... like a minute. And now Lisa (as Katniss) is already telling people to protest the hunger games. Could this even be more rushed?!
    --- And now it's a Mad Max: Fury Road parody?? What the- YOU CAN'T EVEN STICK TO ONE STINKIN' PARODY?!
    # Lisa thinks everybody are saved as it starts raining, but instead, everyone bar her and Marge, dies.

    Aside of the Flashdance joke, this was terrible on pretty much every single level. Not a single funny joke, and it only goes on for 5 minutes which means they don't get enough time to flesh out the story. This was a bad idea from the start anyway (they already made a terrible Hunger Games parody in Brick Like Me), but this is still shockingly lazy. On to the next segment!

    BFF R.I.P. 7.5/10

    Bad title.

    # Lisa's friends starts dying in weird accidents, which makes her alone.
    ++ HOLY CRAP! It's Reverend Lovejoy! I can't even remember when we last saw him, but I've missed this guy.
    +½ I agree with BRIAN BELL, the Drew Carey joke (followed by Terri and Sherri's relatives getting mentioned) got a laugh out of me too.
    + Lisa sits besides Milhouse on the bus, but even he is considered too much of a friend for Lisa's imaginary buddy Rachel, and she chokes him to death with a plastic bag. Shit. That was actually a little creepy.
    + Chief Wiggum fails to explain to his family when he'll be home, so he's relieved when Snake kills him. I chuckled.
    # Homer shows up in this segment, and just like in the Hunger Games parody drinks Logan's Rum.
    + It gets fairly intense when Rachel tries to kill Homer as well, and I thought his imaginary hot dog friend was pretty cute. Felt sorry for him when he died.
    - Homer eats his friend after he has died, but then doesn't even care when he's alive again. Not really that funny.

    All right segment. Felt more like an older one, which is a plus. The story was pure horror for once and not just a parody of a movie which has nothing to do with horror. Humor was decent too. Nothing really spectacular, but it's probably the best segment this episode will have. Did feel a little rushed, but not too much so.

    Moefinger 1/10

    Another bad title. Sounds like a Simpsons porno.

    - Moe kills the school bullies. Nothing to protest against here, except that Kearney saying they are all 13 is false. Kearney's not even close to 13!
    -- So three minutes have passed now and I haven't laughed or chuckled once. Why did they decide to make a James Bond parody for a Treehouse Of Horror segment?!
    -- It turns out Homer (whom Bart avenges upon, presumedly died in battle) is actually the bad guy. Why, you ask? Nobody knows, since it's not even remotely explained. We hear his evil plan about beer or whatever... Ha ha, it's funny because it's Homer and... and he likes beer. That is... humorous...
    - And now Homer crashes a Steely Dan concert so much is playing while Bart kills some people. Who cares...
    -- Bart kills his father and makes a cheeky joke. That is humorous...
    --- The segment ends with Bart kissing one of the Sherri/Terri twins (whoever the fuck it is this time), which is followed by a terrible, and mean TERRIBLE, parody of James Bond intros. Holy SHIT! THE SINGING IS FUCKING HORRIBLE! And if that wasn't bad enough, they try to shoehorn again that "hey, this is the 600th episode". No kiddin', you fucking stupid twats! The FOX slam isn't funny either, it's just lazy.

    I hated this segment! It was even worse than the first one!!! There is just nothing of value in this one. Nothing. Not one single chuckleworthy joke, it's rare that I give something minuses only.

    This was a goddamn terrible episode. The last year's Treehouse Of Horror was awful, but this one was even more insulting! The second segment had some effort put into the plot and jokes, but the other two were just plain horrible that this episode couldn't be saved by the middle section. I hated the lazy parodies, I hated the forced attempts to signify this as the 600th episode, I hated the shitty fanservice bullshit with Frank Grimes, I hated the horrible, soulless jokes, I hated the non-horror feel of most of this episode... Simply enough, this was incredibly embarrassing. I checked the Facebook page to see what people had commented about this episode. And usually you get the swarm of modern Simpsons defenders, but even those couldn't excuse this sad excuse for a milestone! It's the crappiest milestone they've done since At Long Last Lea- Oh wait, that wasn't even so long ago. Anyway, this sucked the horror out of the treehouse. And about the last segment, just because you make it violent doesn't make it horror. Sure it got bloody, but the segment was a spy parody for Christ's sake. It just felt forced.

    I calculated my points for this episode and got a 3.4. Well, guess what? I'M NOT FEELING GENEROUS! I give it a 3.
    Last edited by OldSchoolerSimpsons; 08-15-2017 at 10:57 AM.
    Quote Originally Posted by The Egg Council Creep View Post
    Other weird dreams I had
    - I was going to see a Rush concert, and the opening act was Bill Cosby

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